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I'm a 36D with a tat above my butt!

for me the experience was kinda sudden. I'd always thought that they were neat looking, but had never really thought about getting one. I'd been thinking more of a naval piercing. So I was thinking about it one day and decided I was going to get one. Seeing as it was my freshman year in college, I didn't know the town too well and had to look up a place. The one I found, Hired Gun Tattoos, was only a couple blocks from my dorm, so a roommate and I went to check it out, to see if it was ... read more

The most beautiful girl in the world.

so excited. I was getting ready to go get my first tattoo. I had gotten piercings and stuff before, but I haven't had a tattoo. So, I thought long and hard. What would be good to get? I wanted something that had meaning, yet somehow reflected on my life. So, after a week or so of thinking, and looking through a collection of Skin Art, Tattoo, and looking at the BME website, I finally had finally decided what I wanted. A pin-up girl. But not just any pin-up girl. I wanted a slutty looking pin-up girl. I wanted her to ... read more

1st of many Tattoos

off I am a 19 year old male from Vancouver Canada, and I have a degree in the fine arts. Ive been a artist all my life Just over the past 5 or so years body art has been a huge fascination for me. I loved Tattoos, and would draw endless sketch books full of Tribal work in my highschool, Instead of taking my notes. Halfway through my first year at college I made many friends all of wich were older than me and some who have full sleeves. This made my interest grow even more. So after humming and ... read more

First (And Only, As of Now) Tatoo

d in Venezuela for about nine months last year, and just before I left to come home, I decided that a tatoo would be a fabulous momento of the year. I already had my eyebrow, nose, tongue, belly button, ears all round pierced, so I figured I had the balls to get a tatoo. I was a little sketched about getting my tatoo done in Caracas, because I had gotten my tongue done there and the guy fucked up and pierced through an artery in the side of my tongue. It eventually healed, but overall I wasn't entirely happy with ... read more

My first tattoo, an addictive experiance

wanted a tattoo for as long as I could remember. Finally, I decided on a design that I truely wanted, and that meant a lot to me. It was a tribal sun design, with the Kanji for love in the center. I'll be sending in a picture soon for anyone interested. To me, the design was very important. I didn't want a tattoo just for the sake of having a tattoo. I wanted something that said a lot about who I am, what I had been through. I had read a lot of writing on body modification, and the idea ... read more

I'm drowning in ink!

terally drowning in ink, but it feels like over the past several months, no sooner does my latest work heal than it's time to go under the needle again. Yesterday was the culmination of one very large piece covering most of my thigh, and the start of my next piece. The thigh piece is, as is virtually all of my work, a custom piece. Pretty much all of my tats are very lighthearted, whimsical, happy images -- a lot of flowers, animals, and so forth. This latest one is no exception. I've always been kind of enchanted by the old ... read more

My Lower Back Tribal TAT

s actually my second tattoo. My first being a nickel sized piece of flash I saw off the wall a week after I turned 18. I still like it but it has little to no meaning. Three years, one marriage and one kid later I am ready for my next tattoo and it is to be a BIG one. Well my husband is not a tattoo enthusiast to say the least but he thinks the small one over my left ovary is cute. Needless to say I was going to keep this one a surprise. I went down to Mystic ... read more

The cheerleader gets a tattoo!

I had been thinking about getting a tattoo ever since I was 15, but I was always too scared and my mom was really against it. No one could believe that I wanted a tattoo...I am a cheerleader and the biggest prep you could ever meet- definitely not the type to have tattoos all over her body! So, I decided that I was going to go through with it and go and get it for my 19th birthday/Christmas present to myself. My best friend decided to go with me- she already has a small tatoo and her tongue pierced- much ... read more

My Painless Tattoo

was younger, I had never seen the beauty in tattoos. It wasn't until I entered my teens, that I began to realize how beautiful they really were. I had decided for a long time that I wanted to have my last name in Chinese on my upper back, by my right shoulder. I didn't want to tell my parents, because I didn't know how they would take it. My parents are divorced, and my biological father's last name is the one I wanted on my back. I knew that if my stepdad ever found out about the tattoo, he would ... read more

My first tattoo

t decided to get my navel pierced but my mother said she and her friend were getting tattoos. Then, of course, I changed my mind and decided I'd rather get a tattoo, because I figured, since I had pierced my naval myself before and its only like 2 seconds, I wanted to get something that takes more balls than that. My mother said she would rather me get a tattoo then a piercing becuause she is on crack ( not for real though ). She says its better to get a tattoo because they dont give you cancer. I never ... read more

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