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Branding By Blair

I first heard that people rather than cows could be branded in 1996 when I went to New Tribe in Toronto and saw it on their business card. I'd already had some piercings, but something about this really made me curious. More than curious in fact; I was in love with the idea that people could be branded in a safe and aesthetically pleasing way. I couldn't stop thinking about the idea of being branded and how it would be a spiritual, physical, and aesthetic experience all in one. I wasn't sure about the healing process or the safety, so ... read more

Muy Bonita

I am going to be honest here. Since my boyfriend died, I have felt like shit. And who wouldn't? I have cut myself several times to try to deal with the pain I am feeling. This story is not about one of those times. Being underage and yearning for a tattoo to remember your boyfriend by is difficult. I didn't even seriously think about giving myself a tattoo, for obvious reasons. After much thought, I decided that a scarification would be a good alternative because I could safely do it myself. Also, it would be deeply symbolic. The scar on ... read more

Influence of another

This is going to be a pretty bland experience. But please, bear with me. It all happened during the summer of 2001. I was talking to this one guy that shall remain nameless. Let's call him Josh. Anyway, I met Josh through IAM and we got along really well. I discovered that he was much interested in scarification; which got me intrigued. At the time, I only had a few piercings and wasn't into anything else. Anyways, we were hanging out at a coffee shop and he proceeded to show me his scars on his arm that had been done ... read more

Cold Branding via airdust spray can

Disclaimer: The following text contains descriptions of a dangerous procedure that could, at worst, result in severe infection and posisbly amputation as a result. Do not use this as a guide. You know the stuff that you use, compressed "air" in a can, for dusting computer components and the inside of electronic gizmos, etc? Well, I found a can one day. At the time I had the biggest, ugliest wart you've ever seen on my leg, and didn't want to go to the dermatologist, and was a little bored. Let me preface anything more by saying that I used to ... read more

Lukas Zpira scars again

I had been introduced to the scarification god *at least this is how I personally classify him* Lukas Zpira a few months ago when Blackdeath had met up with him to do his tongue split. I decided not to let such a rare opportunity slip through my fingers, and received a beautiful scarification from Lukas on the same day. This experience is not about that procedure, but the results turned out so beautifully that when I heard he would be back in NY I couldn't resist the temptation. I would be scarred again by the crazy frenchman. (An affectionate term ... read more

Examining the mind through open flesh

I remember a few years ago, the idea that cutting myself and bleeding everywhere was just a cool thing to do, I had no idea it would turn into such an addiction. My life has been shaped and torn by so many things, and without support from other people, I've learned how to live with interesting obsessions. There's been a few occasions where I regret some scars, mostly cause I didn't want them there, they were just a source of something else, a time I wish I could've skipped. Anyway, to move on. About a year, or so, ago I ... read more

Branding: Painful, or Erotic?

Branding: Painful, or Erotic? Well, it all started when I say the movie 'Strangeland' about a year ago. The serial killer 'Captian Howdy' had some branded chevrons, on his one upper arm. Since then I have been doing research on BMEzine.com, and in Extreme Body Mod Magazine. The fact that id have something similar to a scar interested me. I've always thought random cutting when people are sad, or hurt, looked wicked; when most people though it was wrong, I did it for fun. First I realized that there is no one in my area that did branding. So I ... read more

Scarred for life? -- Only if you take it literally

I started getting body modifications when I was 15 years old. That was 3 years ago, which may seem like a long time in some respects, but I'd have to say it's only been a short while, especially when you consider all that has come out of those 3 years. Like most people, I started out with piercing. My first piercing, other than my earlobes, was my navel. I suppose that was the stepping stone. It was shortly followed by other common piercings, and eventually I got to the point where I was getting a new piercing every week. After ... read more

Human Vessel Cutting

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is (Reverend) John Fränz, I am a fledgling (starving) artist, who is just beginning to explore the use of the human body, itself, as a vessel for artistic expression. I know that normally these submissions are from the vantage point of the person being modified, but I am striving to further bring into awareness the point of view of modification as a form of serious artistic expression, not for the person who parades it around, but rather for the artist who's creation it is. Anyone can wear a mod, many people ... read more

My Story For All To Hear

Whilst I'm not proud of myself for what I used to do, I think that this a story I will feel so much better if I get out of my system... So here goes: Between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, I used to cut, burn and mutilate myself. I'd use anything that looked sharp enough to break my skin. Among my tools I counted a pair of kitchen scissors, several broken Bic Ladyshaves and once with a piece of glass from a television screen. I started off quite mildly, just scratching at myself with safety pins or badge pins, ... read more

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