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I had been wanting one for a long time...

a nice Jewish girl, and in my religion you cannot be buried with a tattoo. Well its a good thing i am not religious, otherwise i would feel pretty bad. I told my mother i wanted to get my tongue pierced, she said no, but she did agree to the tattoo, which still boggles me to this day. She made me do a lot of research before she was convinced i knew everything that happened during a tattooing process. I dont know why, but i have always been in love with tattoos, to me they are works of art, if ... read more

I got Loui and I love him!!!

at work one day and one of my very good friends was talking about how she was getting a tatoo that nite. I had wanted a tatoo for the longest time. I was so excited when she asked me to go with her to get hers. Now I could see what it was like to get one. You have to understand I am a prep, the skirt and cute shirt kinda girl, and I am a swimmer which is kinda a preppy sport in my school. No one had ever expected me to get a tatoo. My mom was just ... read more


name is Rob. About two months ago i finally got my first tattoo after wanting one since i was sixteen. In kansas you have to be eighteen of written and notarized permission from you parent. My mother decided that she didn't want me to have one so you wouldn't sign for me. It was decided, i had to wait till i was eighteen. The first thing that i had to do was pick the place. Alot of my friends recommended skin illustrations but i wanted to check out the place in town. The place in town was nice enough so ... read more


on vacation in Florida with my family this past summer, and I had been thinking that maybe I wanted a tattoo for awhile. So, on the way to the airport, I simply asked my mom if I could get one while we were in Florida, so that it would be a vacation thing. I had asked her before, and her reply was a bold NO. But this time, she said that she would think about it. When we arrived to the hotel later that night, the first thing I did, was take out the Florida phone book. I looked up ... read more

hopping along the tattoo trail...

my experience is likely not much different from the run-of-the-mill...waited until i was 22 and fully financially independent to get it done, thought about getting a tattoo for several years, was pretty sure what i wanted, tho i did change my mind a few times. at 16, i thought about getting the cover of "the tao of pooh" tattooed on my leg, but i have since thought twice about getting anything even remotely resembling a cartoon character tattooed on me (a totally personal decision; if you want grape ape, grape ape you shall have.) so here we go: i always ... read more

My Tattoo

had wanted a tattoo for a loooong time, and I finally decided that I'd do it. Now came the decision of what I should get a tattoo of. Well, i'm a HUGE Our Lady Peace fan, and I had decided on the Naveed symbol (it's written in Sanskrit). Anyways, so now I had to find a place to do custom tattoos. There were only 2 tattoo parlors in Brandon and Artistic is the one that said they would do custom tattoos. So I made my appointment and faxed him my tattoo design. The day of my tattoo I was SO ... read more

self adoration

self adoration At A Glance Author Amadeus Contact [email protected] From my early youth I was fascinated with my own body, this is probably a very common experience for everybody. And yet I was dissatisfied, since I was a skinny child and in puberty I was extremly fat. For this and other reasons my own physical self was unattractive to me till, of course, my first sexual experiences. A vague sense of disappointment lingered. Twelve years ago I was in Frankfurt in Germany and on sudden impulse I went to a local tattoo parlour The shop and the tattooist sported that ... read more

My sleeve experience, Episode 1

eeve or not to sleeve, that is the question. It took me a long time to decide if I was that committed to body art. I have several other tattoos, but none as involved as a full sleeve. The idea stemmed from my desire to forever immortalize my all time favorite villain, Maleficent, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. But how could I possibly fit her Royal Badness and everything else from the film I wanted into one tattoo? The answer seemed clear. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right, which meant a serious commitment ... read more

My Huge Faerie Backpiece

so I have known Alex for awhile now. He is my best friend's older brother and he's been tattooing for about 3 years or so. Well, I spent a lot of time in art class in high school drawing big-busted faeries but nothing came out quite the way I liked it. I knew WHAT I wanted, I just couldn't draw it to the standards of putting it on my body. So, I approached Alex with my dillema and he let me look at the artist Brian Rouche's book "Faeries" and show him what I did and didn't like. Then he ... read more

Against The Grain

rcumstances by which I received my first tattoo were somewhat odd, but none-the-less very cool. At the time, I was in my junior year of high school, and I was hosting a foriegn exchange student from Germany. I had expressed interest in getting a tattoo many times to my parents; and although they each bear ink, I was told to wait until I was older. When Daniella(our German student) came to stay with us, however, that all changed. She also wanted to decorate her skin, and together we convinced my father that it would be a bonding experience for the ... read more

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