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Two of a kind

always been very interested and fascinated by BM and BDSM. Somehow it touches some deeper basic darker part of me. The part of me I love the most. I have been playing with S&M since I was a child, not being aware yet what it was and that it was something special. Most of the partners I have been with went along with me far. But never I had such a mutual feeling of being aware of our darker part as with the women of my ritual tattoo. the tattoo that signed me for who I really am. Both for ... read more


Got My Tail Do you, my hypothetical, non-existent reader, have a tail? You heard me. Do you have that distinctive posterior elongation of your animal body? Cola. Schwanz. Rabo. Queue. Call it what you choose. If you, dear creature, can read this page, you most certainly - and most sadly - do not bear a tail. But I do, and it is of my own design, on my torso emanating from the base of my spine and slapping me on my rump. It is the reason I do not care to expose my bottom where others might behold my caudal ... read more

My beautiful Dragon

f my friends think I’m immune to pain. I already had 2 tattoo's (a black dragon on my right breast and a green dragon in the center of my lower back) and my tongue pierced and I honestly never felt a thing with any of them, I even fell asleep during my second tattoo. But nothing could have prepared me for my third tattoo. One day I was online talking to a friend about the actual tattooing process. She decided that she wanted to get one and this gave me the restless urge to get a third. So we spent ... read more

Amy's First Tattoo

t age 13, i wanted to get a tattoo. My mommy always said no, so I gave up, but we were visiting some family in las vegas when i was 14, and I was like "Mom can i get a tattoo"? and i guess thinking ii woudlnt go through with it, she said yes. So.. we called a few places but no one would do it, so she said once we get home we will. So a few weeks after we got home, I called some places and they wouldnt do it even with parent permission, so I called rosamond ... read more

first tatt experience=bad , next 6=good

it all started about a year ago when i graduated high school. i decided that in order to mark a major transition in my life i would need to do something drastic ,ie. a tattoo. my girlfriend at the time was not at all enthusiastic about me getting a permenate work of art on my body but i wasnt about to let that stop me on the advice of a friend i drove to a shop an hour or so away from where i live to get my tatt done( while a friends testomnial might be all well and good ... read more

I am such a girl!!!

let me start by saying that hard deliberation should take place before you get comfy in any artists chair. I thought about a tattoo for a long time before I actually committed to the idea in my own mind. No one should ever get one on impluse, out of spite, or under pressure. Those are the people who end up forking out 100's more than the actual cost of their tattoo to have it removed. I thought long and hard about a suitable design. No cartoon characters, band symbols(dead bears), or names. Too trendy, too common. I mean really, when ... read more

My first tattoo

lly turned 18 and that meant that i could finally get a tattoo so i talked to my cousin because she has many tattoos and she knows the people in the shop so i call her up one day and find out when she can take me in there it wont be until next week. i didnt want to wait that whole week but that was the only way. then there were a couple things i was worring about that if after i got it done would it still look cool a couple years ago or if i liked it ... read more

my piercing venture

lways wanted tattoos.lots of them.i've always found that tats can be very beautiful. it really depends on the person and the design. some people you see with tattoos you ask yourself, why? others i see is beautiful art. i want a piece of art. so for the last 5 years i've been searching not only for a tattoo that says who i am, but a tattoo that i will always be proud to have on my body declaring who i am, but also art to be admired. i also had a small problem. i needed an artist to do the ... read more

My Tribal Heart

bal Heart Just recently I went and got my first tattoo. I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. When my boyfriend was going out of town I thought it would be the perfect time to surprise him when he got home. I went into Eternal Tattoos on a Friday afternoon thinking I could get in and get it done that day. Well, as it turns out I had to make an appointment and the soonest I could get was Tuesday. So, I made the appointment and waited anxiously for Tuesday to come. I'd searched the net looking for the ... read more

Teenage rebellion -- at age 35 plus! My life with tattoos

s not so much a story about a specific tattoo experience (there are plenty of other good ones on here), but more an observation of how being tattooed has changed my life and how my ink collection has grown along with me. A bit of background: I'm a woman in my early 40's, and I don't come from any sort of 'tattoo' background. None of my family or friends had them. The idea of getting tattooed never even occurred to me when I was younger; if I had thought about it at all, I probably would have thought 'oh no, ... read more

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