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my faeries

n i was 16, i persuaded my parents to let me get a tattoo. i was so excited when they said "fine! but don't expect one of us to go with you". They figured that if they didn't come, I couldn't get it done. But then, they've never had a lot of faith in me to begin with. :) my best friend's brother got a tattoo by a friend of his who didn't over charge and it looked so good so i asked his name, and set up an appointment. The weird thing was, the shop was set up in ... read more

A Dragon Tattoo

ad wanted to get inked since I was twelve,and since I was twelve, I've been telling people that I'd get a coiled scorpion on the back of my hand, just below my thumb. The problem with this, beyond the obvious (twelve year olds should not get tattoos, especially of a scorpion on their hand!) my father was completely against tattoos. In the Philippines, the only people who had tattoos were prostitutes and drug dealers. He once noticed I had drawn pictures on my arms with blue ink and made me scrub my arms, yelling at me all the way. But ... read more

tattoo conventions and piercings

emember when i first got an inkling for piercing, beyond the five ear piercings and two nostril piercings i had at the time. i remember thinking that i wanted my tongue to be pierced, the web between my thumb and forefinger, and my tragus. also, i began to think about cutting my tongue in half, something that i wouldn't know was possible until just a year or so ago. i had never known anyone to have such modifications and didn't even know if it was possible, or if someone existed who would do such a thing for you. it was ... read more

Call me jumpy

My husband and I are frequent visitors to the United Kingdom. When in Glastonbury this past April, we stumbled upon an out-of-the-way tattoo shop called Kustom Kulture directly across from a scenic church. We had no choice, of course, but to go in and take a look. My husband had long wanted to join the ranks of the tattooed, but had never really coordinated the time and money to do so. He made the decision to get his long-awaited tattoo from this shop. I, having 4 other small tattoos, knew exactly what I wanted for my "souvenir" as well. We ... read more

My tattoo story

lo everyone. I've never posted anything on the internet before or anything so I don't know what I am really doing. But I got my first tattoo done yesterday and I thought since everyone here helped me, through their stories, in deciding what to do, I should share mine as well. It all started two years ago when my mother, aunt, and cousin all went to get tattoos. My mother actually called me up at a friends house to ask me if I wanted to get one too. I was only 16 and very, no, totally shocked that my mother ... read more

My First, Second and impending Third Tattoos

s story probably follows along the lines of all 'My First Tattoo' stories. All the same, I want to tell it... After my last vacation to Florida in the USA, I was left with a burning desire to become inked. So many people my age were sporting Tribal/Celtic work, and I had never really seen too much of it before - I was inspired. Upon my return to the UK, I sought out a local tat' studio and was amazed by the flash art - these artists have the raw talent that mainstream artists can only dream of. The design ... read more

Realizing the Ideal Self

n I was 11 years old, I read Ray Bradbury's "The Illustrated Man." On the cover of the paperback was a tattooed man, covered from collar to ankles and shoulder to wrist in brightly colored illustrations, watching over a post-Apocalyptic landscape. I decided immediately that I WAS that man. From that day forward I desired to have a full bodysuit. Growing up Jewish, I had some heat and flack on the subject. When my older sister was 16 (and I was 15) Mom caught a glance in the bathroom of my sister's tattoo. Holly had a small, red and green ... read more

Have You Lost Your Mind?

T was the question of the day when I proudly showed off my recent tattoo. This has been a lifelong dream of mine since I was a teenager. I have always been on a search for the 'perfect' tattoo pic to have emblazoned on my flesh forever. I will be 45 yrs old in a few weeks and realized it was high time I did it before it was too late! Initially, my daughter (now 20) and I were going to get tattooed together for her 18th birthday. We were away on vacation and were all set to go. We ... read more

The regeneration of my life through piercings and tattoos

ad gone to the local watering hole with my life partner immediately after having had my nipples pierced. Now that the deed was done, I felt liquid courage was in order. After several rounds of 'show-and-tell', one guy, still dressed in a suit from work, leaned over and asked "Why?" in a sarcastic tone of voice. I couldn't answer any better than because I wanted it. I am near forty years old. Several years ago I began my personal rebellion of my Southern, Bible-Belt upbringing. I cropped my hair, almost shaven, pierced my ears and grew facial hair. I left ... read more

My Third Tattoo Story

February 27, 199, I went to American Skin Art (in North Tonawanda, New York) to get a tattoo along with one of my friends and my girlfriend. It was my third tattoo, and I decided to get a Star of David on the face of my right shoulder, filled in to resemble deep space. I got my first two tattoos at the same shop, both within the previous year, and I really trusted the environment. The shop is clean, friendly, well decorated, and comfortable. My friend (Jay), his girlfriend (Meghan), and I arrived at the shop on Friday at 1:00 ... read more

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