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Scary Moments

This is my experience of scarification. Well, I'm writing this the day after my "adventure", as I like to call it. Body modification had always drawn me, but my foray into the world of scarification began on Saturday, December eighth. That was the first time I had heard of scarification…ever. My girlfriend had told me about it and had shown me some pictures from BME. One set of pictures, of a boy that had a scarified arm with three bent razorblades, really spoke to me. The whole concept of scarification immediately drew me to it, I was never into tattoos, ... read more

Wrong Skin Made Right

I had never really thought of cutting as any sort of recreational activity until I had heard that my older brother did it when I was around 12. At the time, it didn't hold too much appeal for me, and I never gave it much thought. I understood that it existed, but only intellectually, and felt very detached to the whole issue. So, I purposely forgot about it for my early teenage years. When I was around 15 or so I started to have a hard time with, well, everything. I was very dissatisfied with my body, and was having ... read more

A major professional body art by Lucas Zpira

A professional body art by Lucas Zpira Note; this is long essay, but its informative, and i believe it will help people inform about the art of skarification. To choose skin sculpture I discovered about the art of scarification by reading on the subject in a magazine five years ago. The article was on a San Francisco artist and the few fotos they depicted was of a fresh cut of two sets of four parrallel lines. Scarification was very appealing to me. I admire body-art very much but i'm a body purist; I have no tattoos, no piercings, no other ... read more

my brands

.Once when i was twenty years old i was hitchiking through colorodo.I happened to be about 6 monthes pregnant at the time.I was really stressed out and had benn doing a lot of hiking and what not.I hadnt been feeling good so i decided to go lay down in this field off the highway. By nightfall i was in so much pain i needed and ambulance to come get me.. I didnt know what the hell was wrong with me..About thirty minutes later they gave me a emergency c- section. My son was born weighing about 2 pounds. When they ... read more

Why I cut my arm up...

The cutting on my arm says, "Spike" It's the Theban alphabet. I may as well tell you the story along with this experiance. Pretty much when I was 14 I adopted the nickname Spike. I know you're probably thinking I'm an idiot for having my nickname on my arm. But it's not just a nickname. It is now, but it wasn't then. I had heavily heavily gotten into drugs, and drinking and smoking and all that really horrible angsty teenager stuff. I started believing I was another person. That I had become this person named Spike. I lost all control ... read more

into the skin

Into the Skin Some would say it's my preference in music that influence me, some my choice of lifestyle; who knows what other stupid reasons people make up to justify my expression and need for change. The fact is I've been enjoying altering my physical form since before I was legal. This meant, of course, that it either had to be done by some shoddy shop that doesn't really care about these things or that I would have to find some way of changing myself by myself. When this started (I can't even remember how long ago, probably about 5 ... read more

Strength Through Wounding

I finished playing my favourite video game Final Fantasy VIII for Playstation... And my favourite character Squall has an awesome scar across his nose. Well, it goes from above his one eyebrow, diagonally over the bridge of his nose to his cheek. I have always thought well placed face scars were aesthetically pleasing. So, I decided that it was my time. No more hoping that I would be wounded by accident in a cool way. I decided I would choose where I wanted the scar, and how I would go about scarring myself. I had never done anything like it ... read more

Scrub Your Way to Enlightenment

I honestly never wanted a cutting. I had talked to friends about it and they said how terrible it was trying to scrub theirs (yet they had large ones). That and I always found myself being a REALLY big pussy about that sort of thing. However, once I was told there were going to be member bars for the Church of Body Modification, I felt there was no going back. As a member, it was my chance to show myself what it really meant to be Mind, Body, and Soul in what I do—not just in body modification, have you. ... read more

Sometimes the truth hurts

It has been months now since my first branding. I have had a good deal of time to reflect on my experience and the impact my first brand has had on me. I can't even think of how to describe this experience in its spiritual aspect. I didn't think anything could top it either, but then I got by second brand...a full back piece, wings from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and all the way down to the small of my back. I first learned about branding when I was 17. Being to young to get one, I watched my ... read more

The stench of burning flesh.....

wasn't something that I could really smell all that strong, possibly due to my belly being full of "Olde E". I woke up on Sunday morning, and as I was getting ready for the day, i noticed something wrong about my wrists. It felt like I should have stars burnt into them, but I didn't. So I decided to make it happen.I am a pretty lightly modified person in comparison wth a lot of other people- pierced conch's and rooks, and a half back tattoo, but I felt that I was ready to try something a little less mainstream. I ... read more

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