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it really did work

For a long time I've always been facinated in tattoos and scarification. Back in the 7th grade I started cutting, which soon led to cutting designs. I'm the type of person who loved art so I decided to try body art. I had no clue to what I was doing, so I read some stories on BME and other web sites of people telling how they gave themselves tattoos and many people said it was easy enough to do. Who ever said that it wasn't gonna be something you might possibly regret? A good friend of mine told me about ... read more

Next time I will seek a professional..

Where do I begin? Well, I will start off by saying, the scarification on my right inner calf, is very large. I was sad when I performed the procedure. In a since, I was self-loathing, and in desperate need for relief. Let me just throw in here that I have been drinking shots of vodka, so I am a little intoxicated. I have been depressed about a couple of things in my life. And I have been upset about how situations are turning out for me. When I feel like this I have this desire for pain. I am not ... read more

My First Cutting

I finally did it! After many months of thought and consideration I agreed to get my first cutting. I wanted something simple but yet still kind of stand out when I showed it off. I was not quit sure what I wanted, but I was determined to get it done. My first step was to go to my artist, Todd Horton at Body Links II, since he was the one performing the task, and figure out what I should get and where. I have been going to him for the past two years and have developed a good strong relationship ... read more

Getting Cut (not once but twice).

Getting Cut (not once but twice). I honestly do not remember what possessed me to make the leap and get scarification done. I was never had the slightest interest in getting scars. However, one day while contemplating a scalpel I had purchased for cutting stencils, I thought scars would be an interesting idea. Now in Australia there is not a lot of highly skilled piercers, body-modification practitioners or whatever you wish to call them. I do however; have complete faith in my friend and piercer, Guy. I initially went to Guy and I think he was a little apprehensive. He ... read more

X's in Motion

Some things come to you in dreams. And they are important. A message from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind that says, hey listen up, I have something to tell you. It all began with a dream. I dreamt an artist in the area I live in was doing a cutting on me. Something I had been considering but I didn't know who to go to. In the dream there were x's being cut into my skin and they seemed to be moving/spinning as he cut them into me. That was the whole dream and at the end I ... read more

My StarScar experience

I can´t remember the very first time I saw a scarification, but I soon realized that I wanted one. I believe it is a very beautiful and down to earth thing to do. The first time I saw a scarification for real was when my boyfriend at the time got one done, this modification was performed by a friend of ours and it wasn´t very high-qualitative, but it looked quite good and there were no complications. Well, about a year ago I found out that Lukas Zpira was coming to Sweden and I decided to finally get one of my ... read more

my little brand

I started thinking about getting a brand about a year ago. It took me about 6 months to get up the courage to actually go through with it. I took a lot of time to pick out a place and a design. Finally I decided to get a ring of dots around my ankle with a triangle in the middle. I found an artist in my area that did branding and made an appointment. Over the phone he explained the procedure in detail. He was going to use the strike branding method which sounded terrifying. He said that he used ... read more

With me for life.

Something happened in the lives of my partner and myself that caused us great pain. I wanted to mark this time in my life, and it only took me a day or so to decide that I'd get branded. It was something I'd liked the idea of for a while, I'd just never thought so seriously about it before. I wanted to capture this moment in time, it was so important to us. I chose 4 runes each to be 2½" high by 1½" wide. They would be on my upper back, one in the middle top with the next ... read more

Virgin Skin

I've been around body modification as long as I can remember. My mother has tattoos. I never understood what that meant, or how they got there...I just knew that my mother had pretty flowers, butterflies, and hearts on her. I guess I was seven or eight when I discovered what these tattoos were. Ever since then, I've really been into tattoos. I was totally infatuated by this. Three years ago I got my first piercing. I got my eyebrow, then my other eyebrow, and finally a labret piercing. I've always wanted a tattoo but, I'm more cautious about that because ... read more

A September Trip

It's been over two years since I've been branded, and I've never told the story about how it happened. I even wonder if I should, really, but I suppose that's sort of the point, so let's go ahead and do this. It was during a trip to Toronto in September of 2000, my first to the city, that I had set up appointments for a variety of mods within a few days. These included a navel piercing that was to be filmed by Shannon Larratt for some work of his, as well as branding (by Blair) for a friend (Dustin ... read more

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