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BDSM Branding

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990615/scarbdsm.html"> I have only recently ventured into the world of Control as a Master. The Internet has provided a means of linking with submissiveindividuals looking for what I have to offer. I have a program of servitude for those individuals who want enslavement but need a Master sensitive to personal limitations, imposed by geography, station in life, or what have you. But since a Master/Slave relationship requires balance to remain meaningful to both, early in the development of the program I decided that a symbol was required to prove actual commitment to the Master as well as allow ... read more

My "Test" Brand

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990615/scartest.html"> A few months ago I decided I wanted to get branded for religious reasons. I'm a Satanist, following some of the ancient demons of Babylon and Sumer (a la Necronomicon), and have been since I was 15. In these last five years I've suffered insults and a lot of bigotry, and have felt my beliefs burned into my spirit as I have held on to them despite my experiences. I have wanted an outward expression of my "orthodoxy", a mark that I could show and be proud of. A physical scar to represent the pain I've endured ... read more

not a name brand.......

Hello all. I am a new contributor to here, and having read most of the posts, i fear that mine may not be as interesting, but here goes. Let me give you a little background. Having grown up in a tiny Michigan town (graduating class of only 45 people) I have never really been into body modification. Most of my life I was among the closed minded "did that hurt-hyuck,hycuk, why would you do that? shucks...wanna see my deer hunting gun and pitchfork?" kind of mind set. As i got a little older I got a little interested in tattoos, ... read more

The coolest thing is, I can pick at it all I want.

It was a long bad week. I had turned 19 on Sunday the 18th and nothing had been going quite right. Friday the 23rd I had friends coming in from Detroit at 4:27pm, I hadnt slept all day and had an appointment to get a cutting and a branding sometime after I picked them up. I couldn't find my friends at the station and ended up going home and back to the station several times that night. On the 3rd or 4th trip home I had a message one my machine. Two in fact, one from my friends and the ... read more

Moth's branding at Altwit's

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990501/brndmoth.html"> *Disclaimer: do not try procedures described within* My branding took place on the last weekend of spring break, after many months of planning, deliberation, and looking for an artist. After meeting Lorie and Michelle in Cleveland IRL a few months ago, I started considering going to Toledo to get it done. Michelle had used another technique for the brandings she had performed, so I asked if I could form the irons for a multi-strike iron branding. She agreed and I started looking for sheet metal. The only non-galv I could find was aluminum, so I bought it. ... read more

Slicing Me Up

Well, I've recently been branded, twice: on my left forearm and also on my chest. It's been nearly four weeks since the first one, and three since the second one. They've both healed very evenly, without infection, giving me some very nice pink marks. I was planning on getting another brand as soon as the two I had had completed their initial healing. I wanted to get an ankh in the center of my back about halfway down; I had even made the metal piece for it, but we had a change of plans. (This doesn't mean I'm not going ... read more

More fun with hot metal

Well, if you've already read the story "Do You Smell Something Burning Or Is It Just Me?" then you've heard about the first brand I received. It has been three weeks now since that one and it is absolutely gorgeous. Due to my high healing factor (which is useful for piercings, but alas not brandings), it hasn't keloided, and won't. The result is thirteen pink circles, even in level with the surrounding flesh, but very distinctive. A few days after getting the brand on my arm, I wanted to get another one. I knew it was rather soon afterwards, and ... read more

First cut is the deepest...or is it?

First cut is the deepest...or is it? In the summer of 1995 I got my first piercing, a nostril ring, which made me feel kind of special. Half a year later I got my first tattoo, which was a huge rush. Since then I've been pierced several times, although a lot of them have been abandoned for various reasons, and I've also spent numerous hours under the tattooing-gun. Today I've got a bunch of piercings amongst them a 6mm septum and 20mm stretched lobes, as well as lots of ink. Every modification of my corporeal form have given me some ... read more

"Do You Smell Something Burning, Or Is It Just Me?"

I've been into body modification for quite some time, having nine piercings myself, several of which i've stretched, and constantly doing research on various forms of mods and the people who perform them and have pioneered the field of the modern primitive. I'm especially a follower of the Fakir Musafar's school of thought of doing all modifications shamanically. I have quite a few tattoos planned out, but alas i have a great shortage of money and can't afford mods very frequently. I had been considering getting a branding or some sort of scarification for quite some time, though not nearly ... read more

For the Want of Knowledge and Courage

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990301/want.html"> FOR THE WANT OF KNOWLEDGE AND COURAGE (Feb 99 Update) The two questions I'm most often asked about body piercing are "... but why do you like hurting yourself like that", and just "Why do you do it?".  Like many piercing fans, until recently I've been pretty much stuck for an answer to that one.  Now I've found a good answer, Art!', which I give as a single definitive reason to all my questioners, even though it's perhaps no more than 25% of the truth. My fascination with piercings goes back about quarter of a century to ... read more

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