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What a Wonderful World!

started when I was finishing out my ninth grade year, my best friend came to school with a tattoo on her ankle. Immediately I was envious as hell and ran home after school to plead with my mother to let me get one as well. Much to my dismay she stubbornly said "no!". My repeated nagging finally got me a deal, she promised to let me get a tattoo on my sixtenth birthday, so I immediately settled for that. I couldn't wait until March rolled around the next year but I was patient until the time finally came. Two weeks ... read more


always thought that getting tatoos represent a bond between father and son and also expreeses to the world who you are and what you are about.Just a few years ago I wanted to show my father that his efforts of trying to teach me to be a man and to endure the pain this world has to offer had paid off. My father started getting tats when I was about eight or nine and to me it was the coolest thing that I had ever seen.As I grew older I became more interested into the art of body modification and ... read more

What a christmas present...

around Christmas time in 97'. I was up visiting my parents as well as other family members. I had a pretty good time all vacation. It was my last night up there and, I went out with my friends and my brother. To hang out and party a little. I was having a great time all night long. But something had been eating at me though. I wanted to go home, and get back to school with something I could really show off. One of our friends that went out with us that night was a tattoo artist. I had ... read more

My first tattoo

mber grabbing up the local phone in the Motel that I was staying at in Fayetteville, North Carolina and thinking, I am going to do this now. Now is the best time to do this because I was bored to tears and had always wanted a tattoo. I wanted something good, but wasn't sure where I would put it or what it would be. I remember as I was in the Navy, seeing this F-14 Tomcat painted pitch black and it had a Playboy Bunny on it at the El Toro air show in California, and I thought to myself, ... read more

My Dream Tattoo, gone down the toilet

my tattoo all planned out. I drew that bastard out more than 50 times. The tattoo of my dreams. Straight Edge, that's what i am, and that's what my tattoo stands for. I was about 13 years old, and alcoholic punk kid with no direction. I was watching MTV and seen an unfiltered news brief about Straight Edge kids. It moved me so much that i became straight edge, and i turned my life style around. A total 180. When i decided to get my tattoo done, it wasn't the first time i had gotten a tattoo. My first tattoo ... read more

bad tattoo

hen I was in Amstradam on vacation, a bunch of guys I was with all decided we should get tattos to remember the experience and for something to keep us bonded. Well anyways, so we were in the parlor picking out different tattos we thought were interesting when a friend came up with the idea to all get matching ones. Meanwhile, the guys pooled money together, around $200, and gave it to the artist if he would give me a different tattoo than the rest. This should be illegal right? He told me it was a mistake and he was ... read more

1+1=2 tattoos even though I'm only 14

14 year old girl in a school of less than 600 students.I am one of the few,the proud,the unique.I have pink hair,totally crazy clothes,and now I have two tattoos. I got my first one in January,a little purple fairy that I designed myself.I feel that it is really important to design your own tatoo because then you know you're getting something that is all you.I loved my little fairy so much that last week I got another one.Here is my story. I was watching Fantasia for the first time ever,and I was hating it.I was just about to turn the ... read more

My Swirly Cat

I had been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for about the past 2 years, ever since I first got into the idea of piercing. I pushed it to the back of my mind though, thinking the pain would be way too much, I'd never find a design I would love on me forever, blah blah blah, and went for my navel piercing and vertical hood piercing instead. But things started changing when my friend came back from a holiday in Sydney sporting a lovely tattoo of musical note and a treble clef, showing her love of music. ... read more

i'm cool because i have a car emblem on my back

it was my 18th birthday and i needed to celebrate. what better way than a tattoo? it'll never go away! i had gotten my tongue pierced for my 15th birthday, three years ago it wasn't nearly as common as now (at least not in my age group) now about half my town has it done and it's boring, nobody cares. i needed a tattoo. i had gone a few months before to a sort of sketchy parlor closer to home, and the artist was a friend of a friend and would tattoo me underage and cheap. i had planned on ... read more

Most Recent Tat :)

s I'll just do a broad generalization about my tattoo's before I get into my most recent one. I didn't think long and hard about my first one. My cousin came back from his honeymoon with a new tat and I decided to see if I could freak my parents out. So, over dinner I blurted out that I wanted one. My mom didn't say much....and my dad....being his normal self, said if I wanted one, he'd take me and pay for it. So the dare was set. Well, mom went out of town for a week so I started ... read more

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