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Painful yet Profound

I had never been a person who was interested in piercings or tattoos or modifications of any type. I thought it was disgusting that that there was something wrong with people who would "mark" their bodies. As I began to age, I realized that there is much more to modification than that. I began to have friends who had piercings and tattoos. My best friend dyed her hair and later created dreadlocks. This was a whole new and interesting world for me. I work in retail part time and I had seen a girl who had a funny shaped "scar" ... read more

My Wife Etched a Harp In My Arm!

This is my story..... I am a 32 year old tattoo maniac. I am covered. I am also a diabetic, and that means no piercings for me. My wife is a piercer, and we are always thinking about piercings that she can't do on me. Sometimes you just want new, different things in life, ya know? Bummer. I felt bad since she never could do any of her wizardry on me. She is so great as a piercer. About a year ago, I was cruising the web,checking out the Rings of Desire website from New Orleans, and I read about ... read more

Some people Live. Some people Burn.

I hadn't really thought much about branding. Like most people, I related it to cattle as a mark of ownership, and nothing more. Things changed... And I'm glad they did. A few months ago, I drew a shooting star design which I thought would look nice tattooed either side of my navel. I redesigned it a few times, and after wondering what pregnancy would do to them, I decided not to have them tattooed on my stomach. I'm not too found of my lower half anyway, so I thought instead I could put them somewhere else. The idea was to ... read more

self branding = happy girl

Even before I found BME, I've been playing around with the idea of branding. There's something about the entire ordeal that draws me in. Then, that day when I stumbled over BME, everything took a whole new light to it. My little playing with heated metal on my skin was a real thing? Not just done by me? It can be done professionally? It was so great, I now had all these written tales of others who had done their own scarification, and I spent hours reading up on them. All the while, pictures in my head grew of new ... read more

i bleed like a mother....

I was always interested in getting scarification done. It was a type of body modification that interested me. I knew there were a few studios around here that did that, but I wasn't too sure who was the best. Well I did some research and found Howard at tattoomania. He said I had a really nice skin tone to scar. He said it would come out really nicely. We discussed various designs and locations of where I would get it. At first I wanted a starburst behind my right calf. He drew a few designs, and I didn't find those ... read more

My last cutting ever

Let me tell you first, I don't really recommend cutting yourself up to anyone. You have to be really careful about this, like with any body modification, of course but especially with cutting, it can turn into a weird addiction just like the one I had. Okay, enough of the scolding and warning bit, story time! I've being experiencing some problems with self-mutilation, cutting and burning myself self at various places over my body, just because I didn't like myself at all and couldn't stand the way my body was made. It's being an issue for years and it still ... read more

An honest feeling

I had finally decided to get branded. It was something that I had talked about and wanted to do for a long time but hadn't got around to. I had a few ideas of designs that I would have liked on my body, but one that I had sketched stuck with me. I looked at it nearly every other day for a couple months and kept a copy of it in my bag. I wanted to make sure that it was right for me. The design was two spiral like shapes, that would go on my stomach on either side ... read more

A Cut Above the Rest (Actually, above the ankle)

   - Let me start off by saying that I don't recommend doing body modifications by yourself, unless you realize that you can hurt yourself and you should be prepared for any and all complications.. (There's a lesson here, do your research!)     I'm not quite sure I remember how I decided that I wanted to perform my own scarification, mainly it was that I wanted to do something to myself that was beautiful and that was mine, totally in the physical and spiritual sense.. and I had at one point wanted to have the procedure professionally done, but I ... read more

Moving from self-mutilation to self-modification

This is a story about cutting/scarification, by a long-time cutter. I am a cutter in the sense that I self-injure, and I have struggled with this urge in some shape or form for most of my life. NOTE: Self-multilation is a serious psychological disorder, and anyone who is a cutter or self-mutilator should seek professional help. I do not, in the process of writing out my experience and explaining the background for it, intend in any way to promote or glorify cutting or self-injury. I merely want to describe my personal journey from self-injury to self-acceptance through the process of ... read more


Branding myself was never something I had really put much thought to. I had more interests in tattoos. I had seen pictures of some really beautiful Brands, like the angel wings on Jessica's back down by Alva Richcreek. So on my recent vacation to Florida, I finally got to see Jessica's back for real, and I was even more impressed. They were healed and obviously professionally done. Seeing her wings made me want a Brand. Then I met Alva, and then I had to have one of his Brands. To say that he impressed me is an understatement. It just ... read more

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