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Scars with a wire brush OUCH thats pain

Before I start the wholedesciption of why and how i began my scarification i would like to tell you a litle bit about myself. I am 18 years old and have only recently got into the whole bodymod scene when i say recently i mean like a year or so. I have been into the piercing scene since i was 14 however and have been been cutting myself for about 2 years now it all started in a fit of depression when my girlfriend split up with me, as its really of no relavence or intrest I won't go there. ... read more

cutting is the only god.

I have always been depressed. Nothing but shit has happened since I was 2, and I've never fully recovered. When I was twleve years old, I got suicidal, and sliced my wrists several times. But I never really went beyond that. Then, after counsilling and going on pills, I realized that I no longer wanted to die, but only wanted to cut myself. I cut now on a regular basis. When I was on BME, I found the scarification place, and immadiatley fell in love. Enough of the boring one line one cuts, I wanted MORE. But I never really ... read more

Mmy first real brand.

Well it all started out as the simple want for a tattoo. At the time it was something silly that I wanted to have done so I'm glad that I wasn't able to get it. I had been cutting myself for a couple years at that point, so I decided that branding couldnt be that much diffrent. So I sat and tried to think of something that I knew I could always look down at my forearm and be pleased with. A clover was what I decided on, three leaf, i have this weird thing about four leaf clovers, because ... read more

Scarifaction Captured In My Film

For those of you that know me, you know i delve into the art of filmaking and made one short film in my life so far. I've wanted scarifacation for as long as i can remember, and one night filming my first movie, "The Slave Garden", i decided to finally let the razor loose. I had the plans on doing it this particular night finally. I wasn't nervous. The worst that could come out of it was that i could cut too deep and get stitches or worst case, cut an artery where i'm sure i would be rushed to ... read more

What the Hell is Wrong with Me

Hey Hey I've actually started wondering, what the hell is wrong with me? Everytime I get mad, and I don't want to cry, I'll do something insanly odd and mutilating to myself. Only this time I actually lost my mind. I was sitting on my bed, not doing a damn thing. I don't know what made me pick up the knife but I just did. I felt I was loosing everything that was near to me, so I began carving a "7" into my ankle. The number of God. My need for pain began to scare me, just an hour ... read more

Self-carving and Ink rubbing

Hey everyone I have ventured into the zone of no wimps. Self cutting. It all started last year with me being quietly depressed and questioning God. I went out on a limb and carved a pentagram into my left inner ankle. Then I carved an "X" into my forearm, to show that the blood that runs through my veins is off limits to others (Long story, don't wanna get into it). Then came the rapid scratching phase. I could scratch myself many times and get a nice, burning open wound. I have them along my outer right wrist, I call ... read more

OUCH, OUCH, OUCH....Dec 2nd 2000

I've never really been one for pain, especially self-inflicted pain (unless as a stupid drunken dare), so the thought of deliberately and soberly cutting my flesh with a scalpel for no other apparent reason (to my viewing public at least) other than vanity, filled me with intense trepidation and a warm feeling of social and personal autonomy. I was stepping over the line, the line of what has become socially acceptable 'body modifications'. Scarification is just as old as piercing and tattooing but somehow the desire to cut yourself, to slice through your own skin and flesh seems to be ... read more

A submissive's brand

issive's brand I met Raven when I got my first "alternative" piercing three years ago. It was only a tongue piercing, but at the time that was a big deal to me. I was really nervous because at the time I only had my ears pierced (three times each, but still). Raven was really nice to me though and explained everything that she was going to do. I instantly liked her, and since then she has done all of my piercings, which have amounted to the total of nine (not counting the ones in my ears). Not too many, but ... read more

Scarification of a stupid band logo. ugh.

s the overall reason I chose to do this was stupid rebellion back in my 8th grade year of school, about 4 years ago. It was stupid I think, because it was of some band I loved at the time, but have since then got over. Idiot me, yay. Anyway. I remember sitting in my room one day and just thinking to myself, 'hm, what's a way I can show my love for a band'. Yeah, you're right, I was stupid, but aren't we all at times? So, I found a pin that my mom used for quilting, yeah she's ... read more

My scars

r thought that scarification would be an area of interest for me. I always thought it was beautiful, but I never had the courage to actually go through with it. I knew a few people who had inflicted scars on themeselves in high school because it was the cool thing to do, and I always thought that was wrong. To date, I have 2 brands and about 4 or 5 scars..This is my story.. The first mark I put on my body happened this summer. I have a beautiful ankh charm that I wear around my neck on a chain. ... read more

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