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Owl chestpiece

I visited Gilded Cage the week it opened. I asked the gentleman behind the counter in the shop who I needed to speak to about getting a tattoo. He replied, Me. James. We arranged an initial consultation two weeks later. I returned two weeks later with reference material. I was told that my first appointment would be in March the next year, so could I bring my reference material back in January? I was nervous about getting tattooed again so I had half a year to be sure of my design. The year flew by so in January I posted ... read more


The story of my fox tattoo, "Pathfinder". Years ago I did my apprenticeship in tattooing at an Oshawa, Ontario tattoo parlour. The artist teaching me was Greg Hodge (http://greghodgefinearts.yolasite.com/) a phenom of an artist whose idols in the tattoo industry were, Tom Renshaw and Bob Tyrell. His passion was wildlife tattoos. I watched him constantly push himself to the limit, always seeking to improve his technique and that was an inspiration to me as an artist trying to find his place in the field. I haven't found a specific genre of inking I prefer over all others, but both Greg ... read more

Popped the Ink Cherry

Saturday the 27th of March, 2010 - Probably one of the happiest days of my life. I've never felt so anxious, nervous, nauseous, happy or excited, ever. To be one hundred per cent honest, I was completely shitting myself. Since I was underage, I had to have my mother with me, for permission. She has 5 tattoos, so I trusted her judgment when it came to the extent of the pain. But, of course, being the strange & cruel person she is, she decided to absolutely freak me out by exaggerating the feeling of getting a tattoo. "The shading felt ... read more

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