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A sailor without a tattoo is like a dog without a tail...

I'd been thinking about getting a tattoo for quite a while. Almost 6 years or so now. Hadn't gotten around to it though for any number of reasons. Mostly just not going ahead and doing it. I have had a bunch of ideas that I'd still love to have, so it's not for lack of creativity, just lack of commitment. I decided to change that. So having seen my friend Jackie's work that she got done a week or two ago I decided I'd finally get off my ass and get the tattoo that I'd been wanting to get for ... read more

Symbolism; engraved relics.

Deeply spiritual undertones are still rippling through me, an ocean of a girl who now feels one iota closer to her true form, even three years after this process. The past forty-eight hours after I received my tattoo were witnesses to an engagement of emotions that I chose to display in a rather toss and tumble, flux and flow sort of way. Describing them (and their origins) is just as easily predictable as it is complicated: nervousness, tension, excitement, pleasure, gratefulness, sincerity, relief. These words fall short of their true nature, diluting the heat and humble fierceness of their presence. ... read more

So I finally got the long, long awaited tattoo!

I guess you could say that I waited until I was very sure of what I wanted as far a tattoo goes. Actually I wanted a tattoo from the time I was 14 years old. If I had gotten one at 14, it would have been blueberries by my ankle. Yeah, I don't know why exactly I wanted blueberries, but I am sure that would have been it. I had told people as the time and they have asked every since if I finally had the blueberries. Well, no. So 40 years later I was finally ready to seal the ... read more

Not so much of déjà vu – Tattoo Fest 2008

It started with "oops" on my part! I was supposed to meet my tattoo artist and his friend, my travel companions to the third annual Tattoo Fest, on the Central Train Station in Poznan. 10 minutes before our train's departure we still haven't met yet and I was told over the phone that I probably was in the wrong place. Sure enough, it was my fault and, my blood heavy with "catch-the-train-or-not" adrenaline load, all I could say after meeting the guys on the right train platform was "oops, sorry!" Everything was slower and more relaxing than the previous year ... read more

my first tattoo (a rib piece)

When I was younger I never really thought about tattoos. I had been raised in a pretty strict family that was not that prone to anything out of the normal. I had one older cousin who was covered in tattoos and my parents always warned me about looking like him and having to wear long sleeves all the time because he had trouble finding jobs. When I was about 16 I started really taking an interest in body art. I never brought the issue up to my parents, because I knew that it would be shot down in an instant. ... read more

Making My Marque

I'm twenty years old, and I can pinpoint the exact moment five years ago that I decided I absolutely must have the tattoo I've finally gotten. I was sitting on a plane, half scared out of my wits (I'm emetophobic and the thought of other people getting airsick was too much to bear), with my headphones jammed into my ears and cranked so loud that my head was exploding while on the way to Florida from Michigan. And I was reading. Prior to getting on the plane, my mother and my sister decided we should make a final pit-stop at ... read more

I can't believe you got it!!

I have always toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo and right before I graduated from high school I decided to make the leap. I don't normally do this kind of thing so I wanted to share this story for all of those people who think that they can't get a tattoo or who are maybe just a little too apprehensive to go get it done. I had decided to get it done on my lower hip due to my very strict parents who have threatened to quit paying for my college tuition if I get a tattoo (oops...guess ... read more

Finding the Right Artist

At the age of sixteen all I could think about was tattoos. I've always loved them and always wanted them. Being a minor I could not legally get a tattoo from a shop, but a friend of my mothers agreed to do the tattoo in his house. Keep in mind this is around the time when tribal and tramp stamps were popular. I was so excited that my mother agreed to let me get a tattoo and that someone agreed to do the tattoo that I didn't put much thought into the long term; or the tattoo itself for that ... read more

Bakery half sleeve

Wow, where to start? I've been intrigued by and interested in tattoos for as long as I can remember. Even as a small child, I was drawn to images I saw on television of tattooed men and women. When I was in middle school, I'd doodle little tattoo ideas in the margins of my notebooks. I remember drawing a self portrait of what I thought I'd look like in 10 years, and I had tattoos, piercings, and crazy spiky hair. While I don't look exactly like my drawing predicted, I definitely have not lost my passion for tattoos. When I ... read more

You can not always forget mistakes

As they say in the movie "Corps Bride": this is a story about a murder most foul. In my case, a slight murder on my tattoo dream and my back. Even though I wish the murdered was my tattoo"artist", but we`re coming to that. Let me take you back to a beautiful summer day by the beach. The place was swarming with people from a nearby festival, all wanting to cool off, and I sat glaring at their body art. I was no virgin to the concept of tattoos, having two of my own and reading everything I could find ... read more

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