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Buff Puffs Hurt!

Buff Puffs are not good for scarification. Just some background crap. I am 15 years old and this is my third scar. All of my scars are self done, and I enjoy body modification so much. I have become addicted to it, and it is just a great way for me to express myself in different ways. My first two scars came out okay. The first one had to be redone, and I still have to redo it again. This ones is on my left inner akle. Its a 4-point star with two other stars diagnoaly around it. Like Orion's ... read more

my first try, second try, third try

Well, my first few attempts.... A little background information. The boring stuff! I'm 15 years old, and I grew up in a wild city, Tampa Florida. I moved to Lakeland when I was 13 years old, and I found it quite boring. I met some great friends here, and one got me really into body modification. I love him dearly and I consider him my brother and best friend. When I found out about body modification, I thought "HOW COOL!" I fell inlove with the idea from the start. I was into tattoos, stretching and odd piercings already, but BME ... read more

First Scarification Experience

Well..it started off as just a walk with me, and my closest friend, Ashley. Every so often, we'd walk down to this parking garage by the apartments down the street from my house. (Highpointe) Anyway..for some reason, that kind of become a little 'memory' for us. Ever since the 5th grade, we'd go down there, carve stupid shit into the garage side, like.."K.S.+D.B.=3", stupid kid shit. Anyway..we were down there..I forget why, now, but it was a little over a year ago. I think we'd both been having family problems, and had walked down there just to get away, smoke ... read more


I'm a big nerd, thats about all I can say about this scar I did, a nerd I say. You may be wondering what my scar is... WELL, its a scar on my thigh that says "BME" in 3 inch letters! I was sitting at home yesterday just thinking of something to do. I thought: "why don't I do something mod wise?" PING! The light went on, sweet ass BME scar! So I went into my little box of piercing needles and spalple blades and pulled out a brand new blade (size 22 I do believe). I laid out a ... read more

Everyone Could Use a Good Brand

I would like to first say that I believe, atleast for myself, that the more meaning you put into a modification the happier you will be in the long run. Though aestetic quality is important it isn't everything. I decided to brand myself sorta spur of the moment. Up to that point i had been pierced and tattooed and loved the feeling of both. I wanted to try something new, get off on new endorphines. I diden't plan to do it that night but at the time I was living with my parents and as usual they were fighting. I ... read more

L I f E can be hard

Let me just start with a little background information first... When I was 12, I first started cutting myself. I don't really know why I started. The first thing I did was a little 'symbol' on my hand (the space on the back of my hand between my thumb and the back of my hand) that was a mix of the letters T, L and A.. "true love always". I wasn't in love, so I don't know why I chose that. Probably because I had a mad crush on a guy and I thought if I ever worked up the ... read more

Straight edge Scarification experience

All my life since I was a baby, I have had many operations after being diagnosed with a kidney disorder, which has left me with a fine array of scars to show off to my friends now and again. During my teenage years I suffered much depression, which often lead me to cutting myself, usually on my arms and legs. This too left me with some incredibly impressive scarring on my body, but after several years of cutting and a lot of therapy (after a teacher at school almost had a heart attack when seeing a freshly cut wound running ... read more

For the Love of Blood

We are something beyond the expected normal. Some of us keep the secret well hidden under pressed suits or skirts and crew cuts. Some of us flaunt it like a picket sign. We are the legion of body adorners, of modifiers, of the inked and pierced and cut and burned. Someone asked me why I choose to "hurt" myself. Is it realy hurting myself if I choose to do it? To me, this lifestyle, this choice, improves me on a level that most people don't understand. It is a position of power, of divine right. This is my body, and ... read more

cutting is the only god.

I have always been depressed. Nothing but shit has happened since I was 2, and I've never fully recovered. When I was twleve years old, I got suicidal, and sliced my wrists several times. But I never really went beyond that. Then, after counsilling and going on pills, I realized that I no longer wanted to die, but only wanted to cut myself. I cut now on a regular basis. When I was on BME, I found the scarification place, and immadiatley fell in love. Enough of the boring one line one cuts, I wanted MORE. But I never really ... read more

Mmy first real brand.

Well it all started out as the simple want for a tattoo. At the time it was something silly that I wanted to have done so I'm glad that I wasn't able to get it. I had been cutting myself for a couple years at that point, so I decided that branding couldnt be that much diffrent. So I sat and tried to think of something that I knew I could always look down at my forearm and be pleased with. A clover was what I decided on, three leaf, i have this weird thing about four leaf clovers, because ... read more

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