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A Reminder

About two years ago I was going through a rough patch in my life. I had just gotten myself out of a really bad relationship, work was not satisfactory, and friends were few. I felt alone, self-conscious, and directionless. Normally I am not like that. I love life and have a lot of love to give. I am a strong independent woman who tries to be the best person she can be. But sometimes in life you are given challenges. I wanted to get a tattoo to remind myself of that. I wanted to take different elements of things I ... read more

So do you completely hate me now?

I knew for a while that I wanted a rib piece and I knew exactly what I wanted. The problem was finding the extra cash for it, since I couldn't stop getting pierced for the life of me, and the time. I also had to decide if I wanted my first tattoo to be my rib piece. So, one day, after I had gotten a sternum micro dermal added to my body, I decided to make a consultation appointment. At the consultation, we decided that my design would fit perfectly right underneath my bra line. It is a version of ... read more

An End to All of That

I need to write about my most recent tattoo experience for several reasons, but mainly because I entered another submission for BME a couple of years ago regarding a large tribal piece that I got on my lower back, and I wanted to write a brief reflection about that experience and write about recent tattoos that I just got (about a week ago); I feel this recent experience has redeemed the situation I described a couple years ago. To sum up that earlier experience very briefly, I had expressed mixed feelings over that particular tattoo, which was extremely large and ... read more

Number two of what will be many

I got my first tattoo in September 2006, and have been after another ever since! I've been through heaps of designs, and today I finally got my second! My first was a simple lotus, black outline, no faffing. The first was about religion for me, and I had always imagined my next would be in a similar vein, how wrong was I! I'd been trawling the web for ideas, thinking of maybe getting another lotus, when I came across a dandelion tattoo. I had seen very few of dandelions, especially as delicate and beautiful as this one, I knew it ... read more

Ametop, mmm painfree tattooing!

Hrmm how to start this, its hard to think of an interesting way! This is the story of my newest tattoo(s?), its not the most original tattoo but it's a true work of art! I got that tattoo itch when I turned 21 a few months ago, I had various ideas, but nothing that really stuck after a week of thinking so I waited. I kept coming back to two ideas, either leopard print going over my shoulder, or wings of some sort, then I saw an episode of Miami ink where they did a beautiful peacock and I knew ... read more

No Regrets

"I want a facial tattoo." That phrase can cause some people to cringe, pass judgment, or even sever your friendship. It can cause doctors to recommend a psychiatric evaluation, make parents cry, and create social tensions. But none of that scared me. I made my decision to have my face tattooed a long time ago, I was just waiting for the right time to do it, waiting for an event to happen that would be worth marking with something so publicly personal. And that event came a few months ago, when I simultaneously made the decision both to leave my ... read more

my first tattoo

Unlike a lot of people on bme, I haven't had a life long fascination with tattoos and other body modifications. I guess I started getting curious in my rebelling teenage years, not through knowing anyone with tats and piercings, but via music and my favourite bands. When I was about 16 or 17 I started thinking of different designs I might want to get and came up with getting a "Korn" logo. I also came very close to getting a small Donald Duck on my ankle that I chose off the infamous wall of designs. Thank God I didn't get ... read more

My first tattoo, a prayer

I've always wanted tattoos, ever since I was a little girl. They are beautiful. When I turned 16, my mother took me to get a navel piercing as a present and she got a tattoo. She let me watch, and it was so pretty. But I used to cut myself. A lot. For a long time, an ex of mine said getting a tattoo, or even any other piercings, could trigger a desire to cut myself, and I stupidly listened to him. Then one night right after this past Thanksgiving my cell phone rings. My little brother is calling me, ... read more

My first tattoo - cheap isnt cheerful

I can't really remember when I first decided I wanted a tattoo. All I knew was as soon as I could afford one, and I was old enough, I was getting myself some! So last year, I finally decided to go ahead and get a tattoo done. It took me a while to decide what one I wanted, I wasn't sure to go with either bats or stars, so eventually I went with two bats and 3 stars. Next big decision, where to have it!? I decided that I wanted it somewhere that I could easily show it off, but ... read more

my cross

I will say that I have one tattoo already, a lion on my upper left arm. This was a spur of a moment tattoo that was a quick decision. I have always wanted a cross on my back, which I have been working on for several years. It has changed over and over again, one never seeming better than the other. Well I got it right eventually! I decided on a large outline of a cross that was given to me when I was 16. I left the outline, because in the middle I wanted to place something meaningful. This ... read more

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