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Self Done Branding

First I would like to start off and say I am a normal teenager, most people call me a prep because I wear Abercrombie. I am not suicidal and I have never been. Every since I have seen fraternity brandings I have always wanted one. The way the skin raised up off the skin and was really noticeable. I do not know why but I think they are the coolest things in the world. Just to get the feel of branding I decided to do a three line one straight another diagonal and another one straight just to see if ... read more

Playing with a razor

I was 19, and I had just gotten my very first, long desired, professional tattoo (a small ankh around my belly button), when my next door neighbor told me about his experiences with doing at home tattoos. He had taken a thread wrapped needle dipped in black ink and done some very nice work, a little crab on his side. That is when I became interested in doing something like that. I had not liked getting the tattoo, and I had actually passed out, probably from nervousness, but I kept thinking about what he had shown me. So after considering ... read more

Smells like Chinese food.

Around January of 2002, I started thinking about getting branded. I did the usual submersion into the BME galleries, and I also read the FAQ on branding and scarification a few times. I mentioned the idea to my wife. She did not like the thought, but she replied "it's your body, go for it". Now it was time to come up with a design, and decide where I wanted it. I already knew I wanted it on my forearm. Everyone should be able to see it on my arm, and my desire was to have it seen, not hide it. ... read more

Searing heat, but euphoric feeling

I became interested in brands a few months ago. At the time I was trying to design a small tattoo that I could get at an upcoming tattoo convention. I was walking along at work and hit upon an idea. The next thought that hit me was, "That would look great as a brand." This stopped me in my tracks. I had never given serious thought to a brand before. As soon as I got home I got online and researched branding as much as I could. I soon realized that a brand would soon be a permanent part of ... read more

My fist strike branding.

My friend and I had decided we wanted to get branded quit a while ago. The next step was to locate a place that did it. I searched on-line and asked every tattoo and body piercer in the area. Nobody could do it, and nobody knew where to go. Some asked us if it was even legal. They all however, told us if we find one, that we should tell them! By pure accident one day at Hot Topic we saw a lady working there that had a brand of a star on her lower arm, and I asked her ... read more

Why pay money when I can do it for free?

***Just because I did it doesn't mean you have to!*** When I first heard of branding, I assumed it was only down to cows and other barn yard animals. I never thought that branding was actually applied to people, until I was searching through BME. I normally only looked at the piercings and tattoo sections, since they were my main interests, but I decided to take a look at the scarification section to see what that was all about. I saw that there were many different kinds of scarification, such as cutting and branding. Which got me thinking. When I ... read more

Why I won't remove my accidental first mod

This story is about how sometimes what was for all intents and purposes a bona-fide accident can turn into a mark of pride or beauty. I didn't choose to be modified in this way, but I feel that since I have of my own free will chosen NOT to have this piece of me removed with a laser, scar-lightening cream, or what have you, it has become a genuine modification instead of just a random scar that anybody could have. After all, how many people who accidentally and visibly scar themselves, through a fall down a hill, a scraped knee, ... read more

Cutting Myself Open To Find My Circuitry

Circuitry is amazing. Every tiny little detail dictates exactly how something works. Beautifully organized perfection. Yet, when placed inside a musical instrument, it can create chaotic, discordant noise. I wanted to put that on my body somehow, but I realized I didn't want a tattoo because a tattoo felt too perfect. I loved the idea of carving circuitry into my skin, as if it had been there all along only to just be exposed now, the inner workings of my soul for all to see. So I decided to try my hand at my third ink rubbing. I sat and ... read more

sweet scarring

My thoughts of body modification began when I was 15, I began to look at rituals of tattoo's, piercing, stretching, and extreme body enhancements and the history behind it all and ended up full of new knowledge which was more interesting than other things kids my age were doing. I had my ears pierced at 6 years old with a gun like most kids but it was after i turned 16 that I started experimenting with other parts of my body. I started off with piercings and grew good friends with piercers in my area. At 18, I looked into ... read more

Armies and Sleavies

I wanted cuffs on my forearms. I had no design, no deep metaphysical message to transmit from my wrist to my elbow. I just wanted something unusual and pretty that people would see. But what? Now, maybe this is a common dilemma, maybe I'm a giant wuss; while I do want to subvert and overthrow the physical strictures of society and use my body as a billboard reading "Boy-howdy, none of us are 'normal'!" I am going to want a job someday. What's worse, I plan to work in television, an industry about as embracing to individuality as the US ... read more

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