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my stars and my tears

It was about a year ago. I just dropped out of high school and started hanging out with some crazy kids at the local mall ,Thought i was cool. And i met this short girl named angel. She was very morbid and always seemed depressed and sad. She was kind of intimadating, so i never spoke to her. Finallay, one day i just walked up to her and started a convo. she got to talk about how bad her life was blah blah blah and i had about the same problems she did. She just didnt know how to deal ... read more

How the Tiger got it's stripes

In ancient times, when the world was still peopled not only with man, but with spirits of nature, myth tells of a great war that was fought in China. The first Emperor of China had not yet risen to power, and the people lived in small villages, at peace with the spirits of the forest and the jungle. The war was raged between the corrupt spirit armies of the Yama Kings, and the forces of light. I have always been enchanted with tales of ancient times in Asia, and something about this tale caught my interest in particular. The Chinese ... read more

my triumpth over other people's B*S*

Getting pleasure from pain and feeling the pain of pleasure. Was I stupid, call it what you will. The feel of a razor blade, quickly slicing through my flesh, revealing the blood and muscle underneath, a way for me to get release. Pain? What pain? The pain that drove me to do it? That's what was unbearable. Not the feel of the cold thin piece of steel. Having your only parent tell you your not good enough, why can't you be more like your brother. Having the love of your life break up with you for a 12-year-old girl and ... read more

Homemade tattoo/scarification

My friend Jack got me into a lot of things. He got me out of my NOFX and MXPX punk phase into the whole 924 Gilman/underground punk scene. He showed me the world of chains and whips as method of pleasure. He introduced me to cult flicks like A Clockwork Orange and the Crow. All the cultures behind those things sparked my interest in body modification. More than that him simply showing me all his piercings and scars and allowing me to marvel at them. I'd always like piercings, I had three in each and I also was planning on ... read more

finally, a good scarification experience.

I recently had my second scarification experience. Because the past one didn't go so well, I decided to do another one. One that I could possibly enjoy for the rest of my life. A star. Only this time, I decided to use some better tools such as a scalpel, rather than a threading needle like the last time. Fortunately, this time I believe I was more prepared. The last time I had done a scarification, I had used a needle. But not just any needle, a threading needle one would use for sewing. I suppose it worked well, aside from ... read more

Burning My Beliefs Into My Flesh

Eighteen months ago I was an IT support contractor, I earned more money than I needed and all seemed well in my life, i had one piercing, a PA, but that was just for fun really, it didn't have any deep meaning for me. Then, over a very short period, I lost everything, job, home, wife, and in my despair I drove away some very good friends as well. I was lucky enough to find some new friends and to rediscover some old friends, with their help I remembered what the magic in my life used to feel like before ... read more

a beautiful star

I've always loved (and still love) tattoos and piercings. Unfortunately, my parents don't. So, when I wanted a tattoo at 15, I knew there was no way unless I did it myself. After careful thought I decided I did not want another tattoo. I have one self-done tattoo on my ankle. I was beginning to get into Wicca, and decided on a five-pointed star. I wanted a pentagram, but I knew I would not be able to make a nice circle. The underside of my wrist seemed like a good spot, but proved to be a not-so-smart location (ill get ... read more

Spinal Tap

My second body modification was a bit more extreme. Technically, this is not my second mod, because I have pierced myself all over, many times... But this is the second one I have kept... I first got the idea for a scarification from my ex-gf. She burned an X into her upper left arm, and it turned out crappy, but the idea intrigued me nonetheless. Being only 16 at the time, I had to have something I could hide from my parents pretty easily. My father, a devout Christian, would kill me if he saw what is now carved/burned into ... read more


For a long time I had wanted to get a tattoo or piercing of some sort, but I wanted something that no one in my town had. The bicep tattoos were all getting old, and everyone and their grandma had an ear piercing. I considered the nose, the eyebrow, nipples, and the lips, but none of them seemed exciting. My next choice was a wrist to ear tattoo of some design, with it wrapping around my neck, but my mother threatened to throw me out if i got a tattoo, plus I was only 17, so it would have been ... read more

when i got my

So, I was having another one of those mediocre days a few months ago, and I was at my friend Juliana's house, with the music blaring, so on and so forth. Typical teenage stuff, without the drugs and sex. just rock and roll. So, Juliana is 20 and she has quite a few piercings, my favorite one she has is the two in her tongue, they look so cool. Maybe one day I'll get that done too. My dad has a couple of tattoos, most done by Huggy Bear, who used to work down by Coney Island, now i hear ... read more

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