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A Star Scar Marks My Achievement

My interest in body modification began when I was fifteen. I began to study rituals of tattoos, piercing, stretching, and extreme body enhancements and the history that went along with them. I had my ears pierced at an early age with a gun like most kids but it wasn't until after I turned seventeen, and moved out of my parent's house that I started getting piercings. I acquired nineteen piercings with no tattoos. I never found the right tattoo for myself but someday I will most likely end up with one that I've drawn up myself. I recently became very ... read more

a simple reminder

My brand began before I knew it. My life up until the second the hot metal sizzled into my skin had let to just that- a permanent marker and reminder of who I am at 17. Even when I change in the years to come, I am comforted by the fact that I will always be able to feel raised skin and remember what life was like. I think this holds true for everyone, even if you aren't into scarification. Everyone has a scar and a story (even if the scar was an accident,) the only difference with mine is ... read more

My Pentacle Carving

November 2002 I had always wanted a tattoo but didn't know of any local quality tattoo or piercing parlors and I didn't have the cash. Besides, my mom wasn't about to let me get pierced or inked until I turned 18 and at the time I was a year short of being able to get it done myself. I came to BME in search of piercing experiences, just to look at the pictures and get excited. However it were the scarification galleries that sparked my curiosity and fascinated me the most. I decided after about a week that if I ... read more

My First Anahata Chest Cutting Experience

I never expected to get a cutting- partially because I was told I wouldn't be able to take it, and frankly because I just wasn't interested. My fiancé has a Native American phoenix symbol on his shoulder which was the first cutting or scarification that I had ever seen- or, at least, noticed. The way it looked, plus hearing the very trance-like experience leading up to the cutting, was always highly intriguing to me. I could definitely respect him for getting the cutting and understand how much it personally meant to him, but I never transposed that feeling or experience ... read more

The Saint Patrick's Day Scars

After a horrible, terrible day, whether it be from work or play, I like to 'change myself'. One who doesn't know the nature of a kid or person (hell, anyone from a ten year old to a grandma) with lots of tattoos, piercings, or other bodily modifications may not understand this urge for change I experience. However, a kid or person who does know the feeling will know and understand the certain need one can have to 'change themselves', their appearances, and of course their bodies, manipulating them to their will. After coming home from a grueling day at work ... read more

Scarring Over Tattooing

Considering I have 17 earrings, a desire to "fill 'em up," so to speak, and an insatiable lust for piercing, cutting and tattooing, my family had long been betting on how long it would take before I gave in to actually getting a tattoo. Seriously considering the challenge, I pondered designs, thought about locations and even visited a parlor or two. The problem was that I'm a cutter by nature, and I've always been more fascinated by thin lines of white flesh and little ribbed red skin than the more mundane inkings I'd seen (Not to insult the avid tattoo ... read more

fear of ............?

Finally, the wait is over. It's been over 6 months, and at long last I have been branded. Yeah, it's been a long overdue procedure, but it'd done, and right now I feel so high, as if I could take on the entire world, and win. It wasn't as bad as I first thought; sure, it was bad enough, but I've felt worse. It was along the same lines as getting cut, but not. The pain was just as intense, a steady searing of the flesh, but it wasn't as sharp. Hard to explain. It all started out around a ... read more

Branding and Cutting Combined

I am writing to you today to share my experience with scarification/branding. The area that I just had done is the center of my right shin in the shape of a diamond. The artist that did the work is Kevin Hickman from Peter Tat-2 in Denver. I have known Kevin for about two years and trust him to do any modification we come up with. The piece that we started working on is going to be part of a larger piece that will go from just under my knee to just above my ankle. The total design will start on ... read more

Upper Shoulder Branding

Penetrations Tattoo and Body Design is a rather new shop in my city and they opened right next door to my coffee shop. Since their opening, the artists and I have become good friends as we direct business to either place. I checked out the shop right away and was surprised at the quality of the cleanliness and was even more surprised to find out that were very close to becoming APP certified, as no one else in Wisconsin has been. I believe that since then the shop, owner, and piercer have been inspected and certified. Even though they we're ... read more

mistakes made art

I have been mulling over the idea of scarification for the last year. I had acquired some unpleasant scars on my left wrist that forced me to wear long sleeves almost all of the time out of embarrassment. Scarification for me was not only an expression of self but a way to free myself from past mistakes. Now a lot of adults I know cannot begin to understand "kids these days" with their piercings, died hair, and tattoos. So I was not surprised by the reaction I got when I announced that I was going to have my wrist scarred. ... read more

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