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she took my cutting virginity!

Around 3 weeks ago, I got the body modification bug. This happens to me quite frequently so I figured it would pass or I would just get something else done. Well I ended up stretching my cartilage piercing to a 12 gauge (I plan on going up to at least 10) and it looks cool it has a curved barbell in it, but that's neither here nor there. So I thought that this would kill my urge to do more things to my body (I was wrong) So I have been playing around with this notion of getting a scar ... read more

My runic cutting

I started doing scarification on myself when I was 14 years old. Besides this, I have 15 holes in my ears, 2 of which are stretched to 7/16" and 2 that are stretched to 4 gauge, and have 2 retired eyebrow rings and a retired navel ring. At first it was just patterns of straight lines in rows, but after looking at some of the pictures in the scarification section of BME, especially one of a full back wings cutting, I was, to say the least, very inspired. I'm very interested in and practice casting runes. It was only natural ... read more

My sun

Yesterday, being very bored since my friend Dana had just gone home and there be nothing to do alone on a Monday night on Long Island. Added to the fact that I had been wanting to get another tattoo and not having enough money to get what i wanted, which in and of its self had taken me 3 months to even decide that I definitely wanted. (It's been about 3 months since I turned 18 and have gotten my first tattoo) I began to toy with the idea of scarification. I had seen it done before, and i had ... read more

How many more?

Well to start off, I began scarification in 8th grade. I didn't see anyone do it so I wasn't following a trend or whatever, I was just doing it.I try my best not to follow other people unless they are going to lead me where I am destined to be. It felt exhillarating to have something so sharp and so dangerous in my possesion that I could use to change or add to my body. The very first thing I put on my body was the Egyptian symbol for life... the ANKH. I made it small, about the size of ... read more

Scars are forever

The legend of Twinkle Scars? I had them. Oh yes I had a lot of scars, but not scars that were done on purpose. Just little accidental scrapes here and there from different activities. Those scars never interested me, they were just "there". Until one day... The year was 2001 and the month was May. I was in hell, a.k.a school trying to figure out a tough math problem. As I was adding and dividing numbers, a girl that sat in front of me caught my eye. She had some sort of scars and cuts located on her neck/back. I ... read more


Text of experience eh, hmm...My experience was very..painful and long.aww.. I feel like such a novice, I went through almost half of the BME site thing and the percentage of the members have so many different piercings and tatoos and crazy stories about scarification and such, and then there's me, girl with the ears... but I am more suttle, more pure (I'm convinced). I finally have zero zero ears now, over a years time, I love them, there so awsome!! I started spacing my ears around a year ago, first I began small with 8/0 then months later I tried ... read more

Because I Can

To this day I will never understand why I did it. Maybe I really wanted to die, or maybe I just wanted the attention. Whatever the reason was, I learned a lot about myself that afternoon. It was going to be beautiful. I would slice my wrist open and lay down and wait. There would be blood all over my bed, and all over my body. It would look like something out of a movie. I would be dead. It was a lot harder for me to do than I thought it would be. The razor wasn't sharp enough, or ... read more

a new begining

Howdy all yeah I decided to write in and tell you about my cuttings and how I started. First I'll start off by saying that I am clinically not right in the head or so says my shrinks but that makes no difference to me I do what I do because that's just the way I am. I'm about older now but it all started when I was almost 13. I have no real way of dealing with my emotions like anger and sadness so I vent through cutting. First I was suicidal so I tried slitting my wrists, multiple ... read more

Scarification: bellystar

Body modification is a way to reclaim your body. But as I'm only 17 (I have many plans for my 18th in September!), I am very limited as to what I can get, no tattoos for me yet. Well, I've been cutting on myself for about 5 years and I wanted to do something related to body modification. I figured I could merge the two together and come up with some that I liked and had some kind of personal signifigance to me. I also have a strange obsession with stars (yeah I know they're really popular right now, but ... read more

Uh, yes, I HATE letting other people do my cuttings.

So, if you have been chilling at BME for any amount of time, you will remember that I have done many self-scarification mods. All in all, I have five now, and one of them is much more intricate. I 3 scarification. This time I'll be talking about the one I had done on my back. It's a sun. But, it's a large one. And really neat. Has flares and a tail that goes down almost to my buttcrack. It's positioned between the dimples that I have on my lower back. Yes, I am a fat chick. I am proud of ... read more

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