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Un-Known Body Mods

started when i was about 12. I was in a deep depression and needed a way out of all of it so i needed to find a new release from the pain. My arm was itchy, and i could feel all the inner pain within me. I picked up a pair of scissors and drug it across my right arm, which was no easy task being in left handed, and using a pair of dull scissors. Instantly i could feel all the inner pain rush out of my body, it was great! Suddenly, all the pain and anger that was ... read more

XXX Branding and pirecing

I did a branding and a piercing to myselfe! I though about that, when I first visited this page. I read some articles which realz interested me. I enjoyed reading about all the piercing and taroo stuff.. It realy turned me on, to read about all the experiences and emagine what it would llike if I would get one of these. One day I made a decision to try these things out for myselfe! And than bought what I needed: a piece of metal for the branding and some needles. To explain, I am a maso female from germany. I ... read more

the real melancholy of it

to start off, i guess i'll try to describe myself a little. i'm a 15 year-old chick from southern cali. the first time i ever purposly scared myself was around x-mas 99. since then i've done 2 other scars. the second is a self-brand on my inner wrist, the third is a 2 and a half inch diameter star on my inner elbow area. ok, i guess the reason i'm writing this (and maybe it's the wrong reason?) is more to voice my opinion on the why's and whatnot of this subject. when i first scared myself, it was semi-obvious ... read more

My Monogram in His Flesh: Dry Ice Branding is Permanent

ogram in His Flesh: Dry Ice Branding is Everlasting Technically, I can not hope to add anything of value to the recorded collective experience of enlightened branding enthusiasts, but, perhaps as an expression of my inner-most expectations, the retelling of the dry ice branding my lover on his right buttock with my stylized monogram can revitalize this technique for new uses in the coming millenium. In truth, the ample posterior that received the brand did not need any embellishment, but the symbolism went far beyond the techniques involved. The problem to be overcome with the branding was simple: my lover ... read more


- Only one way to describe the feeling of a sharp knife cutting threw your skin, incredible, it gives you a true sense of power, and pain is an amazing turn-on to many people, and me as well. As i said before, my name is Ian, most people call me Spike, because of my hair...but anyways, onward to the scarification part. In indiana i could find NO one to do this, no tatoo artist knew it, and I wanted a scar of an eagle on my forearm...instinctively, after a full day of trying to find someone that will do it... read more

burning flesh anyone?

il recently I have always had lots of ugly scars. Most of them I hated but at the same time could compare them with others. Kind of like telling childhood war stories. So my friend tells me about this new toy he got, a cauterizing gun. He somehow talks me into getting a scarification piece done. Because of all of my other ugly scars I decide to let him do it. I figured I might as well get one that I actually like. I drew up a pattern that would cover my entire arm and figured I would get it ... read more

The Beauty of Pain

lways been into piercings, tattoos, etc., but I've always considered things like scarification a little too hard-core, even for me. However, a few years ago, I started getting extremely depressed, and was constantly looking for a way to handle it. I could never find anything that quite did the trick, until I discovered BME... *flashback* It all began about a month ago, when I started looking at the Scarification section on the BME website. At first, I thought it was a little too wierd, even for me. But then, as I read people's experiences, and saw the beautiful designs people ... read more

I think they're pretty, why can't you?

ication has been a topic of contension between me and my friends for the last 5 years or so. I'm into it, in a big way. Some of my friends have done it, but claim to have "grown out of it". Others just don't understand at all, and suggest that I need counselling. For the record, I do suffer from mild depression which I'm now on medication for and I'm feeling a lot better, but I still cut myself. At the end of the day I enjoy it, but I'm only just starting to admit it as I've always claimed ... read more

my first branding experience

st experience of scarification was not a pretty one, the first branding i ever got was done by myself in front of the tv with a screwdriver and a small butane lighter, the first mark i made was a sensation i seemed to enjoy and then as the experience continued it seemed to get a little duller and more of an annoying throb, when i finished the brand, i took a good hard look at it and thought "shit, this is gonna look wank!!" it took an age to heal and thought at several stages of the healing process that ... read more

Balancing my life

several incidences of self-scarification due to depression, my flesh is no stranger to a sharp blade. Up to now, however, my scars have not meant anything – they have merely been a means of releasing pent up anger for a cheap endorphin thrill. Those scars and this share the same roots; however the scar of which I shall tell has a far deeper meaning spiritually than any inflicted prior to it. One particularly bad day used up six months' worth of bad days, and I was left angry, hurt and full of dark thoughts. I had an overwhelming urge to ... read more

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