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Lost in a Beautiful Word.

Being a young girl, growing up in this world, you see magazines, publishing pictures of young, skinny, women who are absolutely stunning. Of course, all is done with photo-enhancing, but this pictures and ads promote being 'beautiful'. By the time I hit junior high, I never had much self-esteem. I always judged myself as ugly, or fat, along with any other negative word I could come up with. I always heard of people being emo. And I never really knew what this meant, but we always seemed to use this term. But, while growing older, I learned of self-injury, cutting ... read more

Free at last.

You know the drill. Keep it clean, sterile, you know. Let's get started with a little background. I live in a typical boring town with typical boring people (for the most part). I tire quickly of social events and usually find myself curled up with a book or a Twilight Zone marathon. Only recently have I discovered the wondrous world of BMEzine, and with that, I was ecstatic. People achieving the sense of...rightness with their body, one I am not permitted to have. My parents do not approve of piercings, tattoos, or any other modification. That is, until I am ... read more

My scrap-book back

I can't believe this whole little project began with a spur-of-the-moment decision while on holiday in Europe last summer. I was back packing round Central/Eastern Europe with two of my friends and in all honesty if I'd have known I was going to get a brand while I was away I would've planned a lot better! I'd always toyed with the idea of getting some work like that done but finding someone in Britain prepared to do it, usually means a mission of a journey to get there. So we arrive in in the Czech Republic in the middle of ... read more

A Cautionary Tale Regarding Scarifiaction, and the reactions of those you care about.

My first attempt at a scarification was not a ritualistic one, nor even an attempt at suicide, as appears to be so common these days. My first scarification was not even intended to be a scar. It was a much more mundane affair – an attempt to refocus my boyfriend's waning attention back upon me. I had my first affair at the tender age of 18, and I had assumed, at the time, that my partner held the same assumptions about sex as I did – that it was a release of energy, of hormones. In my young mind, my ... read more


I feel empowered, and so alive, and I want to tell the world why. A little background history; I am seventeen, eighteen I a few weeks and I've been interested in body modification for years. I am still young yet my thirst for knowledge in the subject area has yet found no boundaries. I have several piercings, ears, lip, nose, septum and navel and have had surface piercings too. I love decorating my body, and seeing how I can change it to how I see aesthetically and spiritually pleasing. I have previous scars down my right leg, some on purpose ... read more

My cutting at Pure Body Arts

My cutting at Pure Body Arts, performed December 1, 2007. I decided to get this cutting done in order to reclaim a tattoo I got when I was sixteen. The tattoo was a bit of flash that struck my fancy, a barbed wire rose with a banner featuring the name of my current girlfriend. This turned out to be a horrible mistake. Quickly. I tossed around the idea of getting it lasered enough to tattoo over, and I had some planned to that effect. Nothing ever really materialized and eighteen years got behind me. So now I'm 34 with this ... read more

a beautiful brand

Its funny how some ideas get started. When I was around 12 I was diagnosed with depression, chronic anxiety, sociotypal disorder, and various other mental conditions. oddly, I had known most of this for years. I was a pretty well read child, and had an idea of most of this, as well as my own methods for 'dealing' with it. 'Self harm' seems to be the current PC term for my way of coping with things, mine ran the gambit from cutting, to burning, to things like tricotillomania. I slowly over came my disorders, and only the self harm remained, ... read more

The Start of My Addiction

I've been doing this for years. Since I was 13 years old to be exact. When most people were trying to find alone time to jack-off, I was trying to find alone time to do what felt like surgical procedures. My first time was when I noticed a growth on my upper right buttock (almost on the meat of my hip.) My mother said that it was a mole, and that it wasn't anything to worry about. For some reason, having that thing on me really bothered me. I don't know why. I planned to remove it myself, and again ... read more

La torture de la tortue

Une amie m'a toujours dit que j'avais une tête de tortue quand nous étions enfants... Ok, ça n'a pas l'air d'un compliment, mais en réalité on en a toujours bien ri! L'idée de la tortue pourtant a évoluée: c'est toute la symbolique de la tortue qui m'a intéressé et j'ai voulu en porter une. Sauf que je devais la mériter, d'une certaine façon... Je devais avoir environs 20 ans quand j'ai voulu me la faire tatouer pour la première fois, sur le ventre, sous un tatouage de papillon déjà présent (ouh! concept!). Je savais même quel artiste la ferait, mais ... read more

It feels like papercuts my ass! haha.

So my piercer of choice, Damien, wanted to get his feet wet in scalpeling. I'll try anything once, so I thought, "What the hell?". I told him I'd be his guinea pig. I love him as a piercer, but drawing is not his strong suit. We had his coworker, Zeke, help with a design. We needed something simple enough for his first time. I wanted something small enough to get the feel for it, but not make a huge commitment to the project. We ended up with a small anchor. I haven't measured it, but it is roughly 3 inches ... read more

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