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The tattoo apprenticeship from hell

as 18, still a senior in high school, and a newlywed, when I decided that I wanted to become a tattoo artist. I live in a city in South Carolina where tattooing is illegal so the closest studios were an hour or more away. Instead of calling I decided to visit each one and ask the artists personally if they would be willing to take me on as an apprentice. Until then I never knew how much sexual discrimination there is in the tattooing community. Most of the artists I talked to and looked at me like I was a ... read more

One Man's Journey: No Pain No Gain

ne Man's Journey: No Pain No Gain Why did I get tattooed? Why does anyone do anything? Hopefully, because of their own personal choice after a fair amount of thought and deliberation. If you've been to the "Why" section of my site, you've see my short answer: To write in stone. In a world that is always changing, I take a small amount of comfort in knowing that I can make something permanent. Something that is my choice and by my design. There are far too many things that happen to people these days that create permanent markings (be it ... read more

I think I'm getting addicted here....

m fascinated by tattoos. I love to look at them, to read stories about them, and to go to studios and just soak up the atmosphere.My first tattoo was really a moment to remember. I picked out a small flower to put on the inside of my ankle. My husband was against it and my mom did'nt know I was gonna get one. I went to this place in Petersburg, VA. called Altered Images. They were the nicest place around that I could find, they had like a couch and lots of flash on the walls to look at. Plus ... read more

"I love stars"

>An Experience I love stars. I draw them all over everything, including my body. Regular old five-pointed stars. I sew star patches on my clothes and I put star barettes in my hair and I paint stars on my face. I am a writer, and I write about stars. I stare at stars in the sky. Last week I went to South Street in Philadelphia with my two best girlfriends and my brother. After eating at Jim's Steaks we stepped into the first tattoo parlor we saw. I asked how much it would cost for a tiny star. He made ... read more

My Experiences

y Experiences I grew up in rural Connecticut, a rather boring and stifled part of the world. I knew from the time I was about eight years old, that I didn't "fit in" and I never really cared about it. By the time I was in Junior High, I was labeled a freak by my classmates and decided to feed in to their ridicule. I went to Junior High in a town where everyone went to church on Sunday, including my classmates. I was a budding goth at the time, and loved to shock other students and teachers. I started ... read more

The Tattoo from Hell

ave several belly tats, all of which seem to fit together in a symmetrical pattern. One is a pentagram halfway between my navel and the root of my dick. My girlfriend and I are Wiccans, so we designed a celtic pentagram design, and both had it tattoed in the same spot. The art work is esquisite, and was done by a master tattooist in Flagstaff Arizona. There was a space to fill below it, and it kind of bugged me. As anyone with tattoos could tell you, one is seldom enough when it comes to tats. On a trip to ... read more

First Tattoo Experience

this is my slightly messy (it's 2 am) story of my first tattoo. A friend wanted me to drive her up (45 minutes) to my piercer so she could get her tragus done...I decided I'd maybe get that tattoo--a butterfly on my left breast...When we got there, after looking through the artist's pictures and photos, I chose a butterfly I liked and had the colors and one wing changed for uniqueness (however, the drawing was his original), and my friend decided to get a Chinese character on her lower back. We had to come back in two hours--I had called, ... read more

my tattoos

s is to tell everyone out there about my pride and joys, my hard earned money well spent, my permanent body fixtures, my 4 tattoos. Well the first tattoo i got was a felix the cat on my chest, it was done by Glenn Scott in Dayton, Ohio, or actually one of the kids that does his work for him, because Glenn is always to drunk to do tattoos anymore, well anyway, this kid f*cked up my tattoo, because about 2 weeks later when it was heeled there was very little ink left on it, and what was there looked ... read more

Tattoo - an experience by Danielle

ad been thinking about a tattoo of some form for months, but only in the past few weeks had I been serious about it. I did research, called the tattoo parlor that did my piercing, got some info, and thought and thought. Today was the day I decided to at least go to the place and check it out. I packed my stuff (I was heading for Sebastian for the holiday) and then headed south to Ft. Lauderdale. I finally got down there, thinking about it. I really needed to get my ass in the chair to get me there ... read more

Retirerment Age and the Tattoo Adventure

is often assumed that it is the young who get tattooed. That is an assumption that may not necessarily be true. At least it is not true in my case, for I am of retirement age and got my first tattoo only l4 months ago. It was not that I wanted it that way. Ever since I was a small boy I have wanted to be tattooed. I do not really know how this came to be. As I was growing up there were two men in my neighborhood who were tattooed, and I can remember being fascinated by their ... read more

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