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burn baby burn

Hi. This is just a little story about a girl who was once young and living in a tiny tiny town, and who saw in a spin magazine the thing that she didn't realize she had been dreaming about her whole life, but that she was. Maybe this is a confusing introduction, but the explanation is oh so much easier to digest. when I was about 19 or 20 I saw a layout on scars, I don't remember anything about what it was, scalpelling or branding, but I do remember what it was of and how much I loved it. ... read more

My Dermal Removal

It started years ago..... I remember flipping through National Geographic at a very young age. I was definenetly fascinated by the scarification I saw on the childrens bodies, and I don't really remember it to be a scary prospect. Not to say that I had any ideas I would ever undergo my own...right of passage, if you will. Fast forward quite a few years. With numerous piercings and some tattoos under my belt, I had come to a place where the experience of my modification was equally, if not more important than the mod itself. I see my mods as ... read more

Looking for new mods...cutting makes the cut.

Having already experienced tattoos and piercings multiple times, I was interested in finding new body-modifications to try out. I wanted to try something completely different. After searching through sites and books and many different types of modifications, scarification definitely stuck out in my mind as what I wanted to do. I was familiar with cutting and also with scars, and it amazed me the types of designs that could be done. Entire beautiful drawings done in scars. I researched experiences, prices and procedures and found out that it was going to be entirely too expensive for me to have done ... read more

The first of many cuts

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in tattoos and piercings. I got my first piercing when I was 14. I got my ears punched with a gun at the mall like every other kid. Once I turned 18, I got my first tattoo. For the last three years, I have continued modifying my body with more tattoos and piercings. After loitering and befriending a few local artists, I was exposed to vast realms of body modification, beyond which I was familiar. I began realizing the extent to which I could decorate and modify my flesh. ... read more

Scarification On My Boyfriend

I have a sun tattooed on my shoulder, and my boyfriend wanted a complementary symbol on his own shoulder; something that would mark us, since at the time we were planning on marrying, as a permanent couple. Since I'd read a bit about cutting scarification online, I got the idea that I could do a cutting on him. To my knowledge, there aren't any studios around where we live that do scarification. But, regardless, I thought it would be a lot more personal if I were to give him his cutting, rather than just going to some anonymous professional. I ... read more

My Master's simple yet elegant brand

I'm a 42 yo submissive from the Los Angeles burbs. When I was about 16 (1976) I saw a pretty progressive layout in Playboy. It had all sorts of body piercings. I knew then and there that there were other freaks like myself and that if it was in Playboy... I wasn't "all that perverted." As a child I used to get in trouble trying to pierce the neighbor kids and would usually end up in trouble when I would really jab them... they thought I was "just playing" nurse I guess. In junior high I would sew my hand ... read more

My hot date

My Hot Date I've been pierced and tattooed for a couple of years, but only seriously into it for the last year or so. A couple of the guys at my regular piercing shop have been branded, both with strike and pen methods (the owner and now brander was practicing I believe). I remember seeing them not all that long ago and thinking they must be mad, and I'd never even consider getting that sort of work done. Well, that was then, this is now, probably bout 6 months on and I've sat there and had my calf burnt for ... read more

Self Cutting (dont try this one at home, kids!)

About five years ago I decided that I would really like to have a tattoo of a pentagram on the inside of my right ankle. At the time I was only 14 and of course the only words out of my parent's mouths were the usual "No" and "because we said so". That being the case, and the fact that I was an angry teenager, I set out to find a new way to satisfy my interest in body mod. There was a senior at my school who had done his own brandings and cuttings. So I decided it would ... read more

Cutting loose my siblings

Examining carefully and gently palpating my still tender, dark purple scars, I realize sharing my experiance here today, may give me hope... I have, like many of you, gone through personal rituals--some self inflicted like superficial cutting and some such as tattooing, piercing, flesh pull, deep cutting -scarification that required the talents of others as this experience will recount. I am proud of all my modifications and of the artists who gave a bit of themselves to mark my body. Needed to somehow honor,show respect let them know they are part of me and then let them rest. The "they", ... read more

gifted with his mark of love and ownership

We were away for a long weekend, camping with a bunch of like-minded friends from our local BDSM group. About 25 of us had spent the weekend enjoying each other's company, sharing meals, watching some good scenes, and generally having a hell of a good time. We'd (Sir and I) turned the intensity up several notches during the trip, doing and being all the ways we can't at home and in the 'vanilla' world...there's nothing to get a person in a submissive mindset like several days spent mostly naked and chained to the camp post, beaten and flogged at her ... read more

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