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thigh star

since i was about 16, in, oh, 10th grade or so, i've been experimenting with cutting myself. usually it was because i felt pretty bad and i had heard that cutting would help things by releasing endorphins and such. also, i was simply fascinated by the idea. i never had any good razors on hand, so i would usually just use a pocketknife. it made shallow cuts and only left light scars, which was good because i didn't want people to see them. i remember when i had first started doing it, i made the mistake of cutting on my ... read more

Scarification: My favorite form of bady art

Scarification: I started out doing scarification on myself doing stylized Runes on my arm and my stomach and my calves. It took some experimenting to find a depth that wasn't too deep or too shallow. I found that a 1/8-inch is the best depth and began marking the scalpel to help guide it until I became comfortable with the cutting. The Second problem I came across is that I have fair skin and don't scar heavily due to the small amount of keloids. To make up for that I researched scarification practices and found that ash is a good way ... read more

On Branding and Being Branded

Ok, this is an experience I had while attending the Fakir Intensives Basic Branding course. Don't expect any "special secrets" or anything. First, that's not how reality works, and second, this is about my experience, not the course. Let me start by saying what an incredible class this is. I highly recommend taking it if you are interested in branding. While I was in the class, I became friends with another girl named Amee. We also attended the Basic Piercing class together afterwards. During the branding class, we decided we would brand each other. Since Amee was the one I ... read more

scar curious

Body Modification is a whole facet of life that has intrigued me for years. My brothers both have tattoos and piercings and many friends do as well. I'm one of those kids that never did much in school and nobody really remembers. I'm kind of a recluse and enjoy freakin out the preppies that live around me. While I'm not really the strangest lookin guy, I have one of those auras people don't like I guess. I'm into heavy metal and just go around wearin t-shirts that people don't like or whatever. Bod-Mod seems like the one part of me ... read more

From Pain to Beauty

I started cutting when I was 14 or 15, and for all the wrong reasons. I was frustrated with myself, the world, and life in general, so I'd open my arm and let the pain bleed out. I never really thought twice about this – it seemed the natural thing to do. I preferred cutting to letting my anger out in any other way, because I would only hurt myself through cutting, as opposed to blowing up at someone and risk hurting him or her. This went on for some time (about a year and a half), until my parents ... read more

Why I Am Stupid

I am not a real big modification expert, and I hope that this qualifies as scarification. About a year ago I met this girl named Jean. I suppose the matter of how we met is irrelevant, so I won't go into detail. The point is this; Jean is the cause of the entire story and actually the entire reason I even want a membership. Jean is a really swell girl. She is really into all kinds of modifications. Piercings, tattoos, henna, you name it. These are all things I have learned over the last year. Over the months, we became ... read more

Well at least Chemistry lessons are good for one thing

I didn't even know that scarifcation existed until I found BME. I know it seems ive lived a sheltered life but i live in england so this particular artform is seen as GBH/ABH at worst and mutilation at best. Its still such a social taboo to talk about cutting yourself. Lets face it lots of people do it, whether for the sace of the image eft behind, or for the release of self harm. Ive done both, I cut my arms when im down and in need of controll and ive done one cutting on my leg that I love ... read more

Scarring myself

Well, I've been reading other people's experiences for a month or so, and I finally decided to share my own. I don't have many body modifications - just two ear piercings and one tattoo, - although I want many many more, and the reason is, like always, my parents. I will never have a tattoo done, or piercing, or whatever, without telling them, because they have the unpleasant habbint of somehow finding out about things, and then everything gets worse. So, until I feel strong enough to speak with them about this again (which, trust me, isn't easy at all, ... read more

A Pubic Cutting

It was the day before they were to leave. Jason & Frances Sand had been visiting for close to a week. My wife Agni had planned for us to do a group energy pull with them, but our friend who was to bring the hooks and needles ended up not making it over. Jason suggested then that we all do cuttings instead, which would be something permanent. Weonly had enough blades for one good cutting though, so I stepped forward with an idea that I'd had in mind since June, for a pubic cutting. Frances had done more cuttings than ... read more

pain, and then no pain (branding)

Most of my close friends think branding is something that only sick and deranged people do. I suppose they must think I'm sick and deranged too. Only they don't know that they think this way about me... a bit of background: around the end of june ('01) i was getting out of a bad place, getting rid of some destructive habits. i knew that to do so i had to push one of my closest friends out of my life. that was probably one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. a few days before that, another friend ... read more

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