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"You're looking at my tattoos, aren't you?"

hould have some pics to go with this soon. if you want me to edit it down some, let me know... I was kindof rambling. "What are you looking at?" I quickly glanced away, 5 years old, caught staring. "You're looking at my tattoos, aren't you?", my grandpa said as he pushed out his forearm for me to get a better look, and I took the chance to look closer at it. He had tattoos on both forearms that were faded and blurred with time and age. He had probably gotten them when he was in the navy, some piece ... read more

Getting heavily tattooed in Australia

m not certain how many people suddenly decide to become heavily tattooed. Certainly in my case, the decision happened gradually. I had always wanted tattoos since I was pretty young, like about six or seven, although it was another ten years before I got my first. The first one was a snake on my right bicep and I was pretty damned proud of it. The pain was nothing to what I thought it would be and once it was healed, I found myself admiring it often. So often in fact, I thought it really needed a friend, and less than ... read more

My tattoo experiences as a Half-Japanese

elieve that a tattoo should have a meaning; be it symbolic, intrinsic, personal, or commemorative. I must admit that I have very little respect for those who decide to get a tattoo merely for the reason that they are following what their friends are doing, or on a dare, or just on a whim. ( I usually try not to assume a 'holier-than-thou' position, but feel justified in doing so in this instance.) I got my first tattoo in 1994 after serious consideration of the possible reprecussions; I am a Japanese-American, I am the second generation of my family in ... read more

Stepping out from the crowd

almost fifty years of age most of my friends thought I was now going insane when I started talking yet again about an armband tattoo. My wife threatened divorce as usual and my fourteen year old son was incredulous. As has happened on times too numerous to remember over the last thirty odd years the desire would have faded except for the great resources of the internet and in particular your site and associated links. I heeded all the advice offered checked out several shops spoke to many tattoo artists, talked to people to find the right artist and finally ... read more

My first Tattoo

I thought I would send you a note about my first Tattoo experience, it was not a good one and I feel that this note would be good for any first timers out there to read before they rush out to any Tattoo studio and get a Tattoo put on. It was On Dec 31 97 I decided I was going to go for the gusto and get a Tattoo for the first time. I had a Cross Pendent that I wanted to put on my arm, I know it's boring, but it had meaning to me, so I go ... read more

Tattoo Tumor

have been interested in body art since I was a child, it's been a thought process every day since I can remember, so I don't know when exactly it all began. I was pierced about ten years before I had seen anyone else doing it. (I pierced my nose) I was about fourteen and live in a very... fuckit, a very uptight community! I tattoed myself when I was fourteen but was not happy with it, so I waited til I was legal and got my first good one. For eleven years I've been collecting art, lots of beautiful ink ... read more

First Tattoo Experience:)

ot my first tattoo when I was 18. I had wanted one for several years..but wanted to wait till I could do it legally, and also my parent's are very much against tattoos so I could not get consent from them. I figured waiting awhile wouldn't hurt me..other than the fact I was dying to get the tattoo! Well my 18th birthday came and went and I did not have my tattoo. I simply did not have a good oportunity to get it. I live in South Carolina and tattooing is not legal so I couldn't just drive down the ... read more


size=+2>TA MOKO Moko, what kind of image appears when moko is mentioned, a native man in a far away country with a full facial tattoo, but how do we really see this form of decoration? And what does it mean to those who wear it? The art of moko (Ta Moko, the art of Maori Tattooing) has been in the Maori culture for over a thousand years, and was to the Maori the first form of carving, it preceded wood carving, and the first wood carving designs were taken from moko patterns, the first documentation of moko was when Captain ... read more

"A Lifetime Of Fascination" (Cont'd)

s been almost a year since my last update and I must say I have not been idle. I've made some additions on a couple of fronts. The shaft bead count is now up to 14! Using the same 1/4" titanium beads, we did eight at once last January ('97). These were done with the "scalpel" method, where a single incision was made and a pocket created with another tool. Then the beads were slipped into the incision and moved right on down the pocket. I've ended up with a row of 4 on each side of the urethra on ... read more

Meine erste Taetowierung

bin 23 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland. Den ersten Kontakt zu Koerperkunst hatte ich im Alter von ungefaehr 15 Jahren. Meine Freunde und ich bewunderten oft die taetowierten Menschen auf der Strasse oder im Freibad. Schon damals war klar, dass ich mich irgendwann auch taetowieren lasssen wuerde. Allerdings hat es noch viele Jahre gedauert, bis ich meine erste (und bisher auch einzige) Taetowierung erhielt. Ich erhielt meine Taetowierung, einen Black-Work-Pegasus auf der linken Schulter, vor ca. 2 Jahren. Das Motiv war schon seit mehreren Jahren klar, auch die Stelle, wo es verewigt werden sollte, es fehlte lediglich der Mut. ... read more

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