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Tattooing Cthulhu

 I am tattooed. Not the ″oh, I have a butterfly on my butt cheek″ tattooed, but full blown ain’t getting a corporate job, funny looks from old ladies tattooed. Guess what? I fucking love it. My neck tattoo was the turning point. Once I got a large piece done on my neck, the stares went from curious to intimidated. I've always been into odd hobbies and I've always been considered the ″weird one″ of my friends and family members. My choice in body modifications feels like a way of expressing who I am to anyone who looks at me. Once ... read more

The evolution of my tattoos

The evolution of my lower leg tattoo/s (A work in progress) This is the story not of a first tattoo, or even a tenth tattoo, I am heavily tattooed, all large pieces, I have around ten, so this is more like a story of an eleventh , twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth tattoo, though I have brought these separate , related ideas together into one cohesive design, which I hope will eventually cover my entire lower right leg. It is also most defiantly my nerdiest tattoo. All my other tattoos are ravens, wolves, nature spirits, adder snakes and so forth, in ... read more

Tattoo Cherry Popped

During New Years Eve, I thought about getting something on my body modified, I just couldn't decide. I originally planned to get a septum or nostril pierced, but in the back of my mind I always wanted a tattoo. Granted I had been thinking about getting one for about three years now, but could never really get my head around what I would want attached to me for the rest of my life. Four days after that, I got my first tattoo. I've always been a huge gamer. Ever since I could remember, I've always had a controller in my ... read more

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