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I've got my name back!

married my wonderful husband almost 2 1/2 years ago, I gave a lot of thought as to whether or not to legally change my last name to his. On the one hand, it is fairly customary here, and makes life a lot easier in some ways. I've known women who've tried to hyphenate their maiden and married names, or use their former last name as their new middle name -- and other people are ALWAYS screwing it up. If you keep your maiden name, people will still call you Mrs. so and so, using your married name -- or else ... read more

I can't do it alone!!

wanted a tattoo since I was 16 years old. It took me 2 years to decide what exactly I wanted. I kept finding designs, loving them and rejecting them after 2 days. I had decided my birthday would be the perfect time to get my tattoo, but unfortunately for me I was broke and indecisive. So I decided to wait. I got a job at a ski hill, and between my work and the many people I met, my tattoo moved more to the back of my mind although I read the magazines and searched the Internet just in case ... read more

Permanent Butterfly

s. They're permanent, somewhat painful, and really beautiful. I needed to have one. Having already had my navel, nipple and ears pierced multiple times I believed that it was time for something with a little more staying power and a lot of meaning. What better thing to do than to get a tattoo? I decided that I would go get my first ink a few days after my birthday for a couple of reasons. I had the funds and I had the day off. May as well spend a couple hours with a tattoo artist. When I got to the ... read more

My Pain, My Gain...

ys said that tattooing and scarring your body was disgusting. I think it may have something to do with my father. As a child, I grew up seeing his tattoos.. He was a very prejudice man and he had extremely racial tattoos. PLEASE!! DON'T JUDGE ME. I AM NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM PREJUDICE OR RACIALLY BIASED. I met up with a friend from childhood about two years ago. (my first crush!!) I hadn't seen him in about 10 years. I WAS SHOCKED, to say the least. There he was, playing freak of the week, with three tattoos ... read more

My First Time

me and my good friend decided that in order to celebrate some recent developments at work, we should get the tattoos that each of us were looking forward to for years. I asked my roommate where she got hers, and she told me about Artistic Tattooing, where she had gotten some touch-up work done. The main man there is Marty Holcomb, a well known and respected artist around the country. The prob was, his appointments are booked to the moon, and I needed that instant gratification. Instead, we talked to his son, Joshua. Joshua had apprenticed under his father and ... read more

13 year old chick gets 'Roulette'!

> welcome to my little summary of my tattoo experience! I was 13 when i got it....i'm 14 now, and i've had it for 5 and a half months now! I've always loved the idea of tattooing, and i think they are sexy and reeeeally kewl, so one gloomy and freezing December morning i decided i was going to GET A TATTOO, even WITHOUT MY PARENTS PERMISSION! So, here's what happened: My mom went to work at 11 am that morning, and i decided to walk downtown, in the freezing wind, to the tattoo parlour, where i didn't have an ... read more

The Beauty Is In The Details

e is Montana Kaia and I'm 22 years of age and I have 10 tattoos and 9 piercings. I just recently had a large dragon tattooed on my lower back. I think that dragons are really awesome so this tat was my third dragon. My tattoo had a total of 9 sessions and a total of 18 hours of linework and color shading. My artist is the coolest person in the world of tattooing because he can put the most nervous person at ease, which in this case was me since Ive never had such a large and intricate tattoo ... read more

the jokester and the humorless tattoo guy

since i was 17 or so i've been really determined to get a tattoo... i just always had this respect for people with them(well, the people with nice ones and not 2 chicks gettin' it on er anything like that (c:= ) anyway, i knew i wanted one but i had to wait 1) until i was old enough under the law(18 here) and 2) until i had the money to spend.... i didn't know what i wanted for the past few years, but i had things in mind. all i knew was that i really wanted something that i ... read more

Late in Life Bodyart

was 33, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After receiving that news, I had many things to think about & to make choices about doing. One of those things was getting a tattoo. It was something I had always wanted to do, and I figured it was sort of a "now or never" decision. At that point, I truly didn't know how much longer I might live. So, I made the decision & went for it. As astrology has been a long-time hobby of mine, I thought that a design with my "sign" on it would be a good choice ... read more

why do people say they hurt?

i've been about 12 or 13 at most, i've stared at men and women alike with different tattoos and wondered if i could ever "go through all that" just for a picture on my flesh. Looking back now, i don't really know what "all that" is supposed to be. Any ideas? Of course, my parents would never let me get a tattoo with them signing, so i've waited 6+ years for this experience to take place. Within the last few months, however, i've gotten down to business. First off, i tripped across BME (i'm still not sure how and when, ... read more

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