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Self renewal by cutting.

The deepness of my newly harvested wounds I have inflicted to physique are not deep just by visual measure but mental. I alone wandered around my room fixating on the question of when my numbness would cease, or how I could remove it. I had to revive myself from the emptiness which plagued me for so long. The hallow feeling my me which consumed my thoughts as would cancer to the body. I peered over to a unused art table of mine, which had be gathering books, dust, guilt and old body modification supplies. Once, I had been consumed in ... read more

My First Branding Experience

My first experience with branding was about five years ago now, and have chosen to write about this experience rather than one of my positive, successful body-mods, as a deterrent for all those who are around the age I was and considering home body mods as a viable option. A bit of info on the my mental state at that time. I had ran away from home a year earlier, and was going through a tough time where I didn't have any idea where I would be or how I would be surviving each day. I was also interested in ... read more

Min första scarifikation, men inte den sista

Första gången jag kom i kontakt med scarification var via en tidning, då funderade jag på hur någon kunde komma på tanken att över huvudtaget göra något sådant. Men efter att ha studerat det lite mer, så blev jag mer och mer sugen på att prova på detta "fenomen". Då fick jag höra att Lucas Zpira skulle komma till sverige. FAN va coolt tänkte jag, man har ju hört att han skulle vara "bäst" på allt sådant. Men tyvär så missade jag han första gången han kom hit. Så det blev en lång väntan på hans nästa besök. Men nu ... read more

First time adrenalin

First off, I wanna say that I am only fourteen but am very cautious and serious to procedure's like this. Just in case someone starts complaining about brutal hoolagins that are always off disturbing peace and vandalising things. Not all of us are dumb people that don't think about the risks and after effects. I for one, HAVE thought about them, and so did my friend, so on with the show. This experience happened not so long ago. I have always been into body modifications, but not personally involved until just this year. I have started making designs for tattoo's ... read more

Sensitive places; I will brand them all

Ever since I got my second cutting I began craving for a branding. I really wanted to experience the sensation of having my flesh burned away. I have two cuttings, one between my breasts (a compass star) and a pattern, which covers about half my right upper thigh. When I did the second cutting, (the pattern on the thigh) I did it with a friend. Well, she can't stand looking at blood so she used branding as a method of marking herself, instead of cutting, as I did. I was so fascinated, especially by the sound of her skin sizzling ... read more

My arm, a razor, a tube, and a torch.

To start off, let me just say that I wasn't in the right state of mind when this occured. But afterwards, I was rather pleased with the results. But now after four years, it doesn't look the same as it did when it started healing. This was because I didn't know exactly what I was doing, and I really don't recommend that you do this to yourself. Either get an expert, great artist, et cetera to help you. Now that I have that out of the way, I'd like to talk about the brand I have on my left forearm. ... read more

Mitt armband på handleden. Vackert och blodigt...

Vid fem i sex fredag kväll kom jag till Barbarella. Jag hade just varit med ett par vänner på systemet, och de gick till kungsparken och satte sig i sällskap med en massa öl sålänge. För 2½ år sedan gjorde jag en hemmagjord scarification rund handleden, som ett armband, med ett sketet vanligt rakblad. Något jag ångrar så smått nu, men det är riktigt snyggt ändå, och det är ju ändå där redan, så varför inte göra det bästa av det? Så, jag var där för att låta Måns ordna till den, så att det blir jämnt och rakt hela ... read more

The Breathtaking Beauty of Imperfection]

March 1984 had one of the biggest snowstorms ever seen in our area. It left glistening white piles that towered over my four-year-old head. I've never been much of a winter person, even as a child, but this was a winter wonderland that no kid could resist. I was outside playing with my friend Siobhan, little Michelin Women wobbling about the drifts, but we got bored, and tired, and cold so we came inside. My family was making canneloni stuffed with ricotta, a special treat that I couldn't remember ever having had before. I wanted to be in on the ... read more

Dia de los Muertos half-sleeve by Ron Garza

To some, scars are signs of deformity and imperfection. I view them in a different light. The way I see it, a scar says something about a person's character. Yes, there is pain. No, it isn't always pretty; luck plays a large part in if your genetics and method of irritation actually works to provide the kind of scarring you're looking for. Yes, it is an ordeal, and a process by which the piece will change; a scar will never end up looking like it does when it is first acquired. It might raise, it might not. It might blow ... read more

Cutting on VERY Sensitive Skin.

I really don't know if there was a specific reason I did it. My husband is a little on the extreme side of modification and I thought, hell I want to try it, too. We both went to have his tongue split by a person by the name of Michael in NYC, of whom is also really into modification (I believe this IAM is BlackDeath). Well, anyhow his girlfriend had beautifully healed scars by Lucas and after some questions I decided I was finally going to go through with it. I first met Lucas at a dinner with a few ... read more

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