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Mitt konstverk, andras förbryllan.

Med mina födelsedagspengar i fickan traskade jag alltså i februari månad till East Street Bodypiercing i Malmö för att låta den beryktade Luka Zpira sätta ett avtryck på min arm. Jag hade varken hört eller sett så mycket cutting innan, beslutet togs spontant under en fredag kväll ute. Valet av motiv? Jag ville ha ett motiv som symboliserade något som jag var beredd att stå för. Jag letade lite i symbolböcker jag lånat från biblioteket och fann symbolen för planeten Uranus. Planeten styr mitt stjärntecken Vattumannen och står för diverse saker som jag gott och väl kan ställa upp på. ... read more

a scar to end scars

When I was 10 I lived in Africa for 2 years. During this time I met many people who had facial scarification identifying them to certain tribes. Although these marks did not appeal to me at the time, I was intrigued by them and the process that the wearer had had to go through to get them. I imagined myself going through that process although at the time I did not want the scars, just the experience. When I decided to get my first scarification, it was the process that appealed to me more than anything. I liked the fact ... read more

Weird yet fun.

Firstly, this is not a how to guide and I'm certainly not advocating DIY mods, so please seek out the services of a professional. My leg and ankle is my area, it's an on going design that I add bits too every now and again. The design consists of a line of branded dots on the inside of my right leg, which then go round under the ankle bone and carry on along the side of my foot. How it started I can't remember, but it's certainly been fun. The day I did the first dot was just like any ... read more

Scarification via Cauterization, my Diary Scar # 1& 2

Diary... of my First Scarification via Cautery Scarification, has been an intrest of mine, for sometime now. This isn't something I would suggest doing at the spur of the moment. There were so many things to decide on. *FIRST* -- Before you do anything... remember, you will have this FOREVER!! This is permanent! Take into account that, this will be with you until the day you die. Where are you going to put it? Are you going to love it as much today, as you will, 30 years from now? Are you going to be able to put up with ... read more

The Problem with Unexperienced Branding

Before I start, allow me to first say that this is a warning to all who have thought about home procedures, DO NOT MODIFY YOUR BODY IF YOU ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ! DO NOTHING TO YOUR BODY UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING OR ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS ! It all started with a night of drunken revelry, as most of my stories do. That night, one of my friends showed at the party with her brand spanking new nipple ring, being an open group of friends, she showed ... read more

Permanent beauty

This project had been in my mind for a 'long time' (=about 3 years :) already, first only as a thought that upper back would be the most suitable place for some permanent decoration. First I had tat in my mind, but as time passed by it didn't seem "right" for me anymore.. I guess it went to last summer ('01) when I first got the idea of scarification design to my back. At first I had branding and skin-removal-scarification in my mind, but there was also a problem that I didn't know whom to give my body modified. I ... read more

Leave cuttings to professionals

I began my teenage life with a profound distaste for tattoos or any type of mod. My only explanation for this is that I had a great misunderstanding of why anyone would want to deal with such pain for mere vanity. As I grew, I began to see life outside myself and realized that modification is so much more. Yet even with this new enlightenment, I was put off my the large groups of cheerleaders and jocks piercing their tongues and noses. It seemed like their only reasoning for this was to show off their pain tolerance and to appear ... read more

Just Another Star

The white, slightly raised skin outlining a star on my hand has been there for almost 10 months now. Looking down at my hand as I type and flood of memories comes from last summer. Riding in a car without air conditioning picking at the scab, careful not to tear past the outline. The green, yes green puss that was beginning to build-up was disgusting. All the while just knowing that I loved it and was going to even more once it was done. I did it because I needed to do it. I felt something was missing. I cant ... read more

Brand new brand

Looking at my other body modifications I can't help but wonder why I did them when I did. My raison d'etre for this latest one is becoming a little clearer as I analyse my current emotional predicament. Even though the seed was planted a while ago it took until here and now to finally poke its head above ground. Tattooing and piercing myself was a fight for recognition of my individuality – my mind's way of showing the viewing world what it was thinking, manifested in design iconology and studded wonderment. Poking and painting doesn't evoke much of anything anymore ... read more

Strong for Eternity

Ever since I was a child and saw "White men can't jump" I have been extremely interested with the idea of cutting as a sort of, initiation. My family, in some cases aren't that normal, in that we see first getting your menstruation cycle (your period) as a sign that you are growing up. It was around this time that I first considered cutting myself, as more of a sign of growing up, rather than initiation. I valued greatly the idea, of being older and seeing the scars on my body, and knowing that this scar was for when I ... read more

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