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A little sunshine.

I've written a few of these and the first line always seems the hardest. It would seem foolish to jump straight into the experience with out a little background on my self. I dot think I've ever been ok with my appearance. I was the youngest of four children and received very little in the way of parental support. I tried extremely hard to get the attention of those around so I wouldn't feel so lost in the shuffle. That brings us to this experience. I have always been a fan of body modification. But I've always believed it was ... read more

even a beginner can be a professional

I think the most meaningful work I've ever had the privilege to receive would be my cutting. I've been cut before, but I've always wanted to get cut professionally, instead of doing it by myself. But I knew there wasn't any one in Atlanta that would do it. I was talking to brain about it, and asked him if he would do it thinking he wouldn't but he actually said he would but he wanted to read up about it more first. I wouldn't have asked just any body piercer to do scarification work on me, but since Brian's done ... read more

My first piece of Scarification

When I first got into Body Modification the idea of scarification scared me. I didn't see why people did it and I thought it looked horrible. I felt that it was a horrible type of mutilation and couldn't understand why people went through the pain of scarring themselves knowing that in time it would fade away, that is unless they went through the daily torture of irritating it. As time went on I began to warm towards it. I began to read other peoples experiences and recognised why they did it. I looked at the pictures and saw the beauty ... read more

Is it s`possed to smell like that?!

Being in the light body mod industry for about ten years has exposed me to a lot of different forms of adornment, and I really just started adding to my collection of tattoos and piercings. I`m originally from Windsor, Ontario. This particular city is great for tattoos and general body piercing services, but as far as everything else goes, there`s not enough people interested in implants, scarring, etc..(at least not when I lived there) Now I`ve been living in London , Ontario for almost 31/2 years. I opened a tattoo/body piercing studio with 2 friends, and when I mentioned that ... read more

Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday was Valentines Day. It was the worst day of my life. I have spent 5 Valentine's Day's (counting yesterday) with the same guy. He never remembers to get me anything so on Valentines Day, I should not expect anything different. I woke up in the morning to him shouting something at me. Got up and there was no Coffee. Had an argument with one of my friends about my boyfriend going anywhere as it was Valentines Day and he should be spending it with me. Just because her boyfriend was working doesn't mean she has the right to try ... read more

The Brotherhood of the Sun

Originality. Something I'd craved since I turned 13. I MUST be original. I'm not sure why, maybe I was desperate to prove I wasn't a mindless drone like the rest of my junior high school. I knew I was different inside, and my thoughts were original. But besides wear funky clothing and dye my hair, how could I make my physical appearance different? I had heard about body modification before, I don't remember where, but I thought it was a little extreme. Then, in school, I noticed my friend Mandy's ears. They looked amazing. She (although at the time I ... read more

Razorotic Love Affair

This is an account straight out of my personal journal. Jayne is my girlfriend; Jason is her boyfriend. As you will read, we are all quite close. Although I'm sure this took seed much earlier, I feel things were really put into motion when I noticed Jason had what looked to be a vampire bite on his arm - made by a knife tip, I later learned. Jayne had a case of bloodlust and took it out on him the previous day. I'd been mumbling about it for weeks prior and was beginning to wonder if my quiet insinuations of ... read more

Never thought being filled would be so much fun

Last August, I got a crazy idea in my head. As I watched a friend of mine get the word "AWARE" cut out of his stomach, I realized that I too wanted some dermal removal work done. So during a break from work the next day, gave Nick Boggs, good friend and awesome piercer/"modificationist" about my idea. I wanted to have a nautical star cut cut out on my upper outer left thigh. We went over the basic layout and design on the phone, and planned to go through with it that night. After work, I met up with some ... read more

My hidden strength

My scarification occurred about 2 weeks ago; right now it is almost completely healed and is doing perfectly. I happen to be an insomniac and it was one of those endless, suffocating nights when all I could comprehend were the blaring incessant numbers of the clock on their endless circle of injustice. Anyways instead of spending the next 5hrs thinking all those evil thoughts that plague humankind I was reminded of the beauty I saw bme and the intrigue it had stirred. I am a practicing Wiccan and I knew that whatever I put on my body had to hold ... read more

My need to bleed

Okay, this is the story of a girl who looks at her skin as a canvas. For a very long time now I have been fascinated with the human body. How it works, how it looks, how it bleeds. I have always been in awe of cuttings, suspensions, branding, tattoos, piercing and implants. I love the way jewelry and scars can make you so different from the person next to you. So, about a year ago, I decided to get my first intentional scar. When I first started out, I would design straight line patterns on paper. Then after making ... read more

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