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Shingles Scars

Warnings: What I did up this was overall not safe or a very good idea. Boiling is does not properly sanitize and cutting should always be done by a professional where everything can be done in a safe and sanitary way. Also the knife I used (x-acto knife) is not the best option, this is mentioned on the Scarification FAQ on BME as to why. Cutting all started for me as a screwed up pre-teen. I took my anger out on my body, as most self mutilators do. Except for me it was never in the normal slice or just ... read more

Branding: Good for Me, Bad Hygiene

Before you read this I must emphasize that I did not have a stable mindset when I did this branding. I would not suggest any of the methods I used here to do your own branding as they were not hygienic or even close to proper equipment. Normally I am a fiend for going to my favorite artists to get work done (read my other experiences), but this wasn't a normal situation. I had moved into my new apartment maybe two months before this. I had come to realize that I enjoyed the tranquility of not having to share my ... read more

I want something painful... My first cutting.

First of all, I am going to refer to the person who performed this procedure as John (not his real name) for their protection. Anyway, to start off, I was not planning to get a cutting. The thought had crossed my mind before, but fear of pain among other things had held me back in the past. But on the other hand, this sure wasn't a spur of the moment decision either. It was my pay day. I went to work to pick up my check stub to see how much money I made. I opened the envelope only to ... read more

The opening of the flesh

In the summer of 2000, I had about 3 different jobs all over town and all in hot warehouses and I spent too much time left to my own devices at work. I had slowed down modifying my body for a moment do to the fact I was working with my hands in un-air conditioned warehouses and staying dirty all the time. One of the jobs I had was working in a chrome plating shop (it has since closed). In the process of chroming metal you work with multiple highly corrosive material and a good portion of those are heated ... read more

The Flames That Bind

One day I sat and pondered. What should I do to myself next? The question plagued me for a matter of seconds. I decided I was going to do a flame branding around my left leg. I had wanted flames around my leg for quite some while now so I decided to take the plunge and brand away. As I usually do, I cleaned up my leg, shaved it, prepared my tools and put on some music. The selection for the day was some Godspeed You Black Emperor. Everything was set. I sat down and did some deep breathing as ... read more

Home Brand

It had been a long night at a rocking fetish club, the sun was coming up and a handful of the party faithful, myself included,were winding down in the lounge when the talk turned to branding. My ears went up immediately because I had been sliding the idea of a brand around in my mind for many years, but hadn't up until that point met anyone who had any experience of it. Same old story, every 8yo kid has a pierced navel these days, and it's becoming almost impossible to find anyone without a tattoo or 6 where I come ... read more

Cross My Ummmm...Toe

I had been wanting to brand myself for awhile, but the timing never seemed right. I really wanted to do a crisscross design around my big right toe – kind of like a permanent toe ring, but it seemed like I could never find a block of a few days where I wouldn't have to worry too much about walking on it, or when I was in a state of mind where I could take in what I was doing. Christmas break was supposed to be the perfect opportunity, but since we had company I had to give up my ... read more

Big ideas, little scar

Time, they say, is relative. I was living in an eternity. Each day was like the last, endless monotony stretching far as I could see in every possible direction. I had gone mad. It was early October, freshman year. I was enrolled in a mediocre university following my mediocre secondary school. It seemed my whole life had been marked by mediocrity. I was never one to live up to my potential, always one to follow the easy way. It made sense to me easiest was best. Mediocrity was the logical route to follow. My life was filled with absolutes like ... read more

The Beginning and the End

My two cents on the brands that I've had. They were simple strike brand affairs. My first brand was the Alpha brand on the top of my hand. Actually, it was a group thing. I know it sounds silly, but it was a great idea when you're stoned. We were all going to get Alpha (beginning, start) brands on our hands. I'm not sure of the significance, but as I said - it was a good idea at the time. I was the resident 'brander', for no other reason than I "took control" of the group. With each person I ... read more

Reminder of the person I left behind

I used to be a frequent cutter. I don't do 'it' now, but at the time I was self-harming almost every day. This, for me, was different. I refuse to call the self-harming a phase as I still get the urge. I have just gained more experience in handling the urge. The first thing that I'd like to explain, is that I'm into body modification (I have 21 piercings and a tattoo) for the aesthetic reasons. I adore the look of every modification I have. Since getting my piercings (aside from my ear piercings) I have totally stopped cutting. It's ... read more

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