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Inked 'n Pierced in Mexico

the wonderful story about how I finally got my two piercings and one tattoo...all in a space of three weeks. I recently spent a month in Mexico, and before I left, I was telling some friends I was thinking about getting pierced down there 'cos I'd been wanting to do it now for awhile, but A) I'm not yet 18...(June 5th baby!)...and B) I figured it'd be a lot cheaper for that shit in Mexico. Most of them were horrified that I'd go down there and do that, talk about unsanitary conditions and shit. So I thought maybe I'd just ... read more

My fourth tat

after I came back from my spring break in March, I was ready to get my fourth tat. All my friends at home were showing off their brand new first tattoos, while I had been planning (and saving for) this one for months. So I got my ass in gear, finalized my research and sketches, and went down to the tattoo shop. I wound up going to Bruce at Sacred Tattoos on Canal St. The design I had brought him was an Egyptian ankh with my first and last name spelled in hieroglyphs on either side, enclosed in cartouches. After ... read more

Virginia's Odalisque

the best decisions I ever made was the choice to give up another hour of goofing-off time to take Art History my senior year of high school, not least because without that class I probably wouldn't have the same cool tattoo gracing my body. I've always been fond of the nude in art; the human body is, after all, one of the most beautiful things out there. Dr. Myers' class, however, taught me that a society's opinion about sex and sexuality can be deduced in no small part from the way the human body is portrayed. The one painting which ... read more

The worst pain was in my head

in college, the idea of getting a tattoo arose between myself and two friends. After a few weeks we'd hyped each other up enough that we decided to go for it. Since I'm a freelance artist, I designed all of our work: a 5 inch tall palomino mare rearing (in memory of a favorite horse I'd had to give up), a dolphin jumping through a peace sign for one girl, and the other just wanted a lame friggin heart with a rose. We drove all over Fort Worth looking for a parlor. Funnily enough, the nastiest looking one wanted the ... read more

throat chakra mandala-first 18 hours

8, I finished learning to tattoo and began working professionally. It was at this point that I decided I needed to open my throat chakra, in order to realize my own potential for communication about my work and chosen path in life. I had been considering facial and throat work for about three years at this point. As a tattoo artist with previous fine arts experience, I felt that not only did my rite for this chakra need to be a modification, but also one which I could enjoy seeing daily, and also one which I felt glad to explain ... read more

flaming VW logo tattoo

l this has been a great experience, leaving me with an awesome memory to look back on. I'd say the toughest part of getting my tattoo was finding a good volkswagen logo to start out with. All the logos on the official site are about the size of a nickel... once I finally found what I wanted, I took the flames from the Hatebreed logo and cut various parts out, putting them above the logo in red with a black outline. Then I enlarged and flipped them horizonally, and put them in yellow behind the red flames. All this was ... read more

Custom ankle triskele: my first tattoo

h I'd been considering it for years, I finally got my first tattoo about six weeks ago. I've been interested in body art for years, and have known for at least four that I would like a triskele tattooed on some part of my body. This symbol is extremely important to me spiritually, and I first decided to get it tattooed on my outer ankle as a symbol of my firm dedidication to walking this path. (I also find it extremely aesthetically pleasing.) Over the years, I did my research here on BME, and on r.a.b and its Tattoo FAQ, ... read more

My first tattoo, hurt and looks ugly

ded to get a tattoo after my son bugged me for years to to get one of his own. I was nervous, but very excited after reading all the experiences of other people. We got out the yellow pages, read some ads, and went to a shop close to our house.I didnt know anyone with tattoos personally, so I had no one to ask for a reference,but Accents in Ink in Castle Shannon, PA is bright, clean, friendly, I felt comfortable immediately. We looked through a bunch of flash books, and some photos of the artists work for about 2 ... read more

First Tattoo @ Imago - Montreal

something I noticed about BME's (huge) experience database: There's very little representation of Montreal. So although you might want to know about the pain, or the cost, or whatever, my real goal is to get a good representation of body artists for my city. I want other Montrealers to be able to look up their city here and find good, sound advice. So this is my first tattoo, with Safwan, the owner of Tattouage Imago on Prince-Arthur Street in Montreal, Quebec. You have to understand: By this point, my thoughts about piercings, tattoos, and other mods are much different than ... read more

Experience With My Tattoos

friday my friend and I went to Venice beach. She wanted to go because she was visiting her mom (who is ill and doesn't get to go out much) so she wanted to plan an outing for her. I figured since we were going down there we might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone and I could get the other tattoo that i wanted, which is a Chinese dragon, vertical, on my lower back. I wanted the chinese dragon to symbolize the chinese in me because I am half chinese and half white, but nobody can tell because ... read more

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