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first ink rubbing

I was in high school, grade 12. I hung out with a lot of people who partied alot and got stoned all the time. Of course, I did it too. All the time. I got into it more than they did. I got almost caught a few times, then I just said, screw it. I'm not going to do this shit anymore! so I stopped. I've always wanted to do something different, like tattoos or piercing, but now they're so mainstream, and now I don't really like doing things that everyone else is doing, or stuff that is considered, in. ... read more

Self Scarification

For as long as I can remember, I've felt a very strong pull towards body modification. I've been researching over the internet for a few years now, and since I turned eighteen, I wanted to do something to celebrate my passage into legalized adulthood. I have seen many images of scarring which ran the gamut from simplistic dots and lines, to more elaborate wings, religious icons and other things of that sort. I decided that I was going to cut a design into my leg, at home, in a ritual setting. I waited until everyone in the house was asleep, ... read more

fish,oops, better fish

Lets see. I am a girl in a town where body mods other than tattoos go largely unnoticed and that's good (note the surplus of psychologists in this town, ratio: 1/5 people). it just so happens one day I get bored and wandered around some sites and I found this site, yes bme, around a year or so ago and I often came back and read many of the articles about scarification when I got the chance (teachers don't like the site. pooh pooh on them). One day, being the smart person I am, I said to myself "hey I ... read more

Professional Cutting Procedure

i literally woke up one morning and knew what i wanted - an outline of a paw print approximately two inches in diameter on the inside of my right forearm. i wanted it on my right forearm to balance out my tattoo, which is on my left shoulder. i wanted a paw print because of how much my cats mean to me. there is something that i get from spending time with my cats that i don't get from humans. a reassurance, a calming effect that helps quiet my mind and makes me feel more at peace with the world. ... read more

Twisted Beautiful..Scars Of Commitment

I have the chinese symbol for cloud carved into my leg. I cut it with a razorblade, just deep enough so that it would scar, but not deep enough so that I would bleed too profusely. It is absolutely beautiful to me. I have always been depressed, and used to slash constantly at my legs with razorblades, loving the pain and blood but hating the ugly slash mark scars. One day I came to the realisation that, if I was going to scar myself, I might as well make the scars beautiful, make them mean something to me. Letting the ... read more


Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. Typical 15 year old kid, divorced family, live with my mom in a small, two-bedroom apartment in a medium-sized town. A few friends, two ex-girlfriends, a dad I see every now and then. Scarification has always fascinated me. Not just the artistic, self-expression type, but the scars the body makes when healing from anything, be it emotional or physical pain. Physical pain is so much easier to deal with than emotional pain, so most of my inner hurt is transferred to the outside so I can deal with it swiftly, ... read more

Spiral Cutting

Getting my cutting done has probably been one of the most positive experiences in my life. Over a year ago I saw my first professional cutting. It introduced me to the fact that there are people who cut professionally. There are really two aspects to my cutting experience, the actual procedure and the personal history leading up to the act. There are many things that lead up to my cutting. Most people want to know why I chose the design I did, why I chose the placement that I did, and why I wanted a cutting in the first place. ... read more

oh great, NOW i'm trendy

oh great, NOW i'm trendy by shattered innocents i'm a "cutter." in my case, i know it's because of my abuse issues ... childhood sexual abuse, but also physical, verbal and psychologoical abuse. my experience with self-scarification started around age nine. my home life was such that adding more pain on top of what i was already experiencing was actually a great source of comfort ... I was in control, I was the one doing the harm, I could stop the pain and start the pain whenever i wanted to. cutting, burning, scratching designs ... some other things involving my ... read more

Amateur Scarification

when i was in high school i was your typical black-wearing, spike-toting, white-faced, bad-poerty-writing, angst filled teenager. it was a bad scene, though i didn't know that at the time; i was far too busy bitter for no good reason. my partners in teenage misery were two young ladies; both of whom took the black and the spikes much more seriously than i did. and they were disturbed. much more so than i, anyway. one was the artist, the other; the poet. they were more beautiful, more popular (among our sick twisted little group of "friends") and they were also ... read more

Professionally done cutting

Due to the lack of professionally done scarification experiences i thought i'd write mine for people looking for information regarding the process. I had been interested in getting a cutting for sometime. After I saw some of Ryan's work i decided i definetly wanted to do it. Ryan is the owner, piercer, and scarification artist at Precision Body Arts. Ryan does very beautiful scarification using scapels, and he knows how to make thicker line, or very thin lines for fine details. I was at the shop talking to Ryan about scarification and decided I wanted a piece on the side ... read more

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