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Tattoos are thicker than blood

24 when I got my first tattoo. I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for at least seven years. I grew up in one of the less major cities of western New York, and watched as many of my friends became tattooed. I was envious, but scared. Scared of what my mother would think, scared that I would permanently imprint something on my body that I would hate years later, ect. After I graduated high school, I moved to Boston, MA. I quickly came to find, to my dismay, that tattooing is illegal in MA. What a kick in ... read more

Custom Tattoo @ 14!

rst off, I know that I'm only 14, and that's a little young to get a tattoo, but I'm happy with it, and I drew it, hence I think it was a good thing to do! I've wanted a tatoo ever since i was like, 10! Problem was, I'd never seen a tattoo that I would want on MY skin forever. I mulled the idea of choosing a flash tattoo over for a few years, and then when I was 13, I decided I wanted to get a dragon, because I collect 'em. I started sketching a rough design, starting ... read more

First two tattoos

begin with, getting a tattoo was, for me a long, slow, and carefully thought out process, at least until it actually came time to get the ink put on my shoulder. At that point it became a question of nerve, which I am happy to say I actually had. I can remember seeing tattoos as a kid and being fascinated by them, but having the feeling that "nice" people did not do such things. The anchors, panthers, and other pieces of work I remember seeing were mysterious and unusual to me. As an adult I have had an interest in ... read more

my first tattoo

veral years now I've been interested in tattoos, and piercings. At one point in time in my life my parents got into a huge divorce that got real ugly. It was so bad that it got dragged out for 4 years. It even got to the point where my father filed chages against me, his own son. Man did that hurt. I turned to my friends for comfort only to find nothing. So for quiet a while I did a lot of hurting. I did a lot of things that I may or may not regret down the road. To ... read more

That dude was so huge!

ided that I wanted to get a tattoo sometime around when I turned 16, but I had to wait until I was 18 to get it done legally. I'd heard there were some places where you could have it done without checking ID, but I wanted to go to someplace that was legit, and that meant waiting. I knew all along what I wanted for my tattoo; something that signified Gemini. I've always been almost stereotypically Gemini, so that was the logical choice. (Well, the May 31st birthday also helps.) It took me awhile to decide on exactly what Gemini ... read more

Tattooed while under the influence of Cap'n Crunch cereal

sitting at the table this morning after my run and bike ride; I was eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal when I suddenly thought...HEY!!! Today is a good day to get another tattoo (I currently have 10)! So I saddled up my '65 Mustang and drove 2 hours into Austin, hit a few tattoo studios, and found one I liked. I went into Custom Tattoos from the Soul with 2 design ideas in mind, one a wolf and the other a tiger. I wanted the tattoo either on my (back) shoulders, complimenting the wolf and tiger I already have ... read more

My First Tattoo

extremely nervous when I went to get my first tattoo in honor of my 17th birthday. I had decided on a small kanji character that represents destiny and heaven. I hadn't decided on that easily, either. I didn't want to get something that I would only be sorry for later in life, so I really took my time thinking about what I wanted and where I was going to put it. Once the time came, when I was sure that I was ready to go in, I took my best friend with me so that I would stay brave. My ... read more

"Slave-Boy" Emerges From My Arm

ince I was little, I wanted to have a nose ring and a tattoo when I grew up. I got the ring when I turned 18, more metal since, but have only just gotten my (first) tattoo about a month ago. The main delay was in finding a smallish design I could afford. I've had in my head visions of swirling mermen on my lower legs for a while, but that will have to wait due to financial reasons - I'm a university student, and we all know what that translates into, as far as bank accounts go. I've done ... read more


about a week after my 18th birthday when I decided to finally go for it and get a tattoo. I had been planning on getting one for a couple of years, and now I finally had the chance without doing the illegal thing. I had been working on my design ideas for a couple of weeks before my birthday (yeah, I know, a long time on one design, but it was my first) and I finally knew what I wanted. I wanted to go with a star-moon design. So I went and picked up my friend Amy (have to have ... read more

Satisfaction Garunteed

OUGHTS BEHIND THE IDEA: i used to be the one to tell my friend to think carefully about her decision of getting a tattoo. constantly i would say to her "you know it's gunna be permanent right?" i don't remember what it was that made me consider getting one. all i remember were these obsessive thoughts about how i had to definitely get one. in june of 1999 i went to go meet up with my friend that i considered my older brother. he already has had numerous tattoos and piercings so i was pretty confident he'd take me to ... read more

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