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Razorblade Romance!

I have to say that this is my own experience and I would advise anyone who is thinking about cutting, to think about it carefully! Its not to be taken lightly, if something goes wrong, if you use the wrong tool, it could be infected...and you don't want that! I am fully aware of the dangers and I have thought about all the things that could happen, but I still decided to go ahead and do it...So think about it before you go chopping your skin! Now that bit is over, I will get to my experience (at least one ... read more

A September Trip

It's been over two years since I've been branded, and I've never told the story about how it happened. I even wonder if I should, really, but I suppose that's sort of the point, so let's go ahead and do this. It was during a trip to Toronto in September of 2000, my first to the city, that I had set up appointments for a variety of mods within a few days. These included a navel piercing that was to be filmed by Shannon Larratt for some work of his, as well as branding (by Blair) for a friend (Dustin ... read more

Mark me , cut me, watch me bleed.

So I have been involved in what some would call the "Body Modification Community' for some time now. I have been looking into other paths in which I could add new and fun mods to my body. Like most people I had been searching threw the pages of bme for a while and saw alot of people with amazing cuttings and scars on there body. So of course I looked further and read up on the subject and decided that It would be a nice thing to do for myself. I met Brian on bme and he was in CT ... read more

Three little lines in my arm

When I started looking at BME a few months ago, I had only a vague idea of what scarification was. I knew that there were people that were considered to be "cutters", people who cut themselves to escape reality, hell I used to be one, but I had no idea how beautiful scarification for body modification really was. When I was becoming obsessed with body mods, I started looking at the scarification galleries on a daily basis and started to read every experience that I could. I soon fell in love with scarification. I used to cut myself when life ... read more

Engraving Symbolism into Flesh

Throughout my entire life I have been shunned away from the normalcy of what you would call Society, so instead my life's path decided to take a twist onto a different road. Being brought up into a Catholic and Methodist family, I was taught that body modification was strictly out of the question. People with piercings other than their ears, and uniquely colored hair, were to be feared of and ignored. Being the rather artistic person that I have grown into, I wanted to create my own originality to express myself. At first my mother was very against the idea ... read more

So, after all it's a ..... unplanned splotch?

So how should I start? Perhaps the usual, saying I've been interested in body mods for quite a while now, looking at BME and such. And like a lot of teenagers living in a small conservative town with normal conservative parents, I didn't plan to do anything until I went off to university, where craziness is accepted and expected. The whole thing started in what has to be the least likely place for a mod ... the bottom of a drained pool. Our local pool goes through a yearly shut-down routine, where we drain the sucker out and wash it ... read more

Ritual Scarification

Ok well, I am going to start this story with a bit of a flashback. I have always been fascinated by body mods since I was very young. Anyway the first time I ever tried scarification was when I was 10 or 11 years old. See I was deeply and madly in love with a boy who didn't really even know I existed, so one night I decided I was gonna prove my love for him. I set out with a heavy duty razor blade and some rubbing alcohol. I proceeded to cut the initials SC into my ankle (well ... read more

Cutting with a Chopstick?

CAUTION: The following experience contains procedures which may be hazardous if copied. Please always be sure to go see an experienced practitioner, or at least use proper instruments! In other words, don't do what we did! A scar is the body's way of healing up damaged tissue, by laying down a new piece of flesh between 2 severed edges. The new flesh is different however, and depending on the depth of the wound, can form into something raised and completely smooth given time to heal. For the majority of people, scars are simply accidental reminders of things that happened in ... read more

No going back, my 1st scarification

One afternoon I was at home watching a special on body modifications of the world. Naturally a good portion of the program was spent on the many African Tribes and their varying rituals. One of the re-occurring modifications was scarification. I had seen them before but never considered one before that moment, but I was automatically hooked on the notion. I knew I just had to have one. Now at this point I had already received four or five piercings and several tattoos. I already knew that I had not only a high tolerance for pain but that I was ... read more

Burning the man

I wake up and decide to poke around live journal, an online journaling site that many of my friends belong to. A really marvelous bondage artist makes a post on the burning man community asking for people to take part in some of her suspension projects at the festival. Of course I jump on, and wanting to see more of what this girl was about I start reading through her journal. I don't get too far when I come across an excited post talking about the possibility of getting branded by Fakir at burning man this year. I think all ... read more

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