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Twitter Tattoo!

I'm never the type of person to post on forums or take a person's opinion on a forum seriously. I'm the type of person who would rather do extensive research on an artist before committing to a tattoo. I didn't even end up doing that either when I decided on David Engbaek to do my teacup tattoo. In fact it was twitter that connected me to him. I'm a blogger with about 4,000 subscribers worldwide and I found one follower particular. Back then his moniker was "ottotattoo" and one day out of sheer curiosity, i decided to peep his online ... read more

A Body Modificationand Bonding Weekend

For the longest time a friend of mine, Natalie, has been saying we should meet properly (we met on an online forum) and on a split second decision three weeks ago we set a date for a fun weekend. During those three weeks we decided we should get a tattoo to mark the occasion – just something small and a little random - a puzzle piece with rainbow colours “washing” through it. I got it all booked in with a local artist in my home town of Stamford called Adi Earl (of Earl's Tattoo Studio). Three days before Natalie was ... read more

Another spontaneous tattoo!

Both times I've gotten tattoos, it's been spontaneous. Even though I have the idea in my head of what tattoo I want, I have never had it booked or decided what day I get it done- I just decide on the day that I should go and get it. I think, in some ways, it's better that having it booked a week in advance or something, and then knowing exactly when it's going to happen, and not being able to wait until that moment, or having time to think about it some more and chicken out, or what have you. ... read more

Spontaneous first tattoos

So, for years, I had been collecting ideas in my head that I eventually wanted to get tattooed somewhere. One of those ideas was to get cherries and a spiderweb- for my mum, Cherry, and for my dad, whose last name is Webber. I had thought about getting them on my wrists, but decided against it, or my hip, but I wasn't so keen, and then I thought of ribs. I had always thought rib tattoos were awesome. This was all going on in the back of my mind, even though I had no idea when I was going to ... read more

Rib Tattoos Really Do Hurt!

I always wanted a tattoo, but never knew what to get one of. I could never think of something I would want on my body for the rest of my life, I obviously am very indecisive over permanent things. I figured I'd just go through life being one of those people that always played with piercings rather than tattoos, because those are the safer option if you happen to dislike them. This idea stuck for a while, until my dad unfortunately and unexpectedly passed away while he was living in Florida. This tore me up for quite sometime. I had ... read more

Finally getting the tattoo I'm proud of

This is just my story about a tattoo I've always wanted to get (well, let's not say always, but for the past five years), and perhaps a warning about getting a tattoo as well. I was raised on a 30 foot sail boat when I was a kid, and for twelve years we lived strictly off the sea and what the sea could provide for us. We travelled through South America typically, though to get there from Canada was a long journey through the US and then the Bahamas. That part of my life is something I hold very close ... read more

Home Half Sleeve Heaven

Albeit "home" tattoos are incredibly scorned by the modded community, that is exactly what my story is about. I love tattoos and piercings, always have, probably always will. The sad part is, is that the average person cannot possibly afford the prices that tattoos cost to get. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself without having to use words, it is a ritual, a process, and in some cases the only way some of us can be made to feel whole. I write and I paint, and tattoos is naturally just the next step for me. I have wanted to ... read more

Getting a Tattoo with my mum, in honour of her.

I was eleven when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was given a 40% chance of survival, and told there was very little chance she would survive 5 years even if she survived the cancer. This had a massive impact on my childhood and life; my dad had left when I was five and my mum had never remarried. This inevitably meant I ended up caring for her and my younger sister while she was ill, and forged an incredibly strong sense of responsibility for both of them in me that is still there today. She survived the ... read more

My first tattoo

In March of 2010, my best friend passed away. He took his own life, which made the experience of losing him even more heartbreaking. For months following, I was wrought with grief, having never really lost anyone before. I didn’t know what to do, and for a while, I turned to drugs and other rather unsavory methods to cull my sorrow. I’m still affected by it, and the situation will never be any less tragic, but I think things are getting better with each passing day. I suppose the decision to get a tattoo for him was rather ironic, given ... read more

My First Tattoo

My First Tattoo On my 18th birthday i had an idea that i was going to get a tattoo. The tattoo had to be custom i didnt want one of those tats that were out of a book, so i got in contact with a local artist and we discussed some ideas. I informed him that I am a firefighter and wanted something that could represent both me and my job. I allowed the artist to draw it however he wanted. He came up with a fire department shield with a cracked stone cross in front of it, with two ... read more

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