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Home Half Sleeve Heaven

Albeit "home" tattoos are incredibly scorned by the modded community, that is exactly what my story is about. I love tattoos and piercings, always have, probably always will. The sad part is, is that the average person cannot possibly afford the prices that tattoos cost to get. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself without having to use words, it is a ritual, a process, and in some cases the only way some of us can be made to feel whole. I write and I paint, and tattoos is naturally just the next step for me. I have wanted to ... read more

First tattoo (of many, I'm sure)

I have wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the ability of people to record life events and important personal memories on the canvas of skin. Nobody in my family had tattoos and my parents were not very approving of them, so out of respect for my parents, I didn’t proceed with getting one although I certainly had opportunities along the way to do it. I grew to adulthood and made it to the age of 42 before finally going under the needle. As a pastor, there was some apprehension ... read more

it was scary

My first tattoo is something I've wanted and yet put off since I turned 18. I'd wanted it for even longer, in fact, since 17. I love the look of tattoos, and have always seen myself as almost a tattooed person without tattoos – although I’d always said I didn’t want too many (yes, “too many” is subjective and arbitrary – more on that later!) The reason behind the design came about when I was 17 too. A very close family friend (Like an uncle to me - he was there for me more than a lot of my "actual" ... read more

Cultural Reclamation - Tattooing a Jew

I've not always wanted a tattoo. Being Jewish, there is a bit of a historical taboo to getting tattooed - during the Holocaust, Jews were tattooed against their wills with numbers as their identifications. These tattoos were on their forearms, and you can still see them on Holocaust survivors today. A very large portion of my mother's side of the family perished in the Holocaust, likely with numbers tattooed on their forearms. For this reason, I've always been reticent about getting tattooed. Recently, however, I've been very interested in the idea of cultural reclamation - that is, to take a ... read more

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