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A Peacock In Time

My 22nd birthday was fast approaching, and I knew what I wanted, a peacock on my foot. I had already been thinking and planning it out for a few months. For about a year or so I've been just dying to get my feet tattooed. I just thought having one's feet tattooed can be so flattering if it is done just right, same with most tattoos I suppose. Peacocks symbolize beauty and grace. They also symbolize eternal life, prosperity, royalty, compassion, soul and peace. Peacocks are loyal and faithful partners and therefore they also are a symbol for eternal love. ... read more

The knuckle tattoo

It took me a week to decide what I was having tattooed on my fingers, hopeless was my final decision. I looked through galleries online to get ideas, found a list of every single eight letter word, but nothing felt right. I discussed it with friends and on line in chat rooms, but I still couldn't find anything I felt suited me. One night, after catching a movie with a friend, we were discussing possibilities, and went at it for a good twenty minutes, but still nothing felt right(although I was contemplating hefalump, because it was a word we used ... read more

An orangutan on my lap

This is the story of how I came to get an orangutan tattooed onto my thigh. First, a little background about me. I am a zoology student in college. When I graduate, I want to work with orangutans. I have loved these goofy looking creatures for a long long time. For my Leaving Cert art exam, my project was on orangutans. One particular piece turned out very well – a baby orangutan's head, in psychedelic colours. It earned me a grade A in my final exam, and it has decorated my bedroom wall ever since. Almost a year ago, I ... read more

My First Tattoo - More Ink Please!

If you look at me, you probably wouldn't think that I'm a tattoo kind of girl. I like dresses, glitter, pop music, and the occasional Ugg boot. But I'll tell you a secret--I totally am. If it makes you gag that a girl like me could be a member of your exclusive ink club, I don't really care. You can do your thing and I'll do mine. Judgment free zone. Maybe it's the fact that my parents hated them, my gorgeous big sister whom I've always idolized loved them, or that I'm into the idea of something I chose being ... read more

The Tattoo experience from a self confessed wuss

Alright, so I've always been a wuss. I had an ultra sound on my leg, and one look at the veins on the screen made me hit the floor. When I have blood tests, I almost throw up. When I had the third HPV vaccination, the pain was so bad I swear I almost died. Then, when I got out to reception, I fainted onto the cold marble floor in front of EVERYBODY. I know, I sound like such a loser...but I don't like pain. Ironically, I love piercings. I have fourteen all up at the moment (twelve in my ... read more

The first, and most meaningful

I always knew that I wanted to get a tattoo. From the time I was really little I wanted one, but I just didnt know what the hell to get. Then when I was 5 I got a horse named Gunner. I had that horse until I was 17 years old, and we had to have him put to sleep. He was 37 years old, and for a horse, that is unheard of. Anyway, I told myself for years that once that horse dies, I would get a tattoo for him. Something that would show how much I appreciated him, ... read more


So it was my first trip overseas, and three friends and I had decided to go to Malaysia for a few weeks. I had always wanted a tattoo, and a friend and I had the idea of getting one done over there to commemorate our trip together. After going to a few shops and checking to see if they were sterile etc. we finally chose one store in the middle of a mall in Kuala Lumpur. All we had to do then was choose the design. We looked at all the drawings and photos the tattoo store had to offer, ... read more

The Family Nerd Gets ANOTHER Tattoo

It was July 2007, and I had been feeling for awhile like it was time to get another tattoo. I had my design all picked out (a red and black nautical star), and was going to wait until the end of August to get it done at Dragon FX in Edmonton, when I would be down there for a vacation. However, eventually I decided that I really wanted this tattoo, and just couldn't wait the extra month or so. Looked like it would be back to Scott for me :-). Here's where the fun part came in: my Mom, who ... read more

My first tattoo experience

I got my first tattoo done in March 2007. I had been debating getting a tattoo since I was about 16 years old. I really wanted something religious and something that represented my life experiences, but I was scared to get a permanent mark on my body. My biggest fear was getting something I would regret when I got older. Even though I was 18 at the time, I was still scared to get a tattoo because I knew my parents and grandparents would not approve. Going to Class Act that day in March was a spur of the moment ... read more

Getting Inked Right This Time!

Back when I had just turned 18, I decided to get my first tattoo. I'm an artist, so naturally I wanted my own design tattooed on my body more than anything else. To make a long story short, the tattoo did not turn out as expected. Although I probably am more critical of the result because it is MY design, no one can deny the poor quality of this artist's work. Three years later, I am dissatisfied because of how the lines have bled into one another, blurred, and otherwise degraded as a whole. I blame the artist, though I ... read more

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