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Psh, scarification doesn't hurt.

I've wanted to get a scarification piece for a while now, but could never really decide on a pattern or design that really did anything for me. I've had some ideas in the past, pursued them a little but, but never really followed through. If I'm going to get anything permanent on my body, then I want to be absolutely in love with it, and i wasn't absolutely in love with any of my previous ideas. But in mid march, I saw a posting in one of the IAM forums I belong to, the Jew Crew forum. This post was ... read more

A Cut That Finally Means Something

I should probably follow the footsteps of the many people before me and start with a little background information. I started cutting myself last year and have many scars on my legs and arms. I stopped after I realized I was doing more harm then good, and after my mom had a nervous breakdown, and I had to spend 3 weeks at a mental institution. It didn't help much but I pretended it did, and they believed me enough to let me go. but recently, my father died very suddenly of a heart attack, and I fell into a deep ... read more

My Heart

First off I'd like to say that I did this on my own free will. The actions I have done however have been based on some tiny little thing that has been nudging the back of my mind for some time. But we'll get at that later. For some time now ie. Grade 3+ I, out of anger or frustration have started scratching at my flesh. I have done that to myself on countless occasions, but only 2.5 have led to scarring. Lucky me eh? I have one big one going down my one arm [right], but that's from my ... read more

Two Lines for Two Decades

I'd rather have someone cut my flesh open and make me bleed than have someone prim my nails on any given afternoon; is that strange? I like doing things that make me experience and endure change; mentally, emotionally, physically, they all add to character and contribute to constant personal evolution, ensuring I go forward instead of staying static or regressing. So when an opportunity arises to delve into something new I jump at it. This was the case when I happened to be on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico and having drinks with a piercer/scarification artist. I had been on ... read more

Self Strike Circle Brand

First a little background on the whole ordeal. I've been interested in all sorts of body modification for a while, but haven't had the resources to pull it off. Last summer I finally had the excess cash and will power to get my lip and eyebrow done, and in the past couple of months also pierced my nipple. However, I haven't had the money to get a tattoo which is something that I've desired for a very long time. Looking through BME, I got interested in the idea of brands. Their simplicity and appearance attracted me, as well as the ... read more

My love - My stars.

The day was August 20th, 2006. For months, maybe even longer, I'd been convinced that I wanted to have a scarification. Two stars, one on the inside of each hip. At the time I had about 15 different piercings, several rather painful ones, but still no tattoos. I was always told that the pain wasn't very much different from having a tattoo made, so I didn't really have anything to compare it too. An artist I talked to also recommended me to have a tattoo first, so I'd be better prepared, but I said no way. A scarification was something ... read more

Minha Scarification

Entao quando eu li no ModBlog que o Ryan Ouellette estaria em Londres na primeira semana de dezembro oferecendo seus servicos, eu imediatamente escrevi pra ele e reservei um horario. Eh claro q existia a grande possibilidade de "surgiu um compromisso do nada e inadiavel, mal ae" e eu nunca encontrar com o cara, mas eu sabia q se eu fosse fazer uma scarification, teria que ser com ele, que eu tinha certeza q era extremamente competende e habilidadoso. Isso era o comeco de setembro, depois disso vim pro Brasil, fui pra India, voltei pra Paris e a vida foi ... read more

fleur de lis self scarification

In 2002, BME posted a FAQ page on scarification, it states that cutting for scarification and cutting in the clinical sense are two completely different things and in no way related. This is only partly true, ideally ethically speaking, self cutting is caused by a psychological disorder, and scarification is simply body modification, in all truth, these two activities are often, but not always intertwined, and such were the circumstances in my case. In no way do I condone self mutilation, or am I trying to insinuate that scarification is the same thing, I am only sharing my personal experience. ... read more

Drunk Scarification - a bad idea, a good lesson learned

Scarification and alcohol – there really shouldn't even be a reason for me writing this stupid thing. But I guess someone had to be fucking idiot who did this, so I'll step up to the plate. Body Modification is clearly an area that should done when completely composed, sober, and of sound mind and body. I would first like to say that I LOVE modification – the only thing that makes me happier then modifying my body, and that's music. I love just about every single thing people do to their bodies, even if it's not something I personally would ... read more

Tragen Sie einen profunden und aussagefähigen Namen hier ein

Erfahrungsbericht: von - Pascal durch – Marcel (2cooltat2; Celle) Ich möchte Euch hier und heute kundtun, wie ich mein bis jetzt größtes Cutting und sein entstehen, empfand. Das Cutting ist, aus meiner eigenen Erfahrung, in erster Linie nicht nur eine Veränderung am Körper. Die Veränderung des Geistes ist ein wesentlicher Teil des Ganzen. An dem Morgen des Termins merkte ich wie die Spannung und die Erwartung in mir stiegen. Ich machte mich auf den Weg und die Spannung wurde immer größer und größer. Als ich eintraf, waren die Vorbereitungen schon getroffen. Die Liege war mit Folie bedeckt. Die Klingen lagen ... read more

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