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Buring away my virgin skin

I have wanted to get some scarification work done for a long time and after a bit of reading and talking to people I decided that laser cautery was the way to go. Most people say that it hurts more then just about anything that you can possibly do in the realm of body modification. Until this point in my life I have had virgin skin and I figured if I was going to start up this mountain I might as well just start at the top and test myself for all that I am worth. Wow, I got everything ... read more

"Give sanity a longer leash... (but some of us have sharper teeth)"

Before I begin I would like to attribute the above quote to Coil. It seems to fit the experience, not to mention that was who I was listening to as I did this ink rubbing, so there ya go. Anyway, about two nights ago, I was just sitting on the floor in my room letting my mind wander and for some reason I began thinking about my surgery scar that I got when I was about a month old. (I was born premature and very sick; I had necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC for short, and they had to operate on ... read more

Making thought flesh - the fun way

I have an ongoing work on my shoulder-blade, in the form of a cutting. I say ongoing because my scars heal and fade to nothing unless re-cut over a period of years. I don't wish to rub ink into it, or risk the blotchyness of line that is risked with a branding. It's only a small piece, 7 vertical and diagonal lines, none longer than an inch and a half intersecting to make a very personal symbol. It's my sigil, three runes drawn in a manner I find aesthetically pleasing. These runes (for those interested in such things see bottom ... read more

The Best experiance of My Life

The experience of a lifetime O.K. So first of all I have to say that John @ scarab body art in Syracuse NY rocks the house!!!! An excellent choice for anyone who lives on the east coast ( or anywhere within driving distance) who wants any type of scarification done. So, back to the story at hand, I have been planning on getting a cutting for some time now, (inactively for two years, actively for about 3-4 months) but finding a reputable place is SO hard, so I'm searching BME and I stumble onto John's work. I wasn't sure I ... read more

Modifying without Outwardly Altering

I remember, when I was a little girl, and the words "body modification" weren't quite yet in my vocabulary, I would alter my image. I didn't do it for attention and I certainly didn't do it to be "cool". At five, the coolest thing was having THE latest Barbie doll export and wondering if you were going to get Barbie's car. Cool and hip weren't in the same sentence as altered image...certainly, at least not back then. I started way back then, for reasons I understand now, but didn't when I was a little girl, by cutting my skin and ... read more

Starification - My stomach star cutting.

I don't know exactly when I decided I wanted to get a large star cut on my stomach. The idea just came to my head one day as I was thinking of getting a cutting, but what? First I thought of a star inside a horseshoe, then the Omega symbol, but I decided against the two and decided to keep it simple with just the star itself. I found a large glow in the dark star in my room, which was the size I wanted it, and I would press it to my stomach, above my navel, to see if ... read more

Another use for a woodburning iron!

To begin with, I am thirteen years old. I have grown up in a home where my dad would kick me out of the house if I had any kind of modifications. A couple of my friends at school had been scratching off the skin on their arm and making somewhat of a scar of their girlfriend's name. I wanted to fit in, and I also had wanted to modify myself for some time. So, knowing my dad would kill me, I took the tradition a little further and made my scar with a woodburning iron in my garage. I ... read more

A beautiful brand, a beautiful bond.

I've never completely immersed myself into the mod community, though the interest has always been there. I had been dead set on getting an eyebrow ring since I was eleven. Growing up, I've realized that I'm really not the kind of person for public skin mods - the eyebrow ring will remain a wish. I do, however, have plans for other things - a tattoo or a few, a nipple ring... things that can be concealed ;) My boyfriend Jeremy of two years however, has always been fairly interested in the culture. I've learned tons from him, and spent some ... read more

Burned Badly & Loving It

After emailing and calling everyone I thought could do the brand I had in mind, and networking and networking to no avail, I had all but put the idea out of my head. Then it happened that there was some interest by a few close friends of mine for work that would be done by a very accomplished acquaintance of mine. Having not seen him since my 2nd wedding, and knowing he was definitely more than capable to do the brand I had imagined, I let myself get excited about it again. It ended up being one of those times ... read more

Branding and Skin Removal: The Greatest Gift (...so far)

This isn't a disclaimer, but it is an explanation of sorts. The session and aftercare I will be describing is about my last Scarification session in February where I sat for both a branding and skin removal in the same session. Having multiple procedures done in the same session is one thing, and when they're physically beside each other on your body it creates a unique situation. I'm also not going to go into any depth of detail about hygiene procedures except to say here that Tanya is more thorough than anywhere I've ever seen. Setting the Scene. The New ... read more

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