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I had seen my husband go through the branding process a week before. My head was full of speculation of what it would truly be like for me. I had burnt myself over the years but nevertheless, after seeing my husbands clean crisp lines, I visualised the feeling to be more of a incision than a burn.. Time would tell and speaking to my husband was not helping me at all. What if I got to the stage where I could not carry on, I'd end up with half a design and I would be so let down by myself. ... read more

A Little Window Into My Brain

I am more of a scraper more than a cutter. I just take things and scrape. I have been doing that since I was 11. I have always been interested in the modification of my body. I pierced my own ears when I was 12 at the boarding school I went to in St. Louis, Missouri. I periced my naval when I was 13, and also that same year my eyebrow. (Although my eyebrow didn't like the bar very much and rejected it!) I have cut different words and phrases into myself, instead of just plain lines and stuff. Some ... read more

fantastic stars

First of all, I am not crazy. Nor are any of these people out there doing the same thing that I am (or far worse than me for that matter). And any one who does not try a "body mod" is crazy themselves. I have not been into this type of expression for long but I can say this much.... I first really found out about body modification when I went on my annual trip to Mexico. I go every year with my one friend and about 13 guys on an organized trip for a school that my friends' dad ... read more

Scarification, the different kind of cutting

Let me start by saying that I'm a 16 female from Missouri, and it's a shitty little town, but hey it's peaceful. I love swimming, and I love everyone, that is open-minded. I am a very big people's person. The best way to start off this entry is to tell you some past experiences, so here it goes. A year ago my friend Lisa started cutting. For us, her friends, it was horrible to see all the scars, new cuts, and pain she was going through. When she cut, we knew that she was depressed, or needing love. As her ... read more

my beautiful branding

I had always been a cutter, I always liked the sensation of pain. I read an experience on BME about a self-done brand. I had never even thought I could do it myself. I decided to go for it and took out my little knife I had. I lit my candle and started out ontop of my left wrist in a star pattern. I jumped a few times at the stinging, only because I didnt really have an expectation of what it would feel like, but it really didn't hurt that much, just stung a little bit. It took a ... read more

My first (and probably last) self-scarification experience

Well, firts let me start out by saying that I am a dumbass. I do very, very stupid things sometimes for no other reason than to "see what will happen". Seriously, I'm surprised I'm not dead yet. So my scarification experience... please don't judge me... I am a dumbass. My fixation (i wouldn't call it an obsession) with piercings, tatoos, blood, and various implants and surgical mods all started at a young age. I was amazed at some of the things people could and would do to their bodies. So of course I had my ears pierced once at age ... read more

The sun

First off, I am relatively new to the body modification "scene." I have merely gotten my eyebrow pierced, and found out that I can migrate a piercing out in just over 3 weeks. So, we all want to know about scarification. Well, I decided that I wanted a sun on my chest. As a little kid I drew the sun by a circle, and then little lines coming off of it. Now, I have a sun centered around my right nipple, or at least the rays. I have had previous experience with scarification, mainly through a form of strike branding. ... read more

self-scarification... a true form of beauty

Hey again... here I will add to my list of body mods. My most recent are my scars on my ankle, oh, are they beautiful... but I'll get to them later, first the story behind my brands. I had already had my fun with piercing; I had my eyebrow done, and twelve holes of various size and style in my ears. I wanted something new, something personal. So I decided on my first brand. My brothers' friend had a beautiful brand on his arm, and I could not get over it, it made a lasting impression on me, and one ... read more

A Different Way

Before I start, I'm going to tell you all a little bit about myself.. I'm a teenager from a shitty ass town in Missouri. I've lived here for 2 1/2 years, and before that I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have my tongue pierced, my belly button pierced, my lip, and I have 7 earrings. For the past 2 years I've been a cutter. I cut. I'm on medications for depression and I got to therapy every week... I've been in an out of mental hostbitals for suicide (which isn't an issue, anymore.)And just reccently I discovered the beautiful art ... read more

My Scar

I have six piercings and a wonderful tattoo and a few old scars that I created myself in a bout of frenzied emotional self mutilation, but my favorite piece of body modification has to be my scar on my upper left arm. All the guys had one, and I wanted one too. I was always fascinated with scarring, and had been involved with some self mutilation months before deciding that I wanted to get this done. It was a hot day and I was on vacation visiting my friends from my old home town in California. I was sunburned like ... read more

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