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My 12 Year Tattoo Journey

e gotten four tattoos over a period of 12 years. In these 12 years I have learned a lot about the process and about myself. Perhaps my experiences will help someone contemplating a first tattoo. My first tattoo I received when I was 19. This was a fairly typical experience. I was a dumb, college kid who thought I knew everything. I felt I needed a tattoo immediately to prove I was a rebel, cool, etc. I went to someone's house, got a small tattoo on my ankle in this woman's living room. All things considered, it turned out O.K., ... read more

Birthday Butterfly

r really thought I would get a tattoo--it seemed like such a bigcommitment: something that would be with me forever. Like marriage. I didn't feel ready to make a decision about that for a long time. I suppose I've wanted a tattoo since I was a senior in high school, but it was more of an abstract kind of wish. I didn't really have anything I specifically wanted, except for a bracelet on my arm or ankle. As time passed, I decided that I really did want a tattoo, except I don't want something on my arm or ankle right ... read more

My Tribal Neck Band Tattoo

been thinking about it for a long time, but finally decided to get my neck tattooed. This was a pretty big decision for me, considering I am not real heavily inked (some tribal and celtic on my right arm, 2 small tats on my left). At any rate, I decided that I wanted something very visible and striking. At first, I decided to do a design with two snakes biting each other's tails (sort of Neverending Story-ish), and I went in to talk to Scott at Enigma tattoos about it. He seemed pretty excited about the idea, and said that ... read more

The Dragoness Inside

ngs and Salutations! Let me introduce myself, my name is Kelly, and I am known as the Kelster, or Dragon to my friends and family. I think I was 15 when I first tattooed myself. Just high school bullshit, and I sorely regretted my lack of artistic ability. For the next 18 years, I wore shirts to cover what I had done, always promising myself that one day I would get a beautiful tattoo to cover my mistakes. Never did the thought of having them removed, or not covered by another tat pass through my mind. I never imagined that ... read more

~*~mY 2nD TaTtOo~*~

rO~*~ well hello there! i've already wrote about my first tattoo...my eyebrow ring...my tongue ring....and now i'm writing about my 2nd tattoo! well i was going to be in winnipeg for a weekend and i wanted to get something done. i knew momsy would be VERY mad at me if i came home with ANOTHER piercing without asking her, so i decided on a tattoo. this was kinda dumb because i didn't really know what i want or anything, i just knew i wanted a tattoo. i don't regret it or anything..but it would've been better if i had waited ... read more

My Ladybug, Jeboah!

y name is Jenn and I am a 19 yr old bod mod addict. As my parents aren't so keen on this, I am fairly limited to what I can do, unless I want to pay for college myself, which is out of the question. I have 8 earrings (7 lobe, 1 rook), my navel pierced twice, my nipples pierced and, of course, my ladybug tattoo. I also have a tattoo of a moon on my ankle that I did myself with india ink and a sterilized needle, but I don't ordinarily count it. On a side note, I do ... read more

Pixies Inspiration

ed 18 about a week before and I was sitting with a friend eating lunch one day in early January and she mentioned "Let's get matching tattoos." I didn't really know what to think, I'm more into piercing than tattoos so I told her if she could think of something that I would actually want, I would do it with her. I barely have any piercings now, but I have plans. Hehe. For a few days we thought about it, asking all of our friends what to get and finally a friend recommended to us to get No. 13 on ... read more

Is This Going to Hurt?

my very first Tattoo yesterday, something I've been wanting to do since I was five and saw my first real-live green-haired punk rocker walking around my small beach town. I've had the tattoo I wanted in mind for about three years: the kanji for "Angel". I figured that if I had wanted that same thing for three years, I was probably not going to change my mind the second after I had it done. I also figured that this was a good time to do it, since I could always remember that it was done in the year 2000, in ... read more


n love with ink. Literally. I can't think of a more gratifying experience than to have beautiful artwork portrayed on your body. However, I'm not the kind of girl who gets a tat and then rushes right back for another a month or two later...I take my time, because I just know when the time is right to have more ink slung and by that time I know what I want and won't be admonishing myself for being stupid later. Now, it was one of those "I want another tat" moments that brought me into Mankato Ink one Friday.I know ... read more


daemonology At A Glance Author anonymous Artist self My interest in tattooing began in 1980 when I got a tattoo while in the navy at Esquimalt, B.C. At this time my desire to be tattooed seemed purely physical -- an unconscious urge that over many years would reveal itself as being so important and full of meaning that it changed my outlook on life forever. I went to a really clean, high tech studio for its time: Universal Studios, where the owner, Zain, inked a seagull into my skin. Zain's studio really left an impression on me and definitely influenced ... read more

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