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It feels like papercuts my ass! haha.

So my piercer of choice, Damien, wanted to get his feet wet in scalpeling. I'll try anything once, so I thought, "What the hell?". I told him I'd be his guinea pig. I love him as a piercer, but drawing is not his strong suit. We had his coworker, Zeke, help with a design. We needed something simple enough for his first time. I wanted something small enough to get the feel for it, but not make a huge commitment to the project. We ended up with a small anchor. I haven't measured it, but it is roughly 3 inches ... read more

Another first

So there was this boy... It seems as though a lot of stories (not bme stories, but actually stories i tell to my friends) start in that way. Basically, I am young, and I fell in love for the first time. He was so many firsts for me...in many many different ways. We broke up after he cheated on me. We tried working things out and getting back together but after that anything I felt was dead. We ended it one night just talking about all the amazing memories we had, and it was a funeral for the good times. ... read more

A little humor goes a long way, dudes!

Finally out of bodymod sleep-mode. Since I got my original cutting by John Joyce in Syracuse, NY at Scarab Body Arts (a series of hearts cut down the center of my chest) - I sat in a dull, body-modless state for a couple years. A month or so after my first cuttings, I took out my 4 gauge septum, my 8 gauge tongue, my sternum surface piercing, and my belly button barbell. I was okay with letting go of the piercings, I felt like I was done with myself looking overtly-flashy, my new scarification secretly hidden underneath my clothes. On ... read more

No Offense

Absit Invidia-Let envy be absent or No offense or No ill will intended. Or most literally Without envy Envy is a so called mortal sin. Envy is one of the squirming things Pandora lets out of the box in Greek mythology. Envy is a word Josh (scar artist) cut into some girls nice flat stomach a few months ago in fancy script.Invidia is the latin word for envy. ABSIT INVIDIA is my 6th cut. At first I was just going to have Invidia done as a standard cutting. We came within minutes of it one night and then for some ... read more

fun with fire

That was until earlier this year when me and two friends were bored and playing around with enscence sticks. One of them took an enscent to their wrist and jokingly pretent to burn herself. Suddenly it turned into more. She tried to do it but just couldn't make her hand move the last inch. So or other friend quickly offered to help. He held her hand down as we all watched. The second he pulled away it looked as though her skin snuck in before a small white spot rose to the surface and quickly spread leaving a red area ... read more

How I Got My Wings

For a long time, I've been interested in different body modifications. When about 8 or 9, I remember watching a TV show with my mom about people with the different body modifications. The show featured implants and transdermals as well as piercings and tattoos. Mom thought is was abnormal and told me a person would have to be out of their mind to do it. Now, I'm 22, and my mom thinks I've lost my mind. When I was in high school, I went through a great phase of depression. I was a cutter. I went through periods where I ... read more

What Happens After

I'm not writing this to get attention. I don't want sympathy for what I have done to myself. I'm writing this only to share my experience with others who understand. I first cut myself when I was in the sixth grade. I had watched my cousin cut her arms and after talking to her about why she did it I began to understand. She said that when she cut herself, a feeling would come over her that no drug could substitute. She called it her release. My first cut was a small scratch right below my waste line, hardly more ... read more

My Wing Scarification

I will never forget the day I got my scarification. It is actually on May 30th, when one of my close friends was having a house party. So anyway, I went down to Acid Crue on Tuesday, and I was so excited because I thought I was gonna have my scar done on that day. Turned out Shane only wanted to discuss about the scarification, not do it on that day. And as I was really eager to get it done, I told him I want to do it the next day which is on May 30th. Shane is really ... read more

Contracture - A boring story I feel compelled to tell.

This could never happen to anyone else because everyone always goes to the most experienced and skilled scarification artist around. And no one ever pushes an artist to do something a little more than they thought best. Just me. Actually my artist may only have about two years cutting professionally(and 8 piercing) but he is skilled. So it was the "me" part that led to this little problem I am having. And in the long run it will be just a little problem I am sure but for right now it is a bitch. When I said I wanted my ... read more

Burning Star

I've always been intrigued by branding and scarification. I loved the way scars from previous cuts and burns gave my skin character. When the light hit them just the right way it reflected off them. My fascination with scars led to experimentation in my bedroom with a soldering iron on my knuckles when I was about 14. Two days later my mum saw what I had done and I got a massive lecture for it. Luckily, they ended up fading a few months later, as I had not heated the iron enough. I don't regret them fading as I had ... read more

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