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Branding: An Informative Example

always liked the idea of having a random looking gash on my chest. It just makes me look like a crazy.... motherfucker. A few ideas popped into my semi-intelligent mind at first, like taking a Spyderco C10 serrated tactical folding knife to my left pectoral. My lovely, infinitely more intelligent, evolved girlfriend suggested I should probably have such a scar burned in. Her reasoning was that the end result would be the same as my idea without loss of blood. Thank you, Jorie. Your scientific reasoning and logic has saved me many times over. Enter branding, hardcore amateur branding. After ... read more

Pain-Orgasm (a branding-story)

rtant: I am no native English-speaker. So I apologize for possibly mis-chosen words. I did my best to express my experiences. I am from Germany and stumbled over BME while surfing in the Net. Why you will not see any pictures of my branding: ------------------------------------------------- The symbolic meaning of my branding is really important for me, as it is an expression of my beliefs and ideals. I hope you will understand... How I got that idea of getting branded? About one year ago, in December 1998, I was in a "philosophic" state of mind. I wrote down texts, ideas and ... read more

Low-Tech Branding

il today, i didn't know taht there was a web site for this kinda thing. I think i have probably looked at every picture on here and now I feel like a fool. I didn't know of all these different ways that people were scaring themselves. Kinda makes my experience seem neanderthalic. Well, this is my experience into the word of pain, although you may think it is a weak story. Ok, here is my story. It may not be that good, but it is all that i have. About 4 or 5 years ago, alot of my friends were ... read more

Power drill scarification

always wanted some form of scarification on my body. Since I come from a preppy family, my parens would never let me. So when I went to prep school I began to experiment. I brought along a power drill and some straight razor blades to boarding school. I got to school and was free. I experimented with many things. I began to use some drugs, starting with chewing tobacco, then moving to marijuana. I wanted to soon try something else - the scarring I saw on BME had intrigued me for a long time. The straight razors were perfect to ... read more

Starburst Scarification

ever been able to figure out my enthrallment with body modification. Nothing in my background would indicate that I would be one of those people drawn to modification, and my siblings seem to lack the same inclinations as myself, so I am left to wonder... Perhaps it is from that documentary I saw on body modification almost a decade back when I was still young and impressionable, or perhaps it is just related to my fascination with blood, or but then again it could be a purely tactile matter. There is a scar running down my shoulder from a surgery ... read more

Endorphin Rush

en browsing here on BME for quite some time, reading about branding, scarification, etc. I was especially interested in the cutting. I managed to get a scalpel from school, our science teacher doesn't keep very good inventory on supplies. So when I got home, I sterlized it the best I could, boiling water, alcohol, then I put it in the oven for a little while. I decided it was okay for my purposes, then retrieved it, and decided just to slice my upper arm and see what it felt like. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, ... read more

Essay of My Branding

is kinda long [1700 some odd words by the word proessor's count]. It's my "personal thematic essay" for my advanced compostion class. Sorry if you spend a while reading it and then thinks it's really bad.) The most important knowledge I've been told was from my mother's old boyfriend, Jack. "Never be like anyone else; never be an image of conformity." I admired Jack so much and would follow anything he told me as if it was the unbreakable law. Although Jack mostly meant non-conformity of ideas, since then I've wanted something that would make me physically distinct from most ... read more


e long been active in getting body modification. Mostly in the forms of piercing and tattooing. I believe that the human body is very similar to an empty canvas, in need of decoration and alteration. Every change I make to my body makes me even more beautiful to behold. Up until recently I had not really experienced the art of scarring/branding, except for some cuttings I had done on my self when I was younger. Scars have always fascinated me and I had done some cuttings on myself from time to time. They remind you of things you have done ... read more

Too White to Keloid.

apprenticing as a body piercer I fell in love with scarification and branding. I had asked my instructor and the tattoo artist from the shop I worked at what they thought of it. The responces ranged from "Very unsanitary and ugly" to "Teenage rebellion garbage". But I was seeing the most beautiful forms of skin art from HTC and Keith Alexander in different magazines and online. I finaly called an artist in California and asked him for some suggestions. His first question was, "What is your ethnic background?". "Well...ummm Irish." "Oh," dead silence. "Is that a problem?" "Yeah, you're sorta ... read more

my star scar

es my story. I had been wanting a star tattoo on the inside of my fore arm for about 2 years, but being a yungin like i am I cannot get it done without my parents kicking my booty. sooo I was sitting at home pretty bored one day and decided if i can't tattoo it y not cut it in? I had never heard of anybody doing this(I found bme lata)and didn't really know how to go about doing it,so i took my best guess... I drew the star i wanted on my arm with a pen, and being ... read more

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