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Piercing and cutting myself

always had an interest in the unusual. From being about 6 or 7, I used to tell my mum that I wanted spiky hair and earrings, like the punks I used to see. Although I never got the spiky hair, I did end up with the other half of my wish. When I hit college, I began to get pierced, starting with the usual stuff, ears and nose. The guy who used to pierce me was really interesting, and I began to crave more and more piercings. The thing is, I didn't really want someone else carrying them out. I ... read more

tummy branding below the naval

idth=320 height=240 src="abscar.jpg" align=left> 6 years ago i was going through a passage of self. it was in dealing with sacrifice and the changing of fates. i placed a large kitchen knive over the flames of a gas stove until it was white and red and with all that was brave and decided within me i touched it flatly to my skin above my pubic hair the tip of the knife touching a freckle directly below my naval. the pain was so intense for me that i was in another place for an instant that was different than any other ... read more


stitches At A Glance Author tai (Thank you for an excellent page. Sorry this is so disjointed, but I was trying to make the 800 word requirement, and I don't really have that much to say about my own experience.) The first branding I did was with the tip of a lit stick of incense. This went poorly, I was fourteen years old and drunk, and I only managed to burn a half circle, comprised of approx. 8 little dots into my ankle. All but three of the dots have faded. I wasn't sure what compelled me to begin scarring ... read more

self-styled razor mods

been involved with body mods in some sort of way for quite a few years now. It began with my first tattoo at 16, which was subsequently followed by seven others since then, including celtic, oriental, and other blackwork of various design. And as time wore on, my interest in piercing grew as well. Now up to ten individual piercings, including 0ga nipples, 2ga PA, 1" earlobes, and other misc metal. As the whole culture managed to swallow me up, I began to educate myself, and read the staple RE:Search books like Modern Primitives, and Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist. I began ... read more

Amateur cutting, from the cutter's POV

this is an experience involving cutting and scarification, from the point of view of the cutter. I don't recommend doing any of this, since it took a long time, was probably not a good idea, and mainly, because I don't want to be responsible if anyone tries this shit. So, let me tell you about myself and the girl I did the cutting on, as well as the circumstances involved, and where it was done. I'm a teenager, but big into bod-mod. I sport multiple piercings, and small scars from such things as attempted surface piercings. I also have scars ... read more

Slave Cutting

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990801/scarslct.html"> I have been a slave and kept by my wife for 5 years now. We have done alot when it comes to SM, but the last few weeks has been a whole new world. The culmination was my undergoing a cutting. I had heard about this and even seen it on your site and in person. I had never considered it something I would do or even want! But, as usual, I did not have much say in this. My Mistress wanted me to wear her mark, it consists of a "T", with a whip wrapped around ... read more

Brandings: Be Careful

size=6>Brandings: Be Careful About 5 weeks ago I decided I would brand my chest. The design I had decided on was three lines radiating upward and outward from my nipple, kind of like a "rising sun" pattern. I had experimented previously with giving myself small, light brands with a cigarette lighter. You hold it on until it's super hot, then press the top down into your skin. It's actually quite a bit more painful than a regular brand because the nerves don't burn away and hence just keep on pumping pain signals to your brain. Back in primary school, we ... read more

Branding: A Trek Thru Beautiful Pain

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990615/scartrek.html"> The "kiss of fire", or branding, has been around for millinia in mostly tribal, non-western cultures as a form of body modification. Only relatively recently has it become available more widely to the urban primitive. Branding is, compared to tattooing and piercing, seen by many as a more extreme form of body art. Even some people who are heavily tattooed or pierced look at branding with disgust and loathing. People say; "How can you do that to yourself? Why would you choose to burn your own flesh like that?" It was a very personal choice; branding is ... read more

Olie's BodMods And How They Changed Her Life

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990615/scarolie.html"> Hello all! I am Olie, the proud owner of one and a half brands and a nosering. All these things changed my life, and me, and if you have a little time to kill, I'll tell you how. Here's how: My first BodMod was a brand, and it is on my left arm, on the fleshy part of my forearm. It is a picture of a Hopi-Indian Spirit playing a flute. I did it myself roughly about three years ago, and I did it free hand. Idiot me, but it turned out okay. Sort-of. The back is ... read more

Cutting experience - thigh

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/scar/990615/scarcut.html"> I started doing self-cutting for aesthetic scarification purposes in March or April of 1998. I use the blood from the cuttings for artwork, and have done simple patterns on my left arm, left leg, and my cheek. Recently, I felt the need to make a new design - I chose my right thigh. I doodled for a while, and came up with the design of: \ || / \ || / \ || / \ || / Since it was to be a larger cutting than I'd done before, I wanted to have supervisors (and the exhibitionist ... read more

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