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my self spiral cutting at 15

After realizing how easily I scar (I've been cutting myself since I was 10), and after searching BME for hours at a time (BME ROCKS!), I decided that I wanted a self-designed scar. I looked at some cuttings in the scarification section, and they were all so beautiful. I couldn't believe the intricacy of some of the designed, I was just amazed. I knew that I could never cut as well as that, I couldn't even think of a design so beautiful, but I thought a simple smaller piece would do just fine. Like every time I'm about to get ... read more

Tribal Shroom Cutting

I have always used my body as a medium to expand my mind. I have 21 piercings (all self done with equipment from Huck Spaulding)- 6 on my face, I am a cutter and I use mind-altering substances. I have no tattoos so far but plan to get them as soon as I can, and I had my first scarification experience today. Recently I became close friends with someone and learned that he liked cutting after I had him cut my arm once... well a few times actually for a small experiment with plant growth. Immediately after that I asked ... read more

sorry for his pain

I really don't know where to start with my first and only scarification. I guess it would be when the samalies started to shoot at the helecopters in the first moments of our arrival. Those of you who are not into war wounds leave now.We had first been givin orders to go in by sea, but a some of us know the military cannot be truly accurate in their dicisions. I was part of the invasioinary force of the 2nd of the 75th rangers. October, 1993. Alot of people know about our misfortune on that landing, and I appreciate all ... read more

Dealing with my pain

My story starts out when I was much younger I was 13 and had just started to be able to express the person I wanted to be through my clothes and hair and make up. For me it didn't really take on one set group I would just wear whatever I thought was good looking to me witch lead to some unusual outfits and some rather harsh social rejection from my peers at school, you have to understand I come from a very small farming town where if your not a jock something's wrong with you. Don't misunderstand I had ... read more

To cut, or not to cut...Good question

Life's a bitch, and then you die. I live by that quote. I doubt that anyone thought that the straight A, 14 year old student would ever resort to self mutilation. I sure as hell did, and who was there to stop me? No one, I think that's the depressing part. I guess you could say I'm not pleased with the way I've been running my life. I figured this out a few months ago, with the scars to prove it, physical and emotional. It had been another one of those days, where everything is fucked, everybody sucks. School got ... read more


After learning and doing alot of research on body piercings on the site BME I noticed body mods wasn't just about tattoos or body piercings. There were way way more than that. Ritual, implant, sounding, pumping, play piercing, sacrification, etc. The first time I ever fell in love with my ex I really loved him and engraved his name onto my arm. It left a scar and stayed for for about 2 years. Now I notice its starting to slowly fade away and the coloration is much much later. I thought it was about time I got something that was ... read more


Following the unintentional branding of my ankle while experimenting with the skin-staining properties of silver nitrate (AgNO3), I decided that it would be possible to do a brand using this particular chemical. So, I formulated a process that was liable to work well, and that is what I'm about to set down in (dah dah dah DAH!)... Note: while this was not a brand done using heated metal, I do refer to "strikes" and use other terminology usually used in discussing 'normal' brands. I ask that you bear with me, as I didn't want to create an entirely new lexicon ... read more

Scarification and the eraser burn

My experience begins back in the day....and I mean that. Back in the day as in 5th grade style. Looking back on it, it coincided with the beginning of my interest in body mod, as I was starting to pierce my ears multiple times in my bathroom at around that time. I was always looking for attention back then, and piercing seemed to work; my friends AND their parents were taken aback that I did them myself and not with a GUN. But what got me interested in scarring were two classmates with fresh scabs on their hands.... I had ... read more

Thinking of non-pierced

I had been wanting to get some sort of piercing but the thought of a piece of metal hanging off of me was not what I thought as manly. I would much rather have the look of "war-torn" or something like that that is more masculine and makes me feel that way. I thought of tatoos also but they seem to be a 'statement' and I don't really want a statement but just a conversation piece. I thought I could do it myself but I'm a chicken. Finally I thought what the hell so I headed off to S-Art and ... read more

....one, big dark room...

When I was gothic, I met this girl named Jessika. We became really good friends and got into some crazy stuff. We would always get together and drink and do drugs, which was pretty horrible, now that I think about it. Everyday we would think of new things to do. One time we decided to pierce our ears about like 4 times each, and I kept doing it because I thought it felt cool at the time, I guess it was because of the drugs I was on, but I don't know. I also seemed to have gotten some sort ... read more

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