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My Lovely Ink Rubbing

Hi fellow piercing freaks :) I will give a brief story of how I created my homemade tattoo/cutting that became an ink rubbing. I have always wanted a tattoo, but due to my age was unable to get one (although my dad promised me one because he didn't think I was serious). I drew a design that was special to me, a portrait of my black cat, Skrony and a little cat eye beside it. I planned on saving it to get as a tattoo when I turned 18(along with the tongue ring I've always wanted). But then I thought, ... read more

A Branding Story

I am a 24 year old female from a small town in Michigan. This is the story of my (first so far!) branding. A little background on my history with body mod: I got my first tattoo just after I turned 18 (my ankle); I got the second when I was 19 (my shoulder) and that one was a big mistake. I got my third tattoo when I was 20, and that one covered up the mistake on my shoulder. I had my tongue pierced when I was 21, but I took that out after about a month. I hadn't ... read more


Being 15 years old is reason enough why my parents said no to a tattoo, or a maybe it's because I'm already such a pierced fucko and I've practically been disowned by my family...nopers, can't be. So I decided to do a scarification myself. It was really quite simple, it had to be, right? I mean pick a design, draw it on desired place on your body, find good friend who's not high, and get them to carve it into your flesh. Beautiful. But wait a moment... I HAVE NO FRIENDS! OK, so I'm kind of weird about letting people ... read more

i decided that a star on my stomach was simply not enough

so, like the title says, one day i came to the realization that the star pierced on my stomach was simply not enough... okay, okay, so this isn't exactly how it happened...it was really just one day when my beautiful girlfriend lee marie wanted to go to the shop and get her tongue pierced. simple enough, i thought... so we show up and there's not much going on, and lee discusses pros and cons of tongue piercing in the military with jason for a bit, and eventually decided against it...(even though i can't say that nick himself wasn't to blame ... read more

wow, that hurt.

I just wanted to preface my experience by saying that I have no noteworthy emotional problems, I didn't get a cutting because mom and dad wouldn't let me get a tattoo, and I firmly believe that scarification is an art with the potential to be extremely beautiful, but is often misunderstood and underrated because there are so many bad examples of it out there. That said, my interest in cuttings dates back to about 1997, when I first discovered BME. I was fascinated by the look of them, but at the time there seemed to be so little information available ... read more

A new form of body modification

I read an article in Harper's Magazine a little less than a year ago discussing the ancient practice of trepanation. Trepanation is the drilling of a single hole into the skull for the purpose of permanently increasing one's consciousness by increasing blood flow to the brain; its usage as a therapeutic method goes back for centuries. The article caused me to consider a fresh and very possible usage of one of the oldest bastions of body modification. In the article, it was mentioned that a hole drilled in the skull (trepanned) would never close up. This is because the bone ... read more

Mercury on My Back

It's hard to decide where to start on an experience like this one. The other experience I sent in was on getting my inverted nipples pierced last year. Those were done by Steve Truitt, the same adventurer who did this scarification. I came up with the idea for my cutting back in January, a Mercury symbol with a circular arrow around it (don't know if that makes sense, the arrow was my way of representing karma). It took a long time for me to decide that I was actually ready to go through with it. By this point I'd run ... read more

Blinding Hope.....

"Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little bit crazy." I'd like to tell you that I'm like every other person.... but I can't. I'm not like you. I don't think I will ever be.... I don't want to be. My insanity, is special to me, it is the only thing that I can ever claim as my own. I treasure that time. Some people say that I wasted 5 years, but in those years I grew to know myself more than ever. When I was in 8th grade my parents got divored. Everyone went ape ... read more

Why I started, and why I'll continue...

Well, i've always been interested in pain. In people's reaction to it, in how I could deal with it. I remember falling off my bike one day (must have been about ten), with my mum walking about 100 metres behind me. Well, it hurt. And I lay there waiting for the comforting hug of my mum, who I've always been close to. But did she come running as I expected? No. I lay there in disbelief, pain, and hurt. Emotional hurt. I love her, but couldn't forgive her for not seeing what was wrong. Maybe I expected too much, but ... read more

Cut my heart out, please!

They don't call it "heartbreak" for nothing. It wasn't really about the boy...I've fallen "in love" with too many too often. What hurt was the realization that I am fallible...that I could believe the incredible hype that my hormones were selling and fall for something that was doomed from the beginning. Could I ever trust myself again? If I fell in love, would I forever wonder and wait for the axe to drop? My heart really hurt. Sometimes a sharp pain like a knife, sometimes a dull pressure like someone was stepping on my chest, squeezing out all my breath. ... read more

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