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The Effects of a Winter in Isolation

What is gained by modifying our bodies if not experience? How can one confidently say that they know who they are, in purest form, if they have not tested their body's potential to change? Those who are afraid of their bodies may never know or have the privilege of finding out what their bodies are actually capable of. Thus they miss out on what they are sure they already have: a natural understanding of what or who they are. However, those who do stretch themselves beyond what they were born with may do it for the wrong reasons, such as ... read more

Healing Myself-The story of my first brand

Well, I think a brief introduction is in order, I have been interested in body modifications and how they affect higher planes of thinking for as long as I can remember. As a child I had dreams of suspension, although I did not know anything about this practice, in these dreams it was usually a suicide or knee suspension, quite often it I woke up feeling a throbbing where the hooks had been in my dreams. I've always wanted permanent piercings for this reason, but alas the back piercings while have to wait. Anyway, back to the present, I decided ... read more

My first attempts with scarification.

Well I always wanted to get some scarification done and one day I just said "hey I think I will give that a try myself" so I did a bit of research on the subject for about a month, trying to find out what the best techniques were for cutting, and aftercare. So I went to the local medical supply shop and got some scalpels, wrapping, and tegaderm (a bandage that keeps the area moist). The information I compiled on my initial try was to just cut the skin about 2 millimeter deep and then just do all you can ... read more

I took the cut

Before I start, here's a little introduction: My name is Kym, and I have been interested in body "mods" for a couple years now. I currently have 14ga septum, 14ga labret, reg. ear piercings, and nipple/navel/hood piercing (s). I never really was all into scarification, until I came across www.bmezine.com and discovered what a wonderful world scarification has. My story About six months ago, I was surfing the web and came across this one girls website. She had a cool website on it called Bmezine.com. I didn't think much of it, until I actually went to it. I had been ... read more

What happens when bored around electronic repair gear...

Well, I'm writing about a modification that I got done about a month ago, my first brand done at home (well, kind of at home). A little background that will give some idea of why the materials we used were used, I am on the USS Carl Vinson, and when we did the brand we had been at sea for 82 days consecutively, I hadn't been at home (Seattle, Washington area) for about 4 months. I was talking to a friend who works in another of the electronic shops on board, pretty much complaining that I couldn't remember the last ... read more

Smileys were just the beginning...

My first body mods (other than the traditional boring ear piercing) came about due to peer pressure. All the sixth and seventh grade girls were carving their boyfriend's or crushes names onto their ankles. My first cutting was very shallow, done with a razor blade. Then smiley faces became popular in my circle of friends. We would take a lighter, light it for about a minute, and then press the top of the lighter onto our skin to give ourselves a smiley-face shaped scar. These mods were as extreme as most of my peers would take it. Cutting was seen ... read more

rebirth: starting over again leaving everything behind but scars

I can't help but at time, remember how angry I was and how there was no worse point in my life, than then. I was horribly depressed but mostly angry. Angry everyone, everything but mostly at myself. I felt incredibly deserted. It was almost as if there was nobody out there in the world that gave a damn. Things had been falling apart in that point in time of my life – so quickly. I lost family. I lost friends. I lost my dignity. Frankly, all I had left was my physical self and physical possessions which didn't mean too ... read more

Razorblades and Incense...

Ever since I was little, I've thought pierced, tattooed and scarred people were just so beautiful, and I'm determined to become one of those people. My parents aren't too keen on the idea, but what they can't see won't get me in trouble. They've let me get my nostril pierced so far, but thats all I've managed to get out of them. I mentioned gettin a scar and they looked at me like I have two heads, so I stopped beggin and just decided that I'd do it myself. I used to be what my shrinks call a cutter, so ... read more

ouch. the story of getting branded.

Getting branded was always a fleeting thought, but never something I had entirely spent hours, days and weeks pondering. I've always admired cautery pen brandings, but hadn't gone beyond the admiring stage. The thought of the smell of burning flesh never really worked out for me. And so I flew to Atlanta for the Tattoo Arts festival in 1999 to meet up with my friends from Santa Cruz (I was living in the Philadelphia area at the time.). I figured it would be a great time to hang out with friends that were local, meet up with the West coast ... read more

something about nipple scarification

So it was the day before I was supposed to go back to school, something that had once been an exciting experience, but turned into well, not exciting. So I was using my last day at home to spend every single second with Lee, just because I love her so much. I had to go into the shop to let Nick get pictures of my back, which had been scarred the previous week, and was healing all nicely. I should add right now that I am seriously a junkie, not like a heroin addict, I swear that I purposely try ... read more

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