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First tattoo, right foot.

I come from a very laid back family and grew up around motorcycles and tattoos. I remember growing up saying I would never get a tattoo, because of all the trouble my parents had with covering them. Like most in high school I got the itch to get a tattoo, but being to young to get one by myself I decided to wait. At eighteen I was really anxious to get one done, but I got advice from my brothers girlfriend that I am very glad I took. She told me to pick a design idea than wait a year, ... read more

Beauty By Blindfold

As we get older, wiser (or in some cases, less so), we find that many of our tattoos tell stories or express what we, the 'canvas' have gone through. We've come a long way from our first words and steps. My most recent experience (06.07.08, no less), is probably going to be the most amazing thing I've done in my entire life-- it least to this point, of course. Granted I've lived through two car accidents, a benign staph infection, and more splintering heart stories than I care to talk about, but this was a completely different bottle of ink. ... read more

back tattoo

I have always loved tattoos. I have always thought that they had an enhancing and decorative purpose. To date I have had my left breast tattooed and my back. I have also had some piercings though they are of the garden variety kind, i.e., nothing shocking or strange.. My bellybutton and my ears. Bmezine has opened up my eyes to whole other possibilities which I might never have thought of. But also more importantly has alerted me to the dangers of tattoos and piercings/ scarification etc... I know that finding a good tattoo artist is very important as I have ... read more

As You Stood There Counting Crows

Well, it seems I've got the first of the many tattoos that I've been planning for years. And it all came about as part of an elaborate mother's day gift... For awhile now, my girlfriend and I have been considering taking our mothers on a Mexico cruise. We finally scraped together the money to do so for mother's day (though my mom backed out at the last minute, but that's a different story entirely). So, this past week, I found myself on a four-day cruise with stops in Catalina and Ensenada. Every time I travel, I entertain the notion of ... read more

A modbloggable tattoo

http://modblog.bmezine.com/2008/06/05/is-that-a-moth-on-your-neck/ I recently decided to move away from trying to hide my tattoos and to start the summer I made a decision to get a tattoo that I had planned on getting when I was older. The piece was to be a Death's Head Hawkmoth, on my throat/neck. I talked to my artist that did my chest piece and when I told her the idea, she suggested that I ask this other artist that worked at the same shop that she was working at. I added him on myspace and sent him a message about the tattoo. In my down ... read more

Self-tattooing? You bet!

So, about two years ago, I hopped on a plane and flew to Japan to teach English. One of the less fun aspects of the job is the highly conservative attitude towards piercings, tattoos, funny hair colors, and all the other things that generally make life more interesting. Of all the things I expected to experience here, tattooing myself was definitely not one of them. I had two tatts when I came over here, and already had several more in mind that I wanted, but I had trouble finding shops in the area. Now that I know where to look ... read more

My first GOOD tattoo

Throughout my life, I've been fascinated by body modification. When I turned 18, I rushed to get a tattoo--three stars in my lip, which you may have read about here. The months went by, and I would get little things inked here and there. Then, I decided it was time for something quality. On my 20th birthday, I was on a popular networking site. I noticed that Chris, the guy who does my boyfriend's tattoos, had an opening. It had to be mine. After all, it was my birthday! I knew exactly what I wanted [I drew it over and ... read more

My first tattoo

I have only been interested in bodymods for a relatively short time, but since I have been, they have been at the forefont of my mind almost every day. My parents, however, are against it completely and have made their willingness to throw me out of the house clear if I get anything they disapprove of. As such, the number of my mods is still pretty low. I had many tattoos planned, but none I could have without moving out of my house first, and I was prepared to wait. Then, though, one of my friends said 'You know, you ... read more

A beautiful twist on a Zodiac Tattoo

Just 4 days ago I added another piece of art to my body. I had another tattoo before this one, but it is only about the size of a Loonie and this new addition starts right below my ankle bone and works its way up my leg to my mid calf and wraps side to side from calf to shin. So you can understand why I did some research before I went ahead with this tattoo. Like you, I headed to BME to read stories and gain insight, but more on that later. The Design When I was researching a ... read more

A Fruity Tattoo

This experience is about my fourth tattoo. Which also happens to be my first visible tattoo. It had been about a year since I got my last tattoo and I was well into my addiction at this point! Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money so there's large gaps in between. I wanted a sleeve, or at last to start the process of getting a sleeve, so I went about trying to design one. The thing to remember here is that I am awful at all forms of artwork! I have a creative mind but it does not come ... read more

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