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my accidental scar for my accidental star

My scar as well as my relationship with the person that I made it for was all an accident a good accident, but still an accident. This past August my boyfriend and I were having problems and no matter how bad he hurt me I kept on coming right back to him, and vice versa. So to remind me of all of the hell he put me through I cut a star the size of a dime onto the top of my foot. I chose a star because the first name I knew him by was "Super Star." Well that ... read more

came in for the industrial went out with a scarification

Back in June I went to my piercer, the wonderful Mr. Jeff at Charlie's in Camarillo California to get my industrial pierced, I always go to him for an industrial but I always left with something more painful. He suggested to me that I get a scarification done because like I said he likes to give me as much pain as possible. He handed me his portfolio and flipped the pages to his scarification work, which wasn't much. I really wasn't into getting one but really I thought about it. But he wanted give me a scarification of a skull ... read more

My Lovely Footprint and Its Disappearance

I have always been into crows and ravens. Since this experience I have received four large raven theme tattoos. At the time (about 6 years ago) I had only two tattoos, only one of which depicted a raven. I wanted a cutting of a raven footprint very badly. I worked at a tattoo studio at the time and my inquiries into cuttings were pretty much met with a "Why the hell would you want to do THAT?" reaction. Not being able to find anyone to do it for me, I decided I would give it a go myself. I had ... read more

my first self done branding

I don't have any professionally done mods. Just an old brand done with a heat gun and this one. Yesterday I sat down and decided that I should do my own brand. This is partly because I'm not 18 yet but also because I think it's something I can look at and be proud of later on, you know be able to say "I did this on my own and it looks awesome". I always had the idea of getting tattoos or piercings for a really long time. A about 6 months ago I was at work with a friend ... read more

Heart on my sleeve

This is about an experience I had about a month ago, when I went from simple cutting to using my body as a canvas. I've been cutting for about a year now, but I always just used simple lines, in a row, as a release from all sorts of shit that came up over the year. About a month ago I was doing research for a school project that I had based on self-harm, and I came across this site, I decided to investigate the images to see if they would inspire me at all. As I was looking at ... read more

Five Seconds of Pain (D.I.Y. Branding)

Ever since I was about 15 or 16 I had kinda thought about the idea of getting a tattoo, but my Mom was strongly against it. And besides that I was too indecisive. I would chose one thing that I thought would be a great tattoo, and in a few months I would change my mind. So I just put it off for a couple years. And then the past 2 years since I turned 18, it seems like whatever money I get ends up being spent on drugs before I make to the tattoo shop. So over the past ... read more

Armband cutting experience.

About a year ago, I first got interested in scarification. I've never been a cutter, but I can remember in middle school when I attempted to cut a design into my arm. It wasn't deep, and has almost healed up. Anyway, that's definitely NOT the experience that I'm focussing on, simply a precursor, that peaked my interest, I guess. While visiting BME about a year ago, I stumbled upon the cuttings section and was intrigued. For many months I new that I wanted a cutting, but I had no clue who would do it, or what I wanted. As the ... read more

This is How You Don't Do a Scarification.

You know how when you get sick, sometimes you get a little delirious? Maybe it's the high fever or something... But a while ago, that happened to me. Maybe I was more than just a *little* delirious... But all I remember was walking around singing Metallica and Marilyn Manson songs all day, so it must've been pretty bad. However, I spent a long time surfing BME that day... I had been wanting to get my lip pierced but I couldn't because I had braces and played the flute, so I was trying to figure out something else I could do. ... read more

Skinned alive

I had read about Lukas Zpira many times and seen the work he does on numerous happy and elated souls but I never actually thought I'd get the chance to meet him myself. He was one of these enigmatic figures that criss-crossed the globe, meeting weird and wonderful people, while I remained static, teaching people that dulled me from the inside out and forever planning that next tattoo. I am currently in Japan and whenever I checked Lukas's schedule it always seemed so far away from mine. Then out of the blue, as if as a reward for my patience, ... read more

A Star Is Born

I thank BME for my scar. Before I came to this web site I had no idea that people actually did this for the purpose of pleasure. Now I know better. And, to be completely honest, not much surprises me anymore. Being a hard-core pagan, I knew that I wanted my scar to be something symbolic and meaningful. Not something that I would regret as time went on. So I decided on a pentagram. But where? It had to be somewhere that A) I could reach. B) I could hide if needs be (my employer doesn't strike me as the ... read more

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